Facebook Pages Update and Redesign—Again

It’s happening again – Facebook has made changes to its business/fan pages and now all of the videos I have about creating a page and landing pages are out to date, including the one I published just a couple of week ago.

There are already a number of articles that do a great job of explaining the Facebook page redesign, but for your amusement I’ve created this little 3 minute video for you using the software from XtraNormal, which was used to create a lot of extremely viral videos you may have already seen, including this one.

More “real” content coming Monday, but until then, enjoy!

(click here to watch the Facebook Pages Update and Redesign video on YouTube)

Update: After creating this video, I found out that Facebook had made a glitch when they first rolled out the new pages, accidentally shrinking the middle portion of pages from 520px to 493px, which I address in the video. Facebook has since reverted back to the original 520 pixel page.

Of course…

Check out my updated Facebook Page Here.

  • http://www.hectorjcuevas.com Hector Cuevas

    “The only thing consistent is how often these changes happen” – that had me laughing Lol.. great video Pat. Sucks that you just created those videos not so long ago in an effort to UPDATE the last change they made – and now those need updating.

    I’ll be working on my page this weekend..
    talk soon

    • http://www.internetentrepreneurconnection.com Hector Avellaneda

      Hey Hec

      That had me laughing too! It’s kind of interesting though I learned something from this video I had not really thought about before. The point that was made about FB being like Apple and purposely leaving features out to create good PR and headlines later. Obviously, Apple has the technology, capability and smarts to have placed a camera in the first iPad (which I own) a camera wil not be installed until the second one is released in July.

      Some people may be a little ticked off by it but I guarantee that they’ll still be loyal Apple customers because Apple continues to be innovative and keeps reinvesting itself in whatever market they pursue.

      Although this type of strategy will not work for everyone it works great for Apple and I am sure FB will have no problem with it either!

      Definitely got something new out that funny skit Pat! Thanks man!

      • http://www.thefrenchtrainingsite.com Veronique

        Hi There! I agree with you Hector Avellaneda! Facebook is now making changes that they could have done in the first place but as you said when someone is a leader on a particular market they know they they will be followed. Anyway I went to visit Pat’s new Facebook page and it is awesome. Very neat and well organised. These changes are definitely for the better. It now looks like more a normal website with the menu on the side. Thank you Pat for this new video!… This new text to movie technology is awesome too. But how did you do that? Did you find a movie that you liked and apply 2 different voices to it. I would be very happy to use it on my website too. Thanks again for your posts. I’ve been reading all your posts in the shadow since you started the niche site challenge with Tyrone Shum. This inspired me to create a niche site myself too. So if you go to http://www.thefrenchtrainingsite.com you’ll find out about French training, French and language jobs, French study materials and all sorts of French things.

  • http://www.whysoblu.com Gerard Iribe

    hahaha, I love this!

  • http://www.wealthyaffiliaterevolution.com Mark | Wealthy Affiliate Revolution

    Too funny Pat! Thanks for sharing the video.

    I just redesigned my own page prior to this change. I am now afraid to look at it. Seems like things are still in flux. Perhaps they will work themselves out by the time I revisit it. :)

  • http://www.seorankings.com Wes

    “I love you”….lololol!

    • http://chrisalta.com Chris Alta

      hahaha I know right! Hilarious stuff..sometimes it’s like Pat keeps the good stuff from us because he knows we’ll keep coming back for me! Maybe he’s got a smartpassiveincome 2.0 coming out?

      haha take care brotha Wes


      I’m always in the kitchen
      -Chris Alta

      • http://www.seorankings.com Wes

        I think I caught a “wastebook” in there too… :)

        Take it easy, Chris!

        • http://chrisalta.com Chris Alta

          haha I meant coming back for *more!

          haha a wastebook?


          I’m always in the kitchen
          -Chris Alta

  • http://www.facebook.com/HYVAssistant Owen McGab Enaohwo

    Pat this is awesome. You took something that is current and a whole lot of people are talking about and turned it into a light hearted funny skit. Talk about viral video!

  • http://www.whysoblu.com Gerard Iribe

    Wow, this Xtranormal program is a freakin’ goldmine! Shhhh, don’t tell anyone else. haha

  • http://www.customaffiliatesites.com Joe

    “These changes are good though, I think they are for the better”

    LOL… Isn’t that what they always say!

  • http://JonathanNation.com Jonathan Nation

    Did he call it “WasteBook” at one point?

    Time stamp: 2:05 …. “WasteBook will determine the most interesting …”


  • http://www.cendrinemarrouat.com Cendrine Marrouat

    Hello Ryan:

    Thanks for making this video. It is VERY funny! And you really did a great job at expressing what many people are scared of saying about Facebook. I applaud you for that.

    I particularly like the statement about the only player in the game, towards the end.

    Have a great day!

    • http://www.whysoblu.com Gerard Iribe

      Who’s Ryan?

  • http://www.1a-hundebox.de Christian

    Hey Pat,

    I love your video! Especially the ironic questions from the female actor!!!! Thanks a lot you made me laugh out lout a lot!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  • http://chrisalta.com Chris Alta

    haha dope video Pat!

    I just finished reading Gary Vaynerchuks CRUSH IT over at Borders..straight up sat down and just pounded it in my brain for 3 hours until I was done. Then just sat there blown away. One of the key things he talked about was making a facebook fan page to actaully connect with your users and see what the likes and don’t likes are so you can either thank, inform, discuss, fix, apoligize, basically interact with your community and give them what they want.

    I was actually watching your other fan page tutorial and started to get the ropes but focused my time on something else, boy am I glad you threw this announcement out there I was actually going to work on my fan page today and have my pictures taken by a good friend this coming sunday.

    PAT YOU”RE A BEAST! haha thanks again brotha


    I”m always in the kitchen
    -Chris Alta

  • http://www.capscreations.com Cap Creations

    Awe, it this you and your wife? “I love you.” Too cute!

  • http://www.propellerheadgroup.com Ron

    Funny, but it also makes you think. 😉

  • http://chefgeneman.com Philip Geneman

    nice, thanks pat.

  • http://successmotive.com Peter Hutyr

    I actually had spent a lot of my time creating the landing page from the tips you gave Pat. Then yesterday I tried switching to the new redesign and I really hated it. I reverted to the old one. I wouldn’t my facebook fan page to look like my profile page.

    The video is funny and the siftware is awesome too. hehe

  • http://www.youngprepro.com Onibalusi Bamidele

    This is awesome Pat,

    I love your new FB fan page and I’ll be watching the video right away.

    Thanks so much and have a great day!

  • http://unlockthedoor.net Stuart

    Lol, who’d have thought talking bears would keep me informed on the latest Facebook updates…

  • http://blog.startuptricks.com/ Ole


  • http://www.megabizflakes.com samuel

    Nice one Pat! Thanks so much for the update. Watching the video now :)

  • http://conceptsell.com Brian Bellamy

    The tech industry and web move so fast. I guess that is part of what makes it so exciting and makes blogs like this important. Thank you Pat for staying on the cutting edge.

  • http://profitablenicheblogging.com RobM

    That is a great video. I’ve seen a few of this style around now i know how to create one! Lots of fun to be had!

  • http://elibara.com Rachel Sisemore

    Great video. I am in class and making a landing page is my homework for next Friday. Praise God I found this wonderful tutorial. How did you make your image? I am not sure I got it all. I will definitely watch for more tutorials and follow your site. Thanks again.

  • http://www.slowcarbhq.com Meredith

    Well. Then. It’s a good thing I haven’t gotten to doing Facebook yet! Though it’s bad news for people who have to re-do…

  • Jose

    Pat, I have just noticed that unless one is logged in, your new FB wall never loads. It happens to my upgraded FB wall as well. I hope they fix this soon. FB walls should be seen by people who have not logged in.

  • http://www.akilbrown.com Akil

    Thanks for that pat I was going to email you about creating a new video from the beginning because I recently tried to create or add a fan page to for my site but the information in regard to adding the script to fbml text box does not appear. I tried searching on youtube for some recent up to date information or recent video but no luck.

    Maybe I might have a go later on tonight again and create a video for it if I have any luck on adding the fbml text to create the landing page.

    If anyone knows how to do that please let me know. I dont mind the changes. change is always good if its done to improve your current situation or better user friend platform.

  • http://www.semmyonlinemarketing.com semmy @ Make Money Online

    Hello Pat that’s really funny video! and congratulation for your fans page new design!

  • http://www.howtoimpressagirlz.com Ye Tun

    Great Post !
    by the way, I found your smart passive income blog from your youtube video of facebook landing page. I am your big fan now :)

  • http://paulgoodchild.net/blog/ Paul G.

    Hi Pat,
    This comment is in-part a test so you can find my messages and prevent them being marked as spam. Last time I commented on this post, I said something like:

    Thanks for the great video explaining a lot of the new issues raised with the facebook changes and I particularly liked the “I love you” at the end. Very touching :)

    You make learning these topics fun and engaging. Thank you!

  • http://mattgambino.com Matt Gambino

    Hi Pat, great video! I’m really impressed by how you and other business are handling the random sequence of the Photostrip that sits atop the Wall, and gave it a shot on my own business page. Let me know what you think.

    Thanks – Matt Gambino

  • http://howtoimpressagirlthatshot.com John

    Not a fan of the new design, but then again the universe is always changing.

  • http://www.pickup-artist.com Pick Up Artist

    Hey Pat,

    Thanks for the fun video. Been a huge fan of this site for years.


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