How to Create a Facebook Landing Page (HTML/iFrame Edition)

Facebook Landing Page - Static HTML Tutorial

Please click here for the latest tutorials on the new Facebook Timeline Setup.

**Important Update to Facebook Landing Pages**

Please note that all Facebook Pages will be converted to the new “TIMELINE” version of wordpress, which you may have seen on your friends’ personal profiles lately. 

No comment on how they look, but there’s nothing we can do. On March 30th, all pages will be switched over.


p.s. it’s up to you, but I wouldn’t proceed with making a landing page on your site (i.e. read any further) because landing pages will be obsolete after the change.

There is yet another Facebook change around the corner, which is forcing me to create yet another Facebook landing page tutorial.

On March 11th (that’s tomorrow!) Facebook will no longer allow users to add new FBML applications to their Facebook page, which means the old way of creating a landing page (using the Static FBML application) will be extinct.

If you have an existing landing page using any FBML type application, don’t worry. Your existing page will not be affected. This change only affects those who do not have a landing page yet and want to create one after March 11th, 2011.

That said, even if you have a landing page setup for Facebook already, I recommend you check out how it’s done in the video below just in case Facebook changes their mind and decides to get rid of FBML all together, and because this new way of creating a landing page allows you to easily add HTML, so you can get pretty slick as far as what you can do and the things you can add onto your landing page.

I’m thinkin’ videos, opt-in forms, maps, and other dynamic things that were much harder to code in FBML before.

This is a good change, and even though this means a little extra work for me, I don’t mind as long as my work helps a few of you.

As a reminder, a landing page is a page that people who visit your Facebook Page will see first, which is important because you can then direct them to click on the ‘like button’ at the top, which isn’t so obvious if you just send people to your wall. Using a landing page can drastically increase your conversions and explode your Facebook fan count.

Below you’ll see a video explaining how to create an HTML / iFrame type landing page. The new application that I recommend, Static HTML iFrame Tab (by Jason Padvorac), allows you to add 2 landing pages: 1 for non-fans, and 1 for fans. Check out the video below to learn more about how you can utilize this application to increase “like” conversion and get the most bang for your buck.

There are other HTML / iFrame type applications available now too, but I like this one in particular because it’s free, easy to use and doesn’t ask for your email or any permissions like some of the other ones do.

(click here to watch How to Create a Facebook Landing Page – HTML / iFrame Edition on YouTube)

Note: Facebook may be slow to load these new applications as they make the change from FBML to HTML. Please be patient when installing this application. Thanks!

As mentioned in the video, I’ll also be including some resources and HTML code that you can use on your own landing pages. I will continually be adding to the list of stuff below as I learn more and as my VA codes things that I can share with you.

Showing an Image

If you don’t know HTML and/or don’t have the resources to hire or find someone to code HTML or you, you can do what I did in the video and just simply create an image file that is the size of the Page (520 px wide and however tall you want it to be) and add your own copy, calls to action or pictures, etc. to that image.

Below is the sample HTML code I used to embed the image into the application:

<img src="">

Of course, replace the url in the example with the url of where your image is stored.

A Basic Link with Anchor Text

Here a basic code that you can copy that will create a link within your page:

<a href="">The Smart Passive Income Blog</a>

Be sure to replace the url between the quotations with your destination, and replace “The Smart Passive Income Blog” with whatever anchor text you want.

The ‘Like’ Button

You may want to add an image of the Like Button that Facebook uses within the graphics of your page. Simply right click on the like button below and “save as” to copy it onto your computer for your use.

Facebook Like Button

Your Facebook Fan & Twitter Follower Counts

Here is a link (thanks to @adalpo_project for the find) to some html that you can use or tweak to show how many Facebook Fans and Twitter followers you have, which updates automatically for you.

Facebook Fan Count and Twitter Follower Count HTML

An Email Opt-in Form

If you’re using a service like Aweber to collect email addresses, you can simply add in the script that it gives you for your web form into the fields of the Static HTML application.

As I recommend in the video, I would reserve any sort of actions you want your user to take other than clicking the LIKE button for your “Fan” landing page – the page people see after they click the ‘Like’ button. Again, the reasoning is that the primary purpose of the “Non-Fan” landing page is to get people to click on that ‘Like’ button. The more options you have the less likely that will happen. Again, it’s sort of like a squeeze page for Facebook.

Aweber Script for FacebookMore to come…

My own Facebook Page isn’t setup yet with the new HTML application, but I’m working with my VA now to code something cool and I’ll be sure to share that and anything else with you as I figure things out.

If you have something else to add, share or request please let me know and I’ll do my best to add it to the above resources.

And lastly, I’d really love it if you share this with your fans or followers today. All it takes is a simple click on the ‘like’ button below. Thanks!

Update: You can install up to 12 instances of this application so you can have more tabs than just the one for your landing page. Here is the link for that information.

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    I really like the post and the video really useful! Just wondering how you add more than one welcome page I know you mention in your video that you can do it I just cant seem to figure out how! Also with the red bull landing page for example they have customized the logo do you know how you are able to do that? Any help would be gratefully received

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      Did you create a non-fan tab as well? Does your tab include a custom menu bar? I have created a welcomeFans.html and a welcomeNonFans.html which work fine when run remotely via, but when I copy the code to the static HTML app “fans” section, it does not open when fans go to the Xanadu Whidbey page. The non-fans code does open for non-fan visitors, but the buttons do not work. Instead of navigating to the correct tab, they go to a generic “facebook” icon at sk=app_190322544333196.

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    • Jim Hyde

      Here’s some progress: Jered Bautista from iFramed! told me about adding the target=”_top” html command to escape from the frame. This makes the buttons work.

      • Jim Hyde

        Make that Jezer Bautista, not Jered.

  • Wayne

    How do I change my default page if I don’t have the “set my default page” icon on the drop down list? It’s not anywhere on the page.

  • Michaela

    Thanks for the help Pat!
    I had a question. I have customized the “Welcome” Tab with my HTML. But how do I get the image to be the landing page??? So that when someone goes to the FB page the image is on the main page???
    The page is
    When you click on “Welcome” You can see the image- but I want it to be the first thing you see when you arrive at the FB page. Any ideas?
    Thank you so much!

    • Lisa


      How did you get your image to show up? I´m trying to use a image I uploaded to Flickr. Nothing seems to work. I ran a test in the browser and the url is ok. I guess it´s something wrong with Flickr. When I use Pat´s code withou any changes in the url everything works fine. I wonder if you have set up something on Flickr.
      Thanks in advance.

  • Tim

    Thanks for the help. I was actually able to use the command target=”new” and it worked for me.

    • Jim Hyde

      Well, this is interesting. Yes, target=”new” works too. Actually, target=”anything” works, where “anything” is, literally, anything you want. I tried it with gibberish “sksks” and the button still navigated properly. I found this on The author also said that the target attribute has been deprecated in W3C XHTML 1.0 strict validation, so it would be great to know what to use in its place, although there probably won’t be any impact on fb for now.

  • linto

    well done….thank you….

  • Kenny MacCarthy

    Can’t wait to put this to use. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jim Hyde

    OK, we have the menuing worked out, the WelcomeNonFans tab works for non-fans, but this app is supposed to also direct people who are already fans to a WelcomeFans tab. That part is not working. Someone suggested that maybe I was testing it as an admin, but that is not the case. ALL fans land on the Wall, even with an otherwise “working” WelcomFans.html script. Has ANYONE managed to get fans to land on the fans page?

    • Dan

      This “ALL fans land on the Wall” is apparently Facebook policy. From their “Bugs and Known Issues”:

      Creating and Administering your Page

      Why can’t I choose a landing tab for existing followers of my Page?

      The default landing tab can only be adjusted for people that are not following your Page. Once they follow your Page, they will see the Page’s wall as the default.

      • Jim Hyde

        Dan, I agree with you about what appears to be Facebook policy, but in paragraph 8 of Pat’s blog he says “The new application that I recommend, Static HTML iFrame Tab (by Jason Padvorac), allows you to add 2 landing pages: 1 for non-fans, and 1 for fans. “. Jason’s app has two parts, one where you paste html for the non-fan’s page and one for the fan’s page. Jezer Bautista’s app, iframed!, is similar, but you just insert a url to your remote file (which I actually prefer). He also offers both a fan’s and non-fan’s field for these urls. So what do Tom, Jason and Jezer know that we don’t?

        • Dan

          Well, technically Jason’s and Jezer’s app don’t allow you to adsd 2 landing pages, you, I and everyone reading this blog who want that desperately are just reading that into it. The Static HTML iFrame allow you to set up a tab with code for fans and code for non-fans, but the only way a fan will see the code is by ‘clicking’ on the tab, not ‘landing’ on the tab.

          Per Facebooks definition (and apparently, they want it to work that way), a fan (an existing fan), is not going to ‘land’ on anything but the Wall, the control is never passed to J & J’s apps in that case.

          So Tom, Jason and Jezer don’t know anything that we don’t.

        • Jim Hyde

          Thanks, Pat, I think you are right. I am reading too much into it. I’ll just have to relax and be content and learn to master what Facebook offers right now. I really appreciate Tom’s contribution here, but I think when he said that the Static HTML app “allows you to add 2 landing pages” that added to my confusion and (I’ll admit) WAS what I desperately wanted to hear. Jason and Jezer also contribute to the confusion. Finally, again with all due credit and gratitude to Jason and Jezer, the “setup new app” functionality on is all I need.

  • Cindy

    I have a basic question…if I have lets say 10 anchor niche sites do I need 10 separate accounts on each blog, Web 2.0, Social Bookmarking, etc. sites for each niche??

  • Michael Jones

    I tried copying and pasting the image URL into my HTML editor to make it to where people will come to my page as NON FANS and see my image as well as the text. It seems to not work for me, I dont know what is going on with it, but if I could get step-by step help, or someone actually do it for me, in return I could possible advertise your company. I just want to get this done lol and im not too good with commputers. Thank you please help!

    • Jim Hyde

      I just went to your page and saw your picture and invitation to press the Like button for a free music download. It seems to be working fine. How did you test it? I assume you are the admin. As the admin you will never see what the public sees. I suggest you get someone who is not a fan to go to your page and see what they see.

  • Dan

    I think a lot of companies are wasting that valuable landing page space just trying to get someone to click the ‘Like’ button. The landing page is a great place to display a new product, talk about a new service, promote a special offer, etc. Why lose that? I know it seems counter intuative, but if they don’t click that ‘Like’ button, they will always get your latest landing page – which is way more valuable than the wall (besides they can always click on ‘Wall’ at left).

    I’d like to read a blog post on this.

    Getting one more ‘Like’ is not going to matter to a business. Does it really matter if you have 1,765 likes or 1,766 likes? That number is meaningless. The only numbers that matter to a business are: what are sales, how does that compare to last year; how much am I putting into my pocket after expenses, how does that compare to last year. If you knew that going from 2000 likes to 4000 likes meant that you would also double your sales, that would be different, but there are no studies out there that even hint at suggesting that.

    As long as the environment exists where Facebook directs all people who are already your fans to the Wall, then the custom landing page for non-fans is your first, best and ongoing marketing opportunity and should be exploited for all its worth – and not squanded just to feed the almighty ‘fan count’. Give it some thought.

    • Jim Hyde

      I agree. Once you have your 25 fans and can customize your Facebook url. In fact, since all fans are directed to the wall, and the only customizable tab is for non-fans, we would be better of if NO ONE elected to be a fan. Except, I guess, if you click “Like” for a page aren’t you then copied to your newsfeed when the page you “Like” posts something on their wall? And that is certainly good advertising….

      • Dan

        It is – assuming their newsfeed is not nearly as busy as my wife’s. She sees less than 5% of what appear there since she rarely goes more than 1 page deep.

    • Ryan Johnson

      Dan you are a freakin’ genius! I’m just getting done with a long, long day of improving my production operations and that right there is the smartest thing I’ve read all day. I’ve always been encouraging clients to treat it as a landing page and that what they really want is the simple flat out sale. I always tell them that you can get 500 fans for $50 but they won’t be worth a whole lot and would probably screw up your analytics while you really need them most to tune into the frequency of the market.

      Anyways, Kudos Dan

  • Willa

    How do I set it up so that my landing page only applies to NON FANS and not have a landing page for FANS (goes straight to my wall). I only want a landing page for non fans, but leaving the FAN area blank applies my landing page to both and changing my permissions to land on “welcome” applies it to both fans and non fans…. am I making sense??

    • Dan

      Fans will always go straight to the Wall.

  • Willa

    oops nevermind I figured it out. thanks for the great video :)

  • Leslie Nicole

    Thanks so much, Pat. I followed your clear instructions and got my landing page / offer up. Other apps I looked at were expensive to do basically the same thing!

  • Dan

    I just found this and I didn’t know it before, but to give non-fans some kind of bonus for clicking the ‘Like’ button is forbidden by Facebook:

    Good to know when designing your non-fan landing page.

  • Mo Mastafa

    Hey Pat, great content as usual.

    Facebook can be a bit of a pain, especially as the like to change & move things about… However, I feel this change has actually improved things.

    Keep up the good work!

  • ainsley

    How can set up a free website to use the new things i am learning from you about facebook?

  • Leigh

    Thanks very much for this step by step “how to”. It got me to almost where I need to be……….a bit more tweaking to get it right. Your help was the difference between giving up and hiring someone and just persevering through it! Thanks, I feel I can look to your expertise when in need.

  • Lisa

    hmm… it’s not working for me.. got it installed… put in the HTML and it’s giving me an error… did they make more changes?

    • Pat

      What kind of error is it giving you?

      • Lisa

        Thanks for responding Pat… it’s working for some reason now… must have just been a glitch :)

  • jason

    Thanks a lot brilliant walk though. One question can you edit the tab names ?

  • Eric Schultz

    I have a couple of questions about this app:
    1) Do you have any information on what companies are utilizing this app on FB?
    2) I know this app was not created by FB, but do you have any info on the app being evil in the sense that is tracks users and phishes profile information, et. al.?
    3) How do I create multiple tabs using this app?

    Your input is greatly appreciated and thank you for the video!

  • John

    The pages are great but I really would rather have a banner at the top to plug a new product, and THEN the wall, which people really enjoy to land on. Is there a way to add the wall to a custom page?

  • DSSK

    thanks very much. I haven’t had a chance yet, but after finding no success in getting someone else to do this for me, I am gonna give it a go with confidence!

  • Debi

    Hooray! Now I have a Facebook landing page! :-) THANK YOU!

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  • Andrew Youngren

    I got as far as changing the “default landing tab.” I don’t see that option. I’m in “manage permissions,” but there’s no option to change my “default landing tab.”

    • Andrew Youngren

      ok, I figured it out. I had created my page as an educational organization rather than a website. It won’t let you alter the default landing tab under that type of page. Got it figured out though, thanks Pat! You’re a one stop shop!

  • Aimee Steckowski

    i’m looking for a video or tutorial to add a youtube link to the landing page… anything available?

  • Iggz

    is any one else having problems with width of pictures? even though i’ve chosen 520 pixels they seem to be too wide when viewed on the landing page and scroll bars appears – argh ugly!

  • David

    I’m stuck on a problem. After searching for and selecting the “static html iframe” app, I’m supposed to select the “Add to my page”, but that option is not on the list on my page. I have “Add to my page’s favorite” but not that one. What gives?

  • Kristina

    Hey Pat, great tutorial. I was just wondering, is it possible to create a customized small icon next to the Welcome tab too using the Static HTML iFrame tab app? Thanks!

  • Rebecca

    Thanks for the article! I use this simple app that lets me just paste in my HTML. It’s called Static HTML, you may wanna check it out.

  • Dianne

    Followed the image guidelines and it comes up as a small non-clickable thumbnail. Tried larger – same thing. Using picasa as the url link – is this the problem?
    Thanks for the great tutorial!

  • Stephen

    Hey Pat,
    Great tutorial, i’m putting together a FB landing page for a small non profit out of Reno NV, and we are having trouble making the Static HTML page our default landing page. I’v gone into the manage permissions tab and have the default landing page set to our Static HTML page however it still is pushing all our visitors to the wall. Thoughts anyone?

    • Jim Hyde

      My best guess is that the visitors who are reporting their experience to you are already friends of the page. You can test this yourself by un-friending and visiting the page yourself. In fact, for development purposes, you can create a fan page and don’t friend it to anything, then use “use it as” to test your landing pages as they occur.

  • Amanda

    I thought you had mentioned that I could up to three tabs of the same app on there, but I can’t figure out how to do that. Do you have any instructions on how to do that?

    Thanks! Wonderful video!

    • Pat

      Hi Amanda – there’s a link at the very bottom of the post that will take you to the developer forum where they give you links to create new ones! Cheers!

      • Amanda

        Oh, didn’t see that, thank you for the quick response! I’ll definitely be following you form now on!

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  • Carla

    Please i have read the comments and changed my page type and I still can not change my default landing page “it is just NOT There!”. Please Help.

  • Francesco

    I can’t understand how to put a banner in the sidebar


    thank you

  • Dawn

    Hi! So happy to have found your tutorial- thank you SO much!!

    Does anyone know why I can’t upload the page I created? I designed it in my graphics program, uploaded it to, pasted it into the code that was provided in the tutorial, but when I go to the page all I get is a tiny box with a red X in it.

    I created a another facebook account so that I can test it as a non-admin, but I got the same thing. I tried uploading both a high-res file and also a 3MB one- both with the same results.

    Any ideas? Thank you!

    • Dawn

      I figured this out, finally. Again, sorry for the trouble :)

  • Dawn

    Hi again
    Ok, I finally figured out how to post my image to the landing page. Now I have another question. The image, although I uploaded it to the web as both a 3MB file and a large, high-res file, is extremely unfocused. It would look terrible for ANY website, but seeing as I am promoting my art, it is essential that the image be crisp and clean. Do you know what I might have done wrong, or how to fix this? Thank you!

    • Dawn

      answering my own question again…I now uploaded the image through photobucket (high-res!) instead of dropshots (low-res). MUCH better :)

      Now if I can only figure out how to reset the default landing page!

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  • Tessa

    Hi! I have a link set up to my website but instead of opening up in a new window, it is opening up within the narrow confines of my facebook page. I saw a couple of other people mentioned this but I didn’t understand the exact code to add and where to add it. Can someone give an example code to a open a link within a new window that I could just pop my web address in? Thanks so much! And thank you so much Pat for the awesome tutorial!

  • Valerie

    Well I got the app installed on both my pages, but when I click on Welcome there’s no place to edit! It’s just a blank page! What am I doing wrong?

    • Pat

      Not your fault Valarie – it looks like there’s current an issue with the app that just happened today. I contacted the developer and hopefully it’ll be resolved soon.

    • marianney | Denver

      Oh good! I was just wondering the SAME thing! I wish i tried this earlier than this weekend! lol. Hope it’s fixed soon as I finally had a bit of time to work on this.

      • marianney | Denver

        Oops, meant to say thanks for the tutorials Pat! It’s so great to see you keeping up with the many many changes FB keeps throwing at us! They are so easy to follow and it’s super valuable info. I’ll be tweeting it out.

  • Layne

    thanks so much pat! I’m sure to come back for more helpful tutorials in the future. this was so easy to follow!

  • Dawn

    Hi again Pat!
    I’ve spent a few days trying to figure this out, but I still don’t understand how to remove the scroll bars from my facebook landing page. Can you help?
    Thank you :)

  • Cheryl

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks so much for the video. I must be doing something wrong. I added html for a layout page I want for my landing page, but when I try to look at it I only get the x box where the picture is supposed to be. I have the page on flikr, and am using that address as my img src. I am running https. Does that matter? Thanks in advance for the help.

    • Pat

      Hi Cheryl,

      The X in the box means there’s something wrong with the image file url that you put inside the quotation marks of your text. You can test it out by pasting that link into your browser. If the image comes up, then it should work, if you’re getting an x in your browser, then there might be a bad character or an extra space or something. The https thing could matter, but not entirely sure. Test out the image url in a browser and see if that works or not.

      • Cheryl

        Hi Pat,
        Here is the link that isn’t working. I tried from flikr and now uploaded to facebook. The page isn’t finished yet. Can you see anything wrong? I have the welcome page and am putting this in the non-fan part of the welcome:


      • Cheryl

        Hi Pat,
        I got it. I am new to this type of thing. I was using the address instead of the url from the properties. But then I guess you already knew that. Thanks for your quick reply and your great videos. Keep it up!

  • Cheryl
  • Cheryl

    Oops – I guess the link doesn’t post. It has a left bracket and then: img src=(quotes)!/photo.php?fbid=187704091282349&set=a.187704067949018.73651.185611351491623&type=1&theater(quotes and right bracket)

    • Cheryl

      Sorry this post isn’t where it was supposed to be. I did get the problem fixed. As usual with me – operator error. Thanks again. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Tittut

    Thaks to your great youtube clip I have been able to make a landing page for our facebook page Tittut. The problem I have is that the default landing tab does not work, fans have to go to the “welcome” button to see our welcome message, and that kind of defeats the purpose……

    I have changed it from wall to welcome and still the wall comes up. Help please!

  • Tittut

    Now I found a blog with others with the same problem and the problem is only for those that are already fans. I have entered through an account that is not fan and there the landing tab works, but from my personal, I am fan, account it does not land on the welcome page. So now….anyone have a solution for this?

    • Pat

      Tittut, if you are already a fan, OR you are the admin / creator of the page, you will always bypass the landing page an go straight to the wall. Fans and admins, however, will see the “fan only” version of the page if they click the tab/link to the welcome page underneath the profile picture. Cheers!

  • Dawn

    Hi again Pat
    I am SO sorry to ask this again, but I really can’t figure out how to lose the scroll bars on the landing page. I figured out how to fix everything else I was doing wrong, but this one just eludes me :(

    • Pat

      Hi Dawn,

      There’s a button when you go to edit the application settings (by simply clicking on the link underneath your profile picture to your welcome page) that says “No Scrollbars”, at the top next to where they have a “like” button. Click on that radio button, and you should no longer see scrollbars on your page.

  • Dawn

    oh my god thank you Pat! I feel like a moron lol. I kept searching for answers and nothing like that ever came up!

    Thank you for all your help!!

  • Susan

    Help! I installed the app, but made an error in my html. Now I cannot find how to access static html iframe to correct the error. What do I do? I really need to edit the HTML and also make the fan landing page. Please help.

  • Susan

    If you look at my company page on FB, you can see a W, that is what I think is for the app, but I am so lost. I tried deleting the app, it doesn’t show up on the apps under privacy settings. I was going to delete it and add it again, but not possible. Desperate here. Thanks!

  • Susan

    Somehow, the Universe provided, and I was able to access it! I have no clue how, but am thankful just the same.

  • Florina

    Hey, thank you very much for your video. it was very helpful, especially for me, because i’ve never before worked with html codes. But I have a very urgend question and i really hope you can help me. I have a Fanpage and I’m going to create a landing page for non fans. I want them to become a fan and afterwads their getting and access to watch a video. But i don’t know how to upload a video. Can you help me?

    Thank you in advance!

  • ArtChick

    I don’t have the default landing page option under Manage permissions. anything I can do to change that?

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  • Shayna Hardy

    Hello. I loved your video, so simple and easy to follow. I wanted to add a “Share” button to the bottom of my landing page. Do you know the html code for this? A friend of mine sent me hers but it is in FBML and doesn’t seem to work. I want fans to be able to click on the share button and post a link to my facebook page to theirs. Thanks so much!!!!

  • Crystal

    Thank Pat. You’re the bomb!

  • Gregg

    Well done tutorial. very clear and logical. Thank you. My problem is I’ve installed the app. When I click on the Welcome tab togo to the edit it comes back with IE error that it cannot display the webpage. I’m not sure if this is something I did or didn’t do or if it is a problem with connecting the static html site.

  • Russ Howe

    Thanks so much for this post, Pat! As a gym instructor, I’ve built a 5 figure online income applying my people skills rather than my tech know-how! I was literally staring at my page with zero clue where to go, now it has pics, videos, excellent!!!!!!!!!

    You do great work!

  • Jason Jacobs

    Hi guys!

    I found the link to the old article about FB pages from a post on ViperChill talking about creating them. Glen had made some templates, but they were back in the day of FBML. I noticed some people over there had trouble, so using Pat’s video from this post, I modified Glen’s templates to use HTML instead. He’s got like and not-yet-like templates you can use.

    Here’s a link to my post explaining what I did:

    Thanks for that video Pat! It helped tremendously!


  • Sunny

    Great video Pat! I used this app when it first came out, and it had two boxes, and worked fine. I just now tried to use the app again, and there is only one box, and a note at the bottom that says “You will only see editor box after enabling FBML mode. You can create fans-only content by wrapping it in &ltfb:visible-to-connection> tags. The content inside these tags make up the content that will be on your fans-only tab. ”

    I have tried using &ltfb:visible-to-connection> as is, that does not work. I have tried enclosing that does not work. Can you give exact code example to get the “fans only” part to show up?

    Is it true there is now only one box and we need to code for the “fans-only?” When I used this app last month, there were two boxes.

    Thanks for any help – Sunny

  • Katie

    Awesome video– super helpful. I’m linking it in our NPO’s social media manual/guidebook.


  • Alexander Rinehart, DC, CCN

    Thanks so much for putting together this useful video. Was able to put up my landing page in under an hour with little to no html experience. Really appreciate the quality content you post here each week!

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  • Erin

    This made setting up the landing page much easier than it used to be! The only problem is that I have my landing page set to default to Welcome and it doesn’t go to the landing page. It still goes to the Wall. Any advice?

  • Sunny


    If you are the admin, you will not be taken to the default welcome page. Try logging in from a friend’s computer to see the default welcome in action.

  • Teresa

    Pat, you the man!

    If it weren’t for wonderful people like you who are willing to share all this stuff with us, I wouldn’t be able to do it. Really.

    I’ve got to tell you that I sincerely appreciate the time and effort it takes for you to such a great step by step tutorial. I just followed your steps and I have a professional looking FB page. Even my 20-something kids are impressed!

    Thanks for helping an “old fogey” look somewhat cool!

  • Jeanine Vecchiarelli

    Thanks so much for your terrific tutorial! It’s one of the best I’ve seen!

  • Savio Lopez

    Hey Pat, This is a gr8 tutorial. Thanks a ton.

  • Lisa

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for sharing all this infos. You´re awsome. Unfortunally it is not working for me. I uploaded the image on Flickr and used the exact command line you suggested here : only replacing the url. When I click on View I get that little box on the top left corner, with an “x” in it. Any ideas of what could´ve been happening?

    • Pat

      The ‘x’ means that there’s an issue with the image url. Try putting the image URL in your browser by itself, and see what comes up. If it’s an ‘x’, then you have the wrong url. If the image comes up, then there’s an issue with the code you put into the app.

      • Lisa

        WOW…you´re quick. Yeah, I´ve done that putting the url in the browser. It worked fine. I´ll see what´s wrong. Can´t see any mistakes with the code, though.

      • Lisa

        I really don´t know what´s wrong. I noticed that the code appears in black color only. Is that an issue? Oh my….should be easy.

      • Lisa

        Sorry for bothering too much…I´ve tried now to use the code just as you typed, with your url and guess what, it worked! So I guess there´s something going on with this flickr link…I´ll go back to it later and see if I can fix it somehow. I tried 4share and even throwing the image into a blog. None of them succeeded. Other than this little issue, this tutorial is very very helpful. Tks once again.

  • Grant

    Hey Lisa – try Its free, simple, and you get a ‘public’ box where you can just drop the image, then right click on it, copy the url and hey presto.

  • Selo Banya

    Hei body thank you so much. That helped me a lot. Keep going well done!

  • Demos

    oh sorry html tags do not appear on my post above but i have an anchor with an image inside the tag which redirect the page to another landing page i created

  • Demos

    oh nm i already made a solution.. btw sorry for multiple post

  • Neil

    In case you’re tracking such matters, found your site via a post from Masonworld on the review he did of WP Fan Pro. Not sure why he linked to this post since I was looking for tutorial on WP Fan pro, but still glad I landed here, your WP site uses some interesting features and you content is pretty darn nice too!

  • catherine

    Thank you Pat, not only for these instructions but your whole blog is full of excellent information, clearly communicated. I got through the bulk of the instructions no problem. The non-fan page which was basically just an image was easy (I don’t have it as the landing yet) but I decided to add extra functionality to the Fan page as you suggested (email form linked to our constant contact sign up, and a couple of links). This is where I got into trouble as I’m not a techie person – I designed the graphic and sent it to a developer expecting just to get back code I could paste into the second box. Instead I got back a folder with folders for css, js, image and index.html. I thought maybe I should just put that on our site and put the path, similar to what I did for the non-fan script but that didn’t work. Any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks.

  • catherine

    I’ve also been looking for the hack on how I control the 5 images across the top. I’d like to have specific images and then have lots of other images on the site. I’m sure it obvious but I can’t figure it out. thanks

  • Gautam A D

    hi PAT! this is a great tutorial…i would have never been able to design my facebook page without your help! thanx a lot. :)

  • andre f marcondes

    Hello Pat, I make exactaly what you tell in video, create the page with static html iframe tab, and set it to my landing page, but dont work, my landing page continues always the wall, you know what can be ?

  • mike

    Hi Pat
    Can I firstly say that with your great help and clear instructions, I created a fan page and then set up the landing page for a friends site today. Greedy Duck Design. I then tried it out, it worked fine, I hit the like button and got the fan messge also. Great, well not quite. The landing page that i created never came on again. Hmm, so i did some research and found some interesting info that ou might want to check out for yourself. According to FB, the landing page that i created will only show if the new peron is not a fan. Once the like button is pushed then the “Fan” page will appear only that once. Further visits to the page will now only shoe the “Wall” landing page. Now this can be altered in only 1 of 2 ways, if the page is authorised by FB – this can only be done once the friend count reaches 10k+ or you are a FB advertiser!!!! Hmmm sounds like a money maker for FB to me, if you find anymore info then i got, please let us know. Again, thanks for such an informative site.

  • T

    I’m seeing the same behaviour as ‘Mike’ above… When I return to the page as a fan, I only see the wall, not the ‘fan’ landing page. Also, the ‘Welcome’ page on the left hand side always shows the ‘non-fan’ .jpg.

  • Ario Wirawan

    Hi, Pat.

    Your tutorials are excellent. Easy to follow and useful as heck. I got to your Static FBML tutorial first before I found out that it’s no longer aplicable, then I got your Static HTML tutorial. But it’s okay, as I can combine parts of both tutorials to create my Landing Page.

    Thanks for the codes, too. If I may be of inconvenience, I’d like to ask if you (or comment readers) happen to know how to create a link onto an image. I thought I saw somewhere that you could combine both codes you already provided here. The “a href” and “img src” codes that you’ll come up with a clickable image (instead of text) that would serve as a link to another page. But now I forgot how to do that.

    Anyhoo, thanks. Great job, man.

  • mike

    Just an update guys
    If you click unlike on the fan page and then return you will see the created page again. Anyone who is not a fan will see the created page, which i suppose is the point of the project, to increase fans!

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  • Jessica

    How do you create a second, third fourth page?

  • Brianna

    Hey, Thanks So Much for the video and this blog, it was lots of help.
    I just had one question,
    On my landing page, how do I make a picture/word, clickable, So it can take me to another page?
    Thanks =)

  • Emily

    Hi Pat,

    Posting to flickr didn’t work, as flickr won’t allow the image to display in FB. Where else can I post the image?


    • Pat

      Yep – Mike (who commented below) is right (thanks Mike!). Photobucket will work just fine. Cheers!

      • mike

        Hey Pat
        You help me massively my friend, don’t mention it
        Thank you!!!

      • Jason Miller

        Do you know why on FB pages you can’t browse more apps anymore?

        • Pat

          Yes – they took out this search bar a month ago. Instead, use the search field at the very top of Facebook to do the same thing.

      • Olawale Daniel

        Thanks Pat for this tutorial. I will make use of it now and I have started putting things together. More grease to your elbow :)

    • Pat

      Try, I think a lot more people are having success posting their images there. Cheers!

    • khairul

      you can use

  • mike

    Hi Emily
    Im sure Pat wont mind me leaving you a comment!
    I used photobucket, its free and simple to use.

  • Lauryn

    I’m actually going to attempt and implement this today.

  • Dominique

    Thanks thanks thanks!!!

  • madeleine

    I loved the video great everything was clear BUT
    there my landing page pic should be is only an X
    nothing is wrong with my pic its the right size format everything but I cant seem to get the picture to be visible only an X instead there
    what can i do to fix this?
    would be so happy if anyone here could help me with that.
    hugs madeleine

  • Allan
    • Pat

      There must be something up with your image url – it’s probably not right. You can test it out by putting the image url in your browser. If it comes up with an x, then the url is bad. That’s what I suspect is going wrong, and it must end in jpg or png.

  • Ario Wirawan

    I originally asked the same question, but now I’ve got it. Simply make your codes nested, like this:

    Voila! You will have a clickable image.

    The x indicates that your image wasn’t loaded properly at the time you open the page. It could be caused by a thousand reasons:
    a. you mistyped the address of the image
    b. the site where your image is located was down at that moment
    c. your internet connection was slow at that moment that it couldn’t properly load your image
    d. 997 other reasons.

    Check all those possibilities will be a good start.

    • Ario Wirawan

      Whoa! The codes I wrote is gone! How can I explain to others then?
      Sorry, Brianna. If somehow you can get in touch with me, I’ll explain it to you. But until then, I’m sorry.

  • Jassi

    To The Point Information, Thanks Pat… :-)

  • debbie

    You don’t show how to make a color background. I have searched google unsuccessfully. OUr current facebook landing page is

    • Pat

      Just look up how to add a color background in html, and it should work the same way.

  • DT

    Hi, I’ve followed the instructions accordingly however I face a problem with the coding. After I’ve entered the code, the image appeared small (almost the size of a thumbnail. Could anyone help me out with this?

    • Pat

      Hi DT,

      Try putting the image url into your browser. If it comes up small, then the image you’re using is the thumbnail size image, and you’ll need a new url. If it’s big, then there’s something up with the code. You can just copy the code straight from this blog post to make sure it doesn’t have anything funny going on with it that may be shrinking your image.


  • Anthony T

    Having just TWO issues with the Business” page I set up:

    1) Cannot get the URL to shorten so that it will say

    2) Cannot get the default page to show. It keeps directing to my Wall. Yes, I set up the default page in my “Manage Permissions Page” and it still does not go to the default page.

    Currently it goes to

    instead of …

    Any suggestions or links?

    • Pat

      Hi Anthony,

      1) You must get 25 fans first before Facebook allows you to create a shortened URL for your page.

      2) If you are an admin of a page, or a fan, you will always skip the landing page and go straight to your wall.

      Hope this helps. Cheers!

      • Anthony T

        1) So once I receive 25 or more “likes” or “fans” my URL should look like:

        2) How do I get more “Fans”?

        • Pat

          After you get 25 fans, you can create your own custom vanity url for your site by going to

          You can make it whatever you like. Personally, I like shorter, easier to remember urls.

          To get more fans, check out my video here:


        • Anthony T.

          Thank you very much. I will follow your suggestions and see what happens.

          There is one other thing…

          It appears that the only way I can SEARCH my page is when I am logged in.If I am not logged in my name does not show up in the search results.

      • Lauren

        How come my current fans automatically land on the wall instead of the default page?

      • chris

        If Number 2 above in your reply is true, that a fan will always land on the wall. How do you present special offers only to fans?

        When I set up the landing pages- I created one for fans and one for non-fans. A friend, who is a fan, sees the wall and not the fan landing page when they navigate to my facebook page. Can fans only see the fan landing page by clicking on the “Welcome” in the sidebar?

        Thanks for your video, it was easy to follow.

  • Anthony T.

    I read your about us section. Thank you very much. 4 years ago, I was not a victim of the economy, but was maliciously let go from two jobs back-to-back. With the encouragement of my family I have been creating stellar functioning websites since 2007. I too am not a milloinaire, but seeing the joy that I am able to put on my returning clients faces is rewarding in itself. I also like the term your coined, “passive income”. Fits me perfectly.

    I now figure since so many people are looking to Facebook for their marketing ventures, that I would finally add this to my skillset and services.

    So any help you can offer in this area is greatly appreciated.

    Thank again for your inspirational post on your “about us” page.

  • Alun Jenkins

    Hi, just watched your video re: html/ iframes for fb. The problem i have is that i do not have a browse mor apps option in my page? Has there been a modification since you produced the video?

    • Pat

      I think FB got rid of the browse app function today actually. You can look it up in the regular search bar at the top of Facebook now.

      • Alun Jenkins

        Thanks Pat,
        Sorted that problem thanks to you. I now have another!
        I have uploaded an image for my welcome/landing page and i can see it on my page when i click “save and view tab” with no problem. I have gone to wall then permisions and set welcome as landing page.
        When log out and back in again the only way to view the new ” landing page is to click on the “save and view tab” ?
        Where have i gone wrong? (please)

        • Pat

          Alun, as the admin you will always see the welcome page the way you’re seeing it. You’re not doing anything wrong :)

  • Rose

    Is there code that I can add to my html so that when a non-fan clicks on a like button on the non-fan page that is inside the page instead of on top?

  • Anushka

    I followed your instructions and got this, what do you think?

  • Elisangela

    Hi Pat,

    I have a question – not quite related to the topic though.
    To send a message all at once to all your fans on FaceBook you can use the “send an update” buttom, right? Once the update is sent, where are your fans going to see it in their facebook profile? I´m running some tests on my Fan Page and I´m not able to see the update. Neither any of my fans. Do you or somebody here could give me a hand on this?

    I thought at least my fans would see a message in their e-mail inbox. But not even that is happening.

    Appreciate any insights.

  • Norja

    THANKS!!! That was a really great tutorial! Easy to follow and apply!

  • Rachel

    Hi, I am trying to set up a new landing page using your tutorial and unfortunately I have run into trouble. I am not getting the option to ‘browse more applications’ in order to load the new app that I need to set up the landing page. Any thoughts why this is?

    • Pat

      Hi Rachel, they JUST got rid of that the other day. Now, you can just simply use the search bar at the top of Facebook instead. I wish YouTube would let me replace certain chunks of videos :(

      I did add an annotation in the YouTube video for anyone else though. Hopefully that will help. Cheers!

      • Rachel

        Thank you for the advice, all sorted and my landing page is live. Cheers for the wonderful tutorial – most helpful!

  • Martin MacDonald

    No other reason for this comment other than to say thank you for your work writing this article and for the video. Was about to pay someone to do this for me until I found this!

    I’ve just thought of a question! Is it possible to stop people seeing ANY of your facebook page content without first becoming a ‘fan’?? I’ve just noticed they can still click the wall tab even if they have not clicked the like button.

  • Mike

    Hmmm… I’m having the same issue as Rachel. Can’t see the “browse more apps” link. Thoughts?

    • Pat

      Hi Mike – I just replied to Rachel, but essentially FB got rid of that function. Now you can just use the search bar at the top of any page on Facebook to conduct the search. Cheers!

  • bandeautankini

    Thanks for this lovely tutorial..but i still new with iframe :)

  • Kirsty

    I’m chuffed to bits that I found this post. I’ve finally got my landing page sorted and it looks great. Thanks ever so much, Pat.

    Kirsty Greenwood x

  • Josh

    Great post Pat!

    I am still experincing an issue when trying to change the name. The problem is thatt when I go to “Edit Page” and then select “Apps” all that displays is a big gray box. I don’t see any of the Apps. The App installed without any problems….any ideas?

  • Tony

    Hi Pat,

    I was wondering how I would go about adding an Aweber form to a PSD file and then onto Facebook. I’m quite confused by that. Or are you saying that “Static HTML iFrame Tab” has a field for this?

    Basically I would like to create both a non fans and a fans page. I would like to capture leads once they click the like button.

    Can you please explain how I can do that, or maybe you know of a video on this?

    Thanks a bunch and keep up the GREAT posts

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for these wonderful instructions
    Using your instructions I have a landing page and a thank you for liking my page page. I used Paint shop pro 6 and photobucket. I would like to embed a youtube video in the center of my non fan page. I can get it to post at the bottom of my page but not in the center where I want it too. How would I go about doing that?

    • Jennifer

      I think the link I posted is not working.

  • Zirk

    Hi Pat,

    Excellent, Thx for the info!


  • G Kennedy

    Hi Pat,
    thanks so much for your tutorial. I really am a beginner with facebook. What I am wondering is how to I add for the “Fans” that it takes them straight to the wall. I dont seem to be getting the html right.


  • Sherri

    Hi Pat –

    Thanks so much for this – HUGE help! Much appreciated. Also – just a side tip for others.. Kompozer is a free wsywig html editor (download) that can help with the html coding. Takes a little trial and error if you’re not used to it, but fairly easy to figure out and cheaper than having to hire a programmer! Thanks! :)

  • Jose


    Thank you for this great tutorial! I was able to create a landing page and have it show up for non-fans when they navigate to the page.

    I do, however, have a small problem. I would like the landing page to go away once fans “like” the page to reveal the wall, which is where all of our content is. However, when a non-fan clickls the “like” button, they are redirected to the same landing page.

    How can I make it so that this landing page only appears for non-fans, and so that it redirects them to the wall? I’ve seen it doen on other pages, just don’t know how to do it myself.

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Alex

    Hi Pat, thanks for sharing all the face book stuff here on your blog. I am of to make my self a fan page. I have subscribed to your rss and I will be back a big thanks once a gain.
    All the bast

  • Nicholas

    Hi Pat

    Thanks so much for this, helped me a lot getting my Fanpage setup the right way :)

  • Bruno Baumgartner

    I would like to set the “landing page” always as the “landing page” and not just for fans. Let’s call it just a wellcome page with new informations and so on. I tryed hard to find something in Google but it’s all about seting the landing page for fans as the default pag! Could somebody help! Regards, Bruno

  • Anthony T

    Hello Pat,

    I successfully set up a FB Fanpage about two weeks ago.

    Here is the link:

    But within the last two days, I have been seeing the following on my FBPAGE where my Micro Website is…

    “Please Update Your Secure Tab URL
    To make sure users can view your app over a secure browser connection (https), please visit the developer console to update your Secure Tab URL.”

    I put in the identical URL address within the https text field, but then my micro website would not show up (like a 404 error). Yes, I used “https” and not “http” in the URL.

    Also, Facebook says that this https URL needs to be done be October 1st.

  • Luke Bream

    Hi Pat – Thanks for great tutorial. I’m having a problem with creating a link to the wall after the user “likes” the page.

    The app works correctly and shows page 2 which has a number of links on it. One of which I want to link to the wall. But when I use the wall url it strips the wall details off and redirects back to a blank app page.

    It works correctly if the fan revisits the page subsequently….they will hit the wall….but not when I create a link to the wall from inside the app ??

    O have been trying either of these URL’s to get the fan back to the wall but both fail if the link is placed on the app 2nd page ????

    Any thoughts would be really appreciated.

  • Radko Aleksandrov
  • Jay

    Hi Pat,

    I am trying to follow your instructions. But I can’t seem to find the ‘browse more apps’ link on my apps tab on the page. How do I get that?


    • Pat

      Hey Jay – FB got rid of that search bar. You can use the search bar at the very top of Facebook instead.

  • Pat

    Hi, all

    I can not see the default landing page in “Permission”.

    And i got 61 000 Fans…Whats the deal?


    • Pat

      Hey Pat – for some reason some people don’t have that option. I honestly don’t know why and have been searching for that answer for a long time now from Facebook.

      There is a workaround. If you go to edit page > apps > and then click on the iframe html application, click on “link to this tab” and THAT LINK will always bring people to the landing page. If you put that link in a URL shortener, like Pretty Link (wordpress plugin) or, you can easily share it wherever.

      Hope this helps!

      • Pat

        Well, didnt help a lot…lol

        pass 6 month ago whan i start the fanpage, people told me that i need 10k fan before use landing page, now i am at 60k and i would like to make a landing for fan and non-fan…this is ridiculus

        • Pat

          Did you use the method I told you? That’s the only thing you can do at this point. I would contact Facebook about this issue immediately, because it seems like you should have it. That said, I have a few pages with less than 10k that have the landing page capability. Facebook Fail.

        • Pat

          My page is a community page which do not have a welcome tab button.
          This is why it doest work….If someone else need it..Change category try here;

        • Pat

          This is great Pat. Thanks for the information, it’s definitely helpful. So this opened it up for you?

        • Pat

          Well, im waiting for this, but supose to be the right thing to do!
          ill let you know

        • Kim

          any update on why some people with community pages do not have the default landing page option and what we need to do or what type of page we need to convert to to see that option?

  • John

    I followed your instructions, but FB is not landing on the welcome page.
    Have they changed something again?
    When I click the welcome tab, I keep getting the editor instead of the image I saved, is this normal?
    Thanks for you time.

    • Pat

      Yes, as the admin you will not see the landing page yourself. You will always see the editor when you’re logged in. As long as you see the page you want to see when you hit the preview button, you’re good.

      • John

        That was quick. Thank you.

        • John

          The page is working. Thanks again.

  • John

    I remember you mentioning the ability to create a second Static HTML iframe tab, have you given instructions for that anywhere?

    • Pat

      Yes, it’s at the very very bottom of this post in italics.

      • John

        Thanks again. Up and running.

  • Jarrett

    Hi, great tutorial! I am 99% of the way there!

    The only problem I have is that it works beautifully in Safari but not in Firefox or chrome I just get the broken image icon at the top of the page!

    I’m confused about what the difference would be between browsers and how I can get it working so any help would be much appreciated.

    • Jarrett

      It’s ok… Problem solved! All working great.

      Uploaded the image to imageshack instead and all is well.

      Thanks again.

  • Heather

    Hi Pat,

    Is there a way to create several static HTML tabs? If so ho wcan i change the tabe name from “welcome”?

    • Pat

      The italicized text at the end of this post has a link to where you can create new tabs of the same type.

      In “edit page” > Applications within Facebook, if you go to the specific application and click on edit, you can change the name :)

      • Heather

        Wow I really should check my spelling before i submit something. Haha. Thanks for the help!

      • shal

        Firstly great video thanks.
        Secondly, you mentioned once you set up this app & make it your landing page, you can create upto two more tabs below it.. how do you do that??

        Also, can you recommend how else to make this page look aesthetically pleasing as it is for the business im working for.. at the moment im finding coding websites and trying to use them to use our fonts etc, (this is a very long process) is there an easier way??

  • Mackenzie

    Hello. I do not have the option of a default landing page…. HELP!?!

  • Mackenzie

    Hello… I dont have a default landing page…. why and help? Thanks

  • corinne

    Have now a landing page:

    Thanks a lot!

  • Bonnie

    Hi Pat!

    Thank you foryour useful tutorial. I combined it with another one in which I used Image Map Code to generate links within my images. However, after I upload it to facebook, only one of the links works. Why?? Below is the code:

    Can you please help me with this? It’s driving me nuts! Thank you!

  • Bonnie
  • Steven Watson

    Hi Pat,
    I have searched through the replies others have left and cannot find anyone with the same problem I am facing…
    Your tutorials which are very clear (thank you) however when I come to ‘view your tab as a non-member’ it displays my facebook page with just a white area where my Landing should be… not even a x as others have experienced. This is the same if I log into facebook as a non-member. I thought perhaps I did not have enough fans however I see others have landings with far less fans than I have.
    I have posted my landing image onto a hidden page of my iweb site. Which I think is ok to do?!
    Any ideas?

  • Sara

    Hi Pam,

    Firstly thank you for your tutorial.
    I was truing to put HTML from both flickt and photobucket and for both of them got “Note: Facebook policy forbids autoplaying media on tabs. Make sure your tab doesn’t autoplay anything, or your page may get shut down!” note.
    Can you help me please resolve this issue.

    Thank you very much.


    Existe una aplicación llamada MITUCAN que sirve para crear una web completa dentro de facebook, de manera TOTALMENTE GRATUITA. Podrás crear una Landing Page para tu Fan Page de facebook con un acabado profesional y 100% editable con gestor de contenidos. Se instala en segundos y es muy sencilla de utilizar. Podeis echarle un vistazo en la web oficial o buscandola en facebook. Espero os sirva de ayuda. Saludos

  • Timothy

    What size should the inmage be
    is there an example
    i wanna be creative … but i’m so freakin exhausted

  • Heather

    Hello again,

    I have tried several times to create the landing page for my fan page. When I link the app it says that it is successful but it still doesn’t work. My page is
    What do you think I should try next?

    Thanks! Heather

    • Pat

      Hi Heather, if you’re the admin you won’t see the page like a non-fan, non-admin would. The link you put in your comment doesn’t work, by the way, so I can’t check for you.

  • Kristin

    Hello Pat, this post was very helpful. However, for some reason I just get a square image when I add my url to my code. I have checked and my url works fine, , and I did the proper code. Do you have any idea why this is happening. I also used image shack to upload my photo

    Thanks, Kristin

    • Kristin

      Also, often when this box shows up I am able to click on it which leads me to image on the hosting website

    • khairul

      give a try with to upload image. Thank

  • Jose Luis

    hey Pat, just checked your video out. I did everything you did, but after clicking like, the landing page is the wall, not the fan iframe. Any clues on how to redirect or am I skipping a step?

  • Random Guy

    Anyone checked out the awesome Security Guard Training HQ landing page? Here it is!

    Pat, gotta say that if you want to preach, you better practice too. Cummon man, pick it up. There are fact checkers out there, and most of them anticipate something special from you.

    • Pat

      Congratulations, you found the landing page I used for demonstration purposes.

      Have you checked the SPI facebook page? I pretty sure I’ve been practicing what I preach ever since day 1. I would respect your comment more if you didn’t hide behind false name.

  • alana

    I am having a really wierd problem. My browser isn’t letting me type into the “Enter your content here” Box. I type, but nothing is showing up. I am working in Safari on a mac. Has anyone else had this issue?

    • alana

      I’ve tried nearly everything! I was finally able to type into the input box but then it dissapeared…Pat–do you have any advice?

      • Pat

        Hmm, that’s weird. I would try using a different browser – Chrome is working for me, as does Firefox.

  • nayon

    speaking of weird, here’s another one.. 😛
    every time i click the “View your tab as a fan” link on a new tab, this message always comes out, “The page you were looking for doesn’t exist. You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved.”

    however, when i directly click the same link, the page is okey.
    now, i don’t know what i had missed?

  •!/TeBellateacompany Jess

    We have already successfully created a landing page – butttt the landing page we want is just for aesthetic appeal when someone lands on our Page. Because we are not using it for other reasons – we do not need it to be “clickable”. We created it with simple methods, and are hosting it on Flickr, BUT the problem is, if you click on the landing image it brings you to the photo in Flickr. Is there a way to edit the HTML code in order to make it “un-clickable”?
    We are not programmers, and have very very basic understanding of HTML code (as you can probably tell) so please excuse our amateur methods :)
    Any advice would be wonderful! Thanks!

    • Lisa Martins

      Hi Jess,

      I guess you´re having the same problem I had. Someone here told me to upload my image using DROPBOX instead of flickr and it worked just fine. Give it a try! Hope it works.

  • Ben

    Hello Pat,

    I came across this landing page and clicked around. Amazed to see the pop-up windows, etc. How did they do this? It couldn’t have been FBML, right?


  • Hannah

    Hi Pat!

    Thanks for the great tutorial.

    You mentioned that you could have multiple tabs…. I have searched forums and looked into how to do this…. But I just can’t find out how. Can you help?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Pat

      At the bottom of this post there’s some text with a link to where you can get multiple tabs.

  • Aftab Ahmad

    Thanx Dear PAT For This Useful Information

  • Jacki

    The most helpful tutorial I’ve found, THANK YOU!

  • Melanie

    I need to know if you create a second second html page that held vidoes, is there a way to have the video automatically sent to your wall page letting your currently fans know that a new video has been added or do you have to go to the wall and then add the video here in order for it to be share with others.

  • Sam


    Thanks for the video. However, I get stuck after I go to Apps. There is no option for “browse more apps”. Any ideas?

    • Pat

      Just use the search bar at the top of Facebook instead. Facebook got rid of the app specific search field a couple of weeks ago. Thanks!

  • lanna

    When you click on ‘app’ then try to scroll down to find ‘Browse more applications’ its no longer there?
    Facebook is constantly changing and it very frustrating.
    What shall I do? help!
    Also how can I embed a picture before I add it onto the landing page?

    • Pat

      Just use the search bar at the top of Facebook instead. They found having both of them was redundant, so they took the one in the apps section out.



    Hello! help me!
    Can´t find the “default landing tab” option on “manage permissions”.
    It just don´t have it on my Page settings.
    What should I do?

  • shal

    Hey i dont think you saw what i wrote.. help asap pleeease!!

    Firstly great video thanks.
    Secondly, you mentioned once you set up this app & make it your landing page, you can create upto two more tabs below it.. how do you do that??

    Also, can you recommend how else to make this page look aesthetically pleasing as it is for the business im working for.. at the moment im finding coding websites and trying to use them to use our fonts etc, (this is a very long process) is there an easier way??

    • Pat

      Hey Shal – sorry I missed your post.

      There are links at the bottom of the post that will help you create more tabs.

      Secondly – just having a designer create an image that you place on the page, like I did, is much easier than having to code everything. Just my opinion, but that saved me a lot of time and stress. Cheers!

      • shal

        Thats okay, also Ive started to use your ‘how to create a branded fb pg’ which is making it look HEAPS better :)

        okay so in terms of text within the application to get different font sizes and colours for the text.. because im doing coding which is extremely difficult.. is it possible to create the text in a word doc for example then save as a jpeg then just paste that image in the ‘enter your content here’ section .. will the info come up and look normal? is that possible?

        Just trying to think of easier ways.. any tips would be awesome!

        Also is there a way to change the static app grey star icon to something else??

        Thanks so much, your videos are really helpful!

        • Pat

          Great, glad that’s some help to you.

          For the font colors and sizes and things like that, I think using a photoshop-type program would look much better. Check out if you don’t have photoshop. Make sure it has a width of 520px.

          Then, upload the image onto a server somewhere (flickr as a last resort if you don’t have a website server), and then use basic html code to display the image onto the page. See the code on this blog post (near the bottom) for help (under “showing an image”)

  • shal

    Great I’ll try that now thanks!!

    Also, with the banner images which I have now put on the facebook page… is there any way of making those images links? to different websites e.g. to the homepage of our business, our youtube channel, linkedin etc.. rather than just having those empty images leading to just photos?

    One more thing.. is there a way to change the static app grey star icon to something else?? – sorry if that has been asked by heaps of people.


    Hello! help me!
    Can´t find the “default landing tab” option on “manage permissions”.
    It just don´t have it on my Page settings.
    What should I do?

    • kim

      I am having the same issue with the Default Landing page. i read above that it is because my page is a community page. What type of page do you need to convert to to get this function?


        Any answers???

  • lanna

    Thank you, your video is amazing. thanks a lot.
    But help help help, the landing page worked fine but the next day it disappears or either shows a tiny box of an image (error). What can I do>? please !

  • frannypoo

    thanks for this tutorial, i’ve spend $ for other solutions that weren’t nearly as easy or good as this simple app. Appreciate ya!

  • Kim

    any update on why come people with community pages do not have the default landing page option and what we need to do or what type of page we need to convert to to see that option?

  • Curtis McCoy

    Hi guys,
    I was curious if you knew of a site / script to trade facebook likes and I’d love to keep up to date with any info you have!

  • Adwello

    Thanks for that little Like Button graphic tip – it’s the little tips that go a long way!

  • LA Personal Trainer

    Wow, this is great. I’ve been wanting to have HTML in my FB page for a long time. Much more freedom and flexibility!

  • Richard

    Hey, very nice post and thanks for sharing this. Facebook allows you to direct first-time visitors to any of your page links like your wall, your info page, discussions, links or, actually, any specific landing page you’ve added specially for that function.

  • Penny Auctions

    Thanks for the info, I just setup my fan page using this tutorial. Unfortunately, the dimensions of my landing page are all wrong, is there any way to increase the size of the fan page?


  • Jill

    When I go to the apps page and scroll to the bottom, I don’t see the option to browse for more apps. How can I find this app now?

    • Pat

      Hi Jill, just use the main search bar at the top of Facebook now to search for the app :)

  • shal

    Hey Pat,

    1. Firstly, do you have a single code including:
    an image’s location + link it to a different page..
    ie. the image is stored in photobucket, I need it to link to another website when you click on it on my facebook landing page.

    2. when I decided to start this business facebook page it asked for my personal name details so i put it in thinking it was needed, however it created an account under my name with the business name as a subheading page ? so when i want to work on the business page i have to go through the blank page with my name on it and then onto the business name… is there any way of deleting the initial pg with my name and just keep the business page??


  • Chris

    Hi Pat.

    Just wondering how I can modify my page to appear at the landing page, every single time somebody visits the page regardless of whether they’re a fan or not.

    I’ve separated my page account and personal account, and after liking the page, every time I go back, it goes straight to the wall.

    This is an issue as I need to have specific hyperlinks clearly available all the time for an assignment.

  • Rick J @ Sell Your Home On Your Own

    G’day Pat,

    How do you give your screen-shots the ripped paper effect around the edges? Looks flash – wouldn’t mind using something similar in the future.

  • Jake Yamaguchi

    Hi Pat,

    I tried following your landing page instructions and in the “apps” window there is not a “more options” selection at the bottom. Was this changed by Facebook during their upgrade this week? Thanks for you service!


    • fiona

      Jake.. i am having the same issues.. i tried it both on a mac and pc.. and crome and others.. and the same issue no way to search for more aps.. LOVE your videos and all your help pat.. just awesome!

    • fiona

      i figured it out.. so there is no ‘browse for aps’ at the bottom, instead just type in the search bar at the top and look for the ap that pat is talking about and add it that way.. it works!

      • Dave


        I have no browse for apps, your technique is not working, am I missing something???

        • Pat

          Hi Dave – just use the search bar at the top of Facebook instead.

    • bexy

      Me too! Pat, help! your tutorial doesn’t make sense any more because of the lack of this option….

      • Pat

        There’s an annotation that pops up in the middle of the video where I go over that section that should describe the new change and to use the search bar at the top.

        • Tara

          I’m having this same problem with not finding the app. I could not find this annotation. Could you tell me where in the video it is, i.e. tt:mm?

    • Rob

      I had the same problem. Just do a quick search in Facebook for “static html iframe” it will take you to the apps page. Just install it and carry on watching the video.

  • Sherry at SkyHawk Studios

    Hi Pat,
    A while back you helped me with using this Iframe for our FB page. I still can not get the “no scrollbars” to work. We sized our landing page for fans and non fans correctly and have done everything that we can tell correctly, and we have no horizontal scroll bar, but that vertical one will just not go away. Any clues as to why? Thanks so much! Our page is Thanks Pat!

  • Sherry at SkyHawk Studios

    Sorry, I forgot another thing. Since FB has been doing all it’s changes, our landing page is not even showing up consistantly. Today, I got it to show up once, the rest of the time, when you click either of the two little gray boxes with stars in it, nothing comes up, neither the editor nor the page. Any idea why?

  • Jet

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks for all the tips. We just created and designed a Facebook Fan Page with Flash and of course we are running into the issue of fans not seeing the great work on their iPad and iPhone. Do you know of any idea/option or code to add to divert those fans to a different landing page first? Hope this is clear and that you can help. Here is our design if you can provide feedback.


  • kelly

    I do not have the choices for “default landing page” how can I get that to show?
    Thanks in advanced here is a screenshot of what i see from the manage permissions page

    • lauren

      Im having the exact same problem as you are I dnt see a default landing page option, i don’t know what to do.

      • kelly

        Yeah i still have no clue and no response about this issue yet :( I still do not understand why this issue with no landing page option is there.

  • Damian

    Hi Pat,
    Just a quick CSS query. I don’t use in-line CSS for my general HTML but how do you style your id’s and classes. In your tut you show using an image and say you can use any html elements but I’m just unsure of how to give them styles.
    Would appreciate the help


    • Rose

      w3schools is your friend (google it). They should be able to give you instructions for every single type of css that exists

  • fiona


  • Joe Puskar

    I can’t believe how easy that was.

  • Sam

    Is there a way to make it so when fans visit they see the welcome page and are not directed to the wall?

    • Pat

      Actually – you can’t, not right now. Only non-fans can go directly to the landing page. Existing fans bypass it, but they see the “fan only content” when they click on the welcome tab below the profile picture.

  • fiona

    sam.. that is there at the end of the video.. from 10.48-11.33, you just need to set the landing page to the welcome page..

  • engineer

    thank you sam

  • Seabed Habitats

    Is there any way of making the landing page more than 520 pixels wide?? And fill the width of the facebook window (720??)

    (Real name of my blog has been entered)

  • rodney

    Nice tutorial, worked perfectly on facebook. I will be using it to display a discount code for fans. What plugin, etc. do I install on my website to use this?

  • Lori

    I created a business facebook page for my photography business. Before I make it public I wanted to have a welcome page with a like buttom. I had no problem getting the html ifame app, however I can’t get my picture to show on the page. Used the code that you gave on your blog. I tried the url from my website, flicker and photobucket. But nothing seems to work. Also, if I ever get it to work, how do I manage the app if I want to change the content on my welcome page.


  • Nicole Rushin

    A very helpful post. I have had some trouble with the edit screen coming up blank but we just had to use a different computer. I am still not sure why it wont’ work on my computer. The app developer for static html just says it is a Facebook bug. I was looking for example of the html coding and found it here. Thanks so much.

  • Cheree Dohmann

    Pat, You gave the following code for the

    EXAMPLE CODE: top.window.location = ‘’; .

    I am trying to use this same code in the box for “NON-FAN” CONTENT CODE, but with a different URL. And it doesn’t work. Can you tell me why?

    I don’t understand why the Fan Code Content can take a script to an external link, but the Non-Fan won’t. What am I missing? I am stuck. Can you help?

  • mina

    Is there any way to transfer the html of an already done welcome page of someone else(already designed and written in your language,not English…) to your page?

    • Pat

      Hey Mina, it should transfer because it’s just loading up code in an html iFrame.

  • PFCJ

    How do I name my Company Page with a username that is currently the username on my App? In error, I named the App my company name. I’d rather my Company Page hold this username for obvious reason.

    • Pat

      I think you might have to contact Facebook to make this change.

  • janet

    I am totally (i mean totally)computer-language ignorant. So I tried to follow your example for making a landing page on Facebook. I put everything into a JPG image on Picasa. Into the Non-Fan frame, I substituted this url for your text, writing <img src="

    Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? I sure would like to get something right.
    I do appreciate your clarity, even if I'm not catching on.

    • Pat

      Hey Janet – you might have to try uploading to maybe flickr instead. The https might not work in the image file as I can see in your code. The code should end in .jpg, not in a bunch of numbers.

      • Matt

        Hi Pat, I am having the same trouble.

        I have tried flickr, but the web address I am getting is:

        How do I get it to end in .jpg?


        • Pat

          Hi Matt – I found this FAQ on flickr which may help:

          Where is the HTML code and photo file link?

          The HTML code to embed a photo in a web page that you used to find on the All Sizes page is now only in the Share menu above the photo, to the right of the Actions menu. We now also include BBCode! (standard message board code)

          There are a few cases where the code may not be available: 1) If the photo is restricted. 2) If that person has turned off “Share this” or access to original files.

          The direct link to a photo file is no longer shown on the page. Per the Flickr Community Guidelines “pages on other websites that display content hosted on must provide a link from each photo or video back to its page on Flickr.” Linking directly to the photo file doesn’t do this.

  • Dave Crawford

    Hello my name is Dave and I am going through hell just trying to follow your first steps on set up iframe app. I do not have a Edit page button on my profile page ‘the first page that opens when I log on’ but I can go to the pull down menu next to the home button go to Use Facebook as Page and switch to another page I made and now I have a edit page button so I click go to Apps and the App page comes up and in your video it states to go to bottom of window click ‘browse more applications’ but that statement is not there to click. I tried everything I could think of with no luck. If you could point me in the right direction it would be great. Thanks so much!

    • Pat

      Hey Dave – sorry for any confusion.

      Instead of going to the browse more applications link, just go ahead and skip that step and use the search bar at the top of Facebook to search for the iFrames app. Facebook recently made this change, and there should be an annotation in the YouTube video I made but I’ll try to make it more clear. Hope this helps!

  • reeha@gift ideas

    I am unable to do all that needs to search and learn more while doing this.

  • Ibyantis

    Hello Pat How you doing Bro… Thanks alot for the great video tutorial it was a rescue for me as i was lost ….. but now all is clear and going smoothly …..

    Just A question how we can add more i frames tabs xD

  • Roland

    Hi Pat !!! Thanks for all the good stuff !! I want to know how to code a video in a Fan Page + GRaphics. Not only Video but + Graphics !!!!!

    Thanks a lot !!!!

  • Dave


    – I created my landing page image and mapped some links on the image using ImageMaps.
    – I saved the image to Photobucket and pasted the code created by ImageMaps into the non-fan box.
    – When I view it as a non-fan it works.
    – However, when I go back to the page it still brings up the code box and all the code – not the image.
    – Any idea?

    Thank you.

  • Paul

    Hey Pat – love the videos. I’ve recommended them to a few friends online too to help them get started.
    I’m having some trouble getting my feature pictures to show up correlty on my fan page

    Any ideas what I’m doing wrong ?



  • Jim

    Just wondering if anyone knows a way to link to the wall from inside a custom static html page (without using target=”_blank”).

    According to IE it seems the wall link doesn’t want to open because it’s requesting the entire facebook wall page inside an iframe. In firefox it just turns up blank. Any solutions?

  • Janet

    Thanks for the FB landing page tutorial! I’ve set welcome as my new default, but it is still defaulting to the wall. Any suggestions?

    • Olufemi

      have same issue.
      I could have love fans of the page will defaulting to the fan page & not the. Is there way out or settings change

      • Sheri

        I am having the same issue. Were you able to resolve this, at all?

  • Ryan C McKay

    Hiya Pat!

    Apologies for being a Johnny-Come-Lately on this one, BUT…

    If you don’t mind my asking, about how long did it take you to get comfortable with the “programming” side of facebook? I can find my way around after a few months of it, but at the end of the day, I still find myself going back to the same how-to guides over and over again…

    Thanks bud!

  • Joshua Dorkin

    Pat –
    The Static HTML iFrame Tab is a godsend. Thanks for the recommendation and for all the other tips above! I’ve created welcome videos for fans and non-fans, and have also embedded our mailing list code on the page. I’m looking forward to seeing positive progress as a result of the new changes.

  • Amy Bond

    Awesome tutorial Pat! Very easy to follow. But I still have a problem – when I paste the code from Flickr, I only get a blue rectangle frame (which is not part of my image) or I get the shadow outline of a rectangle. My image just will not show. Any tips from anyone?!?! Thanks!

  • phil

    I created a Business page with the Static HTML Iframe a few weeks ago. I was creating another Business page and came accross another app, Static Iframe Tab. I tested it and it works even better and has additional functionality.

    My question is, and I couldn’t find it in the Facebook Help Center. On a Business Page and I want to delete the original app and use the new app for the same page. Will I lose the ‘likes’ and follows I accumulated from the original app?

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Phil..

  • Swordroll

    Hey, thanks for the post! You don’t by any chance know how to implement a landing page using HTML for another website like Blogspot, do you? Thanks!

  • Lena


    I spent few hours! to find HOW TO DO… with no result !

    All speak just WHAT IS ABOUT… just BLA-BLA-BLA !
    Too bad we cannot yet clean up the WWW from stupid avatars…

    But, you… after your tutorial I made it in 15min !!!!!!!!
    Bravissimo !!!!!!!!
    THANK YOU hundred times!

  • Dallas Dog Groomer

    I have been using Facebook for many years now. Ans I am just glad that you have shared with us on how to create a landing page on Facebook. As a matter of fact I tried it many times now and I can say that I master it. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Laurel

    When I view my updated page while logged in, my images show up correct. When I check my page not logged into facebook the images do not show at all.
    I know my links are correct from my file manager in hostgator. The code works correct in Dreamweaver.
    Any ideas on why this is not showing? thanks, Laurel

    Source code for static html in facebook:

    Link to page:

    • Laurel

      trying to show the source code again:

    • Pat

      Hi Laurel – it seems to be working fine for me.

  • Laurel

    Thanks Pat for looking. I just checked on a Mac and a PC and still not seeing either image. Ugh! :)

  • Azlan Ali

    Thank you Pat . Good info

  • Connie

    Hi Pat,

    It works! But how I can embedding flash file in swf using the static html tab? What is the code script to type in?

    Thank you.

  • ryan lima – Super Affiliate

    Sweet Blog Pat! Great Value here. – Ryan

  • thomas

    Hey Pat,

    I want to make it where people have to like my facebook page in order to view the photo albums…how do I do that?

  • Jamie

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for the help! I am almost there. Put the html in, which is hosted on my website. I am not seeing the images. Just the outline of the design and red X in the corners. Any thoughts as to why I am not able to view the pages?

    I appreciate your help!!

  • samrat kafle @ Blogging Talks

    Really Pat these tutorials are great and very helpful after the changes in facebook but one thing i want to report is “Browse more applications” option is no longer available now.

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    Man you just saved me 1.000$ bucks.

    Cheers and keep on doing what you are doing!

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    Pat, HUGE thanks for putting this resource together. It helped me put together a completely ridiculous Facebook landing page for my editing service:

    • fiona

      Eric.. that looks really cool.. simple, clean.. funny.. !

  • Vijaya Lakshmi

    Hi Pat,

    How do I embed .swf file in static html page?
    Please help me.


  • Retina

    and yes.. facebook announced already that FMBL wil not work after june 1st 2012. We’ll need to re write it using html css. Now a web designer don’t need to learn Fbml. This is going to be easier than using FBML. This artical is great and will help design a facebook fan page making it future proof.

  • Mihoko

    Wow, it really worked…. :) so happy. Thank you so much Pat!
    I also like the pen you use on the screen to teach us… I wonder if I need to buy expensive pad and pen to do the same….?

  • Marie Grabo

    Hi Pat, i followed your instructions but neither landing pages show up. I set the default landing to the welcome app I created and still I’m landing on my wall . Thanks.

    • Pat

      Hey Marie – if you’re a fan or admin of your page you’ll bypass the landing page automatically. If you set the default tab to your welcome tab, non-fans will land on it.

  • Marie Grabo

    Never mind, it works, just can’t see it on my computer, guess because i’m the administrator. Thanks so much for this!

  • Evo Smith

    Check out the new landing page that I designed with Pixalmator! Thank you Pat! Your tutorial was perfect. I don’t know one thing about coding and I was able to do this professional Facebook page!

  • Zaib

    thanx dude .. my page got a welcome page now :) do join it on facebook name is “Moviez”

  • JK

    This was awesome…
    you have done great service by putting up this video.

    I have managed to design and set up a facebook photography page for myself where non-fans are directed to the welcome screen.

    I wanted to ask, in the 2nd option (for fans) in the iFrames HTML script box, is there any code I can enter to redirect fans to my page’s Photo page?

    • JK

      Got some help from the developers on this. Please share with your readers:
      Msg from Tim(co-developer of this app)

      Try this — Using the code below, replace http://URL-OF-DESTINATION-TAB/ with your wall url, then copy/paste/save the code in the Fan-Only editor box (the bottom one in the app) in the same tab you use for non-fans. This will redirect new fans to the wall after clicking like:

      top.window.location = ‘https://URL-OF-DESINATION-TAB/’;

  • Shawn

    Pat, After watching your video I cannot find anything on what you demo’d. I cannot get the FBML to install nor can I search it. I have a biz page already set up but cannot create the landing page as per your instructions. What to do now?

    • Pat

      Hey Shawn, this post talks about the HTML/iframe applicatino, not FBML, which is no longer available on Facebook. Follow the video on this page and you’ll be good to go. When searching for the html/iframe app, search for it in the top search bar in Facebook.

  • Shawn

    Thanks for the quick reply. I realized I posted on the wrong video. I mean on your video talking about FBML. I watched that one and what you are displaying in the video I do not have when I log into my facebook biz page. When I look at the apps section, the last app is Video. I do not have a browse more app link and I can’t search for the FMBL app either. So I dont understand why. Any ideas?

    • Pat

      Shawn, there is no more FBML. That video should have an annotation that takes you to the video on this page instead because Facebook got rid of FBML a few months back.

      Also, as I mentioned before, search for the Static Iframe Html application in the search bar at the very top of Facebook – doesn’t matter what page you’re on.

  • Shawn


    Once again, thanks for responding so fast. Ok..this works. I found the button to install the app. I will do this after I watch the above video just so I know what I am doing from this point. Is there any direct email address I could have to write you. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

  • Eric

    Where do I find the code to embed video on the landing page

    • Pat

      There’s some code on this page you can copy. As far as the code from the server or sites that you have the photos stored on (if you’re using a photo), it’s the link of the image that should end in .jpg, .png or .gif

  • Shawn

    Pat, do you have any idea why after I create a facebook page URL, it doesn’t work right away. Actually its been over 24 hours and it still does not work. when I go to edit page, it let me create the Page URL username so I dont think its a matter of 25 fans issue. What gives?

    • Pat

      No idea – it should work, even without reaching the 25 fan mark. Did you get this resolved?

  • Vanessa

    Hi Pat,

    I’m having the same problem as Chris, I can’t get the welcome page to show up to fans. It has the welcome page for non fans, but as soon as you like it, it refreshes to the wall. How can I have it just refresh with the second image?

    • Pat

      Hi Vanessa – this is from a comment above (via JK):

      Got some help from the developers on this. Please share with your readers:
      Msg from Tim(co-developer of this app)

      Try this — Using the code below, replace http://URL-OF-DESTINATION-TAB/ with your wall url, then copy/paste/save the code in the Fan-Only editor box (the bottom one in the app) in the same tab you use for non-fans. This will redirect new fans to the fan page after clicking like:

      top.window.location = ‘https://URL-OF-DESINATION-TAB/’;

  • Kevin

    Hi Pat,
    When a non fan clicks the like button they are redirected back to the wall not to the second picture for fans. is the site.
    Any ideas?

    • Pat

      Hi Kevin – see comment above in response to Vanessa.

      • Kevin

        Changing the location from business to other in page settings also worked for me

  • Samuel

    Thanks for the tutorial , It has been of great help to me in creating my facebook fanpage

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    I will like to know if offer concerts well on facebook fan page than site landing page.


  • Find Freedom

    Great post as always Pat. I have actually created a video showing people how to create a landing page using pagemodo, they have diffrent themes and everythings. Here is the link to that video

  • Raymond

    Hi Pat,
    Love your tutorials :) I just created a FB account and would like to a add a landing page but i do not have a “Edit Page” button. Did FB take this option away or am i missing something? any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Pat

      Hi Raymond – you have to be logged in as the Admin of the page. After that, go to your page’s wall, and the “Edit Page” button should be in the top right hand corner.

    • Pat

      It must be a for a Fan Page that you setup, not a personal profile.

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    Thanks for all the tips. ?? the information is readable and very well understandable. I appreciate the writings of author Pat and all the visitors here who try to learn and help others. Bad part of it is that I’m really not good with all this Programming languages, PHP, FBPL and whatever. Please give me some advise and links to it “How do I start from zero at Facebook landing page” and “What is the easiest way to set up my Facebook landing page” for my hotel? Thank you guys. I put this page in my favorites and comming back later.

  • James Urasky

    Hi Pat
    I watched your video and was following the steps but when I go to the apps – I cannot find the browse more apps area. Any ideas?

    • kelly

      the search bar at the top (where you search for your friends and pages)

      I hope this helped.

  • Philia

    Just FYI, Facebook depreciated FBML as of January 1, 2012.

    • kelly

      i thought it was longer ago that they did away with it. but i am glad this is for the new html way to do it

  • Kelly

    I am having the hardest time creating a LINK for my Template that goes on the Welcome Page. My pic is 520px, I saved the document as a web file, but when I select INSERT, HYPERLINK…the link created does not allow for a web link. PLEASE HELP, i have been working on this for 3days…..HELP


    Hi Pat,

    I am a big fan of your site, and I thought I’d share how my facebook landing page looks like. Please let me know what you think. I actually made my own app for it, and it’s more than just a picture. I quite like it, but would like to hear some expert opinions :)

    The page is:

    Keep up the good work,


    • Grant de Graf

      Krisztaline, Your landing page is great. I’m have trouble formatting the mapping with the links for my landing page. Even though I have tested my html and it works with the links, once I try creating a landing page on FB with Static FBML, although the image shows, the links do not work. Is it possible to send me a copy of your code, even if you swap the links and images with bogus urls. Thanks.

  • Dwight Anthony

    It’s crazy the amount of updates that FB implements on a regular. Not to mention that FB gets hit occasionally with a worm and what not. still one of the best places online to build communities though.
    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog

  • Pamela Marie

    Hi, Pat. I have my PERSONAL FB page and I also have a separate FB page for my business. I want to 1) “migrate” my PERSONAL page information to my Business page (changing “friends” to “likes”)… then I want to 2) delete my Personal PG entirely. I can’t find out how to migrate info to an “existing” business page. Can only find how to migrate info while creating a NEW Facebook page. I have so many questions on how to develop my Page and the Facebook Help doesn’t, well, help me. Can you walk me through this process? Or do you have an existing video to address this question? Thank you for making things clear and simple!

    • Pat

      Hi Pamela, from the looks of it, you can only convert a PERSONAL page to a NEW Business Page, not an existing one – at least at the moment, unfortunately.

  • desivative

    Anyone can tell me that how can i show facebook user name in landing page

  • Grant de Graf

    Hi Pat,
    I’ve created a landing page that’s pulling an image from my wordpress library. I’ve mapped the image with links, which show when my mouse hovers over them. However, the landing page refuses to connect me to the links when I click on them. What could be the problem? Thanks.

  • Stephanie

    Hi Pat, I have a Like Page on Fb & I’ve been trying too edit my Welcome page but it won’t let me. Also what other apps (Youtube, Twitter, etc…) do you recommend. And one more question, How can I do those 2 welcome pages for fans & non-fans?
    Thank You!

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    Thanks again :)

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    will you send me some tips which would be help me to make welcome page ?

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    I work with a lot of small organisations who don’t have a lot of tech resource and it’s great to be able to give them more examples of simple ways to maximise their social media.

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    I’m from Malaysia..
    your information very helpful

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    Hi Pat,
    I have looked to your video tutorial How to create a Landing Page. Now I want to make more tabs (pages). I do not understand how to make a new tab.
    I hope you can tell me how to do that?
    With kind regards Astrid

  • stephen hanson

    I have looked far and wide trying to figure out how to embed a script like into my fan (art page.) *What are the steps I need to do to create this if possible?

    *Here is an example of what I want to embed:

  • stephen hanson

    Not sure if you received my reply. Please let me know.


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    Hi Pat,

    Thanks so much for providing this information!

    Priscilla Kendrick

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    I can’t preview my landing page, please help.

  • Eric

    Is it possible to add code to the “[Optional] Fans-only content” that sends them directly to the Wall page?

  • Peter Sasín

    Hey Pat,

    everything is working great – wow! Thanks a lot for the great tips. My FB landing Page and the Customisation are looking awesome :)

    Look at Facebook:

    Take care – Peter :)

  • homestilo

    Hi & thanks for this walk through. I’ve done everything accordingly (or I think I did).
    I only have code under the ‘non fans’ box since this is strictly a welcome landing page. When I go to ‘Preview’, I see my image/landing page.
    Once I leave and go to Wall. The “Welcome” tab is still there but if I click it, it just goes to the edit function again.
    I’ve asked several other FB users to look at my fan page, but they say there is no landing page and no ‘Welcome’ tab on the menu to the left.
    My FB page

    • Pat

      I clicked on the link and I did see a welcome page. Looks good to me (although the arrow could move to the right a little). Well done!

      • homestilo

        Will have to take your word for it then- thanks again!

    • CArRiE

      To view your landing page and not the edit page, you will need to sign out of FB to view it.

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    Thank you so much!

  • Katherine

    Hey, what programme did you use to create your landing image? I dont know how to just adjust a normal image to certain pixel width, plus I want to add text and stuff..

  • Katherine

    Hey, what programme did you use to create your landing image? I dont know how to just adjust a normal image to certain pixel width, plus I want to add text and stuff..

  • Kristen

    Question — hopefully the timeline will be going live at the end of the month and that will remedy my issue — BUT — How do I stop the randomization of the FB banner images on my fan page?

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    what if the image i wanted to use is not on a the one above? I dont have a website yet.
    What if the image in within my photo albums in my page? What should I do?

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    Great step-by-step tutorial. I’m a print designer and only get into web stuff to supplement the branding I’m doing for current customers. This saved the say when one asked me for a landing page! ONE QUESTION: The non-fan landing page works great, but fans still seem to end up on the Wall instead of the fan landing page I created. Not sure what more to do to make it work. Any ideas?

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    I can’t thank you enough for the fb landing page information! Unfortunately I’m not able to preview my page. I created the slide in power point … to the specifications you mention and then put it on my webpage on i web. The html code that it generated Only shows up as code not the image itself. I can enter that same code in a browser and it goes right to it … Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
    Be well,
    I also tried sending the question to the creator of the app but never heard back.

    • Dana

      I figured it out … I had not added where the source was coming from!

      location.href = “”

      Maybe this will help someone else!
      Be well,

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    This was absolutely fantastic. Super easy, and I appreciate the update along the way saying that Facebook had changed how to find the iFrames app so I didn’t have to figure that part out. Awesome video.

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    Is there any way to create multiple tabs?

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    Hi, I am trying to add the static html iframe app to my page but when I click on the app the information for it doesn’t show up… help :(

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    Here’s our page:

  • lisa martins

    Hi Everybody,

    I wonder where is facebook taking brand pages now with the new looks of it. I didn´t like it. I´m gonna start moving all my brand pages to the new lay out. For now we all can hold to our perfect, nice built landing pages. But March 30 they say is the dead line. Whether you like it or not, your brand page is gonna have a new lay out. Check

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    Just one question: How can I change the landing page? Shall I install a new instance of the application and then delete the old one? I would expect there is an easier way to do that…
    Thanks in advance

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    Not happy with the introduction of the ‘Timeline’ style page, and look forward to any solutions to this, though I suspect that it wont be possible, as this is probably one of the reasons for the update.

    You can still add a static HTML page to the new format, but I don’t think there is anyway to select the default landing page as before.

    Facebook sure do keep you on your toes!

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    thank you pat for sharing this info

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    I just started a facebook page about 30 minutes ago and I can’t see any way to search for the app you recommend. Whats going on?

  • Sally

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    I was wondering how you made your page appear as Mine appears as Yours is obviously much more impressive and easy to remember. Thank you.

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    I made my landing page and it worked fine for awhile, but now the Fan only content is not working. I still have my picture for the url on pinterest too, so what is the deal you think?

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    Hello! Great post. Wondering if you’ll plan to update it again since Facebook Developer site has changed their required information and with the secure canvas urls etc, I am having trouble getting the right info in the correct fields!

  • comparatif mutuelle

    Not happy with the introduction of the ‘Timeline’ style page, and look forward to any solutions to this, though I suspect that it wont be possible, as this is probably one of the reasons for the update.

    You can still add a static HTML page to the new format, but I don’t think there is anyway to select the default landing page as before.

    Facebook sure do keep you on your toes!

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    Great post. Thanks for share.

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