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Editor’s Note: This content is no longer relevant. Please visit our Getting Started page, which we keep up to date with advice for getting started with earning money online. (Updated 10/2015)

I’ve decided to dedicate an entire page on The Smart Passive Income Blog to my experience and earnings while writing for Why? Because it’s proven to be an excellent method for earning a decent amount of income on the side of everything else I do.

In November of 2008, I wrote a whopping 150 articles for in a wide range of topics. For over 8 months after that surge of articles, I did not write a single new article…not even one. It turns out, I earned over $1000.00 in less than a year, for 1 month’s worth of articles. Here’s the breakdown up through July of 2009:

ehow-report-1I averaged a passive income of $131.52 per month, not including the month I wrote my 150 articles. You may be thinking that $131.52 per month is not really that much money. Well, it’s definitely not enough to live off of – but for doing absolutely nothing for 8 months straight, I’d say an extra $131.52 a month is pretty damn sweet.

Now, imagine if I had written another 150 articles in December? How about in January, or February too? Luckily, I love math so I’ve figured this all out. The results make me really sad I didn’t actually continue writing after the first month. Check it out:

ehow-potential-report-1Based on the above charts, if I were to write 150 articles each month for 9 months and then suddenly stop, I would continue to earn about $1200 a month. From August 2009 through August 2010, for example, I would earn about $14,000 in passive, residual, beautiful income. That’s a mortgage payment right there, or an Aston Martin. Now of course, will this income last for the length of a 30-year fixed loan income…who knows (probably not), but hopefully you can see the power of eHow and how it’s able to provide us with income directly proportional to the amount of work we put into it.

Now, the articles aren’t going to write themselves, so it’s going to take some time to build your article arsenal (as I like to call it). There are also some tips and tricks to maximize the amount of income you can potentially earn from your articles, such as keyword research, strategic placement of certain words within your articles, and using certain types of graphics too.

I unfortunately made the mistake of thinking I knew exactly what I was doing when I started. I actually wrote about half of the articles without doing proper topic and keyword research, which resulted in crappy articles and earnings from them. To give you an idea, about 20% of my monthly income comes from the first 75 articles I wrote. The latter 75 brings in 80% (Mmm..that famous 80/20 rule). I wasted half of my time, and half of my potential earnings by going into it without understanding exactly how eHow works and how to maximize the potential of my articles.

What happened halfway through the month? What did I do to DRASTICALLY increase my earnings? I read this book:

Increase eHow Earnings eBook by Maria

Maria does make over $1000.00 per month on eHow, so I trusted she would provide some helpful information. Well, I read the eBook in just 20 minutes, and it provided me with the exact the tools and knowledge I needed to increase my eHow earnings BIG TIME. Maria, if you’re reading this: Thank you so much for your eBook! It’s a must have for anyone writing on eHow who wants to earn money. Anyone who doesn’t use it is wasting their time.

Articles I’ve Written about eHow

Every once and a while, I write a blog post about eHow. Below is a list that I will constantly update as I write more about it:

Links to My eHow Articles

Your earnings from come directly from visitors clicking on the ads on your articles. So, the trick is to increase traffic to your articles. The number one way to do this is to rank high in Google Search results (and other search engines) for keywords that are searched for.

The science of ranking high on the search engine results pages (SERPs) is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It really is a science because there are thousands of books on the subject, and tens of thousands of people all around the world whose job is to solely to help companies and websites rank higher. It’s crazy.

I won’t get into the details of the algorithms and Google bots and spiders (don’t worry if you don’t know what that means), but I will tell you that a great way to increase your rankings is to increase the number of backlinks to your articles. Backlinks are the number of other webpages on the internet that link to your article. If you have a blog, a great way to give your articles a little boost is to link to them from your blog. On the other side of things, if your blog has to do with any of the articles you’ve written, you can have them link to each other and both will help each other rank a little higher. The results may not be noticeable right away, and for some keywords, maybe not noticeable at all, but it definitely won’t hurt.

Because of this, I will link to some of the articles I’ve written on below. These are the top articles that have earned $6.00 or more. The ones with the asterisk (*) have earned over $40.00. The ones with two asterisks (**) have earned over $100.00. Three asterisks (***) is my top article, earning well over $200.00 alone.

11/13/08 How to Save Money for a Wedding – Top 40 Ways

11/19/08 How to Find Celtic Wedding Rings

11/20/08 How to Print Pretend Money*

11/20/08 How to Get Free Blackberry Themes

11/22/08 How to Get Free 21st Birthday Speeches

11/22/08 How to Become a Penpal to a Soldier*

11/22/08 How to Make Your Own Crossbow

11/23/08 How to Find Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets*

11/23/08 How to Find Cheap International Airline Tickets*

11/23/08 How to Earn HVAC Certification**

11/27/08 How to Be Financially and Location Independent

11/27/08 How to Deal With a Shrinking 401k

11/28/08 How to Raise Capital for a Small Business

11/28/08 How to Buy A Used Ambulance*

11/29/08 How to Find the Best Financial Advisor

12/02/08 How to Donate Furniture in New York**

12/04/08 How to do a 401k Early Withdrawal*

12/06/08 How to Become an Internet Entrepreneur

12/09/08 How to Write a Cancellation Letter***

12/09/08 How to Become an Aspca Officer

12/10/08 How to Figure Cap Rates

12/12/08 How to Get Licensed as a Counselor il

Here are some recent articles I’ve written since deciding to begin writing again on eHow:

08/03/09 How to Learn Tagalog or Filipino Online

08/05/09 How to Make iPhone Apps and Earn Money

08/06/09 How to Buy Shares Online

08/06/09 How to Become Notary Public

08/07/09 How to Find Cheap Contents Insurance

08/08/09 How to Get MCP Certification

08/09/09 How to Find a Good Stock to Invest In

09/0709 How to Print Photos and Artwork on a Canvas

09/08/09 How to Find Sponsors and Get Sponsored

09/09/09 How to be a Baby Gender Predictor

Again, all of these articles I have written because they will give me the best chance to earn more money. This is based off of keyword and search engine research, all of which I understand how to do thanks to Maria’s Increase eHow Earnings eBook.

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