Niche Site Duel 013: CPA Promotions, Private Advertising, Job Board and Income Report

sg-jobsI’m back with another Niche Site Duel update!

The experimental niche site I created from scratch live here on SPI (see the Niche Site Duel Hub for more details) has undergone quite a few tests and experiments since my last post about it.

The security guard training site is still ranking #1 in Google for its primary keyword and I’ve had the opportunity to attempt to make money from methods other than just Google Adsense, which is what I’m going to share with you today (and my current income report too, of course).

Below is everything that I experimented with since my last update:

CPA Promotions

I had heard of a number of people who were making a killing by creating lead generation websites specifically for online universities. I thought that this might be a perfect opportunity for me and my niche site because a lot of security guards continue their education to add to their resume and increase their salary.

Here’s the gist on how CPA (cost-per-acquisition) networks work:

  1. Find a CPA network (such as Commission Junction, NeverBlue, eLearners, CollegeBound, etc.) and go through the application process. They’ll call you on the phone to discuss your application because they don’t take just anyone. They’ll want to know what size audience you have and how you’ll be promoting offers.
  2. After approval, find a promotion or offer that fits your audience. Place banners or setup text links on your site.
  3. Get traffic and get paid not per-click, but per “acquisition” –  or every time a person clicks your banner or link and fills in the required information on the landing page, which is sometimes just an email address, and other times a full name/address/phone number type form. It depends on the offer.

It’s a little more difficult to generate a lead compared to getting a click for an advertisement, however some of these offers range between $20 and $45 per lead, so when you think about it you don’t need nearly as many people to convert in order to make the same amount (or even more) than you could with basic PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.

When my application was accepted to a number of networks and I found offers for Criminal Justice and Law degrees, I thought I had struck gold.

I placed a banner in the sidebar of my site, which is where I knew my Adsense clicks had the best click-throughs, and waited 2 weeks.

The results?

After 8,672 impressions and 157 clicks, I saw a grand total of $0.00 in commissions:

cpa failI tried different sized banners, banners with different copy and even just plain text-link ads. It seems as though offering higher education to those who were looking for basic education about how to become a security guard just didn’t make sense, which is okay. My commissions and terribly low click-through rate (less than 0.2%) was enough to tell me that this wasn’t the right move.


Private Advertisments

In a number of previous Niche Site Duel updates I had mentioned that a couple of companies contacted me to learn more about advertising on my site. The holidays definitely put a delay on that because it wasn’t until recently that I heard back from one of them, finally.

When it comes to private advertising, the number one goal during the negotiation process is to make sure they understand that they are saving money by advertising on your site.

Typically, most of the sites that contact you already have campaigns running on Adwords, so they know how much they are paying per click. Even if they don’t, a gentle reminder never hurts because when you show a comparison between how much they would pay Google vs. how much they would pay you, then they’d be crazy not to agree to a contract.

For example, using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool (and of course, Market Samurai [free trial] can do this for you too), I can see that the average cost per click for my primary keyword is $2.83:

sgt-cpcLet’s say then, for example, that a potential advertiser could get 100 clicks per month from a particular banner or advertisement location on my site. With Adwords, 100 clicks would cost approximately $283.00 (100 x $2.83).

This is where I insert my sweet deal, such as advertising with me for only $200.00 per month, which is an $83 savings (about 30%). Sometimes I go 50% just to make the deal even sweeter, especially if it’s the first advertiser and I really want to get an ad on my site as proof for other potential advertisers. So, a 50% savings would be about $140 per month in this case.

I also make sure to add that there is a potential to save even more because there is no limit to how many clicks an advertiser can get.

Also, when negotiating (usually via email or phone), I’ll add in a few other things to sweeten the deal even more:

First, I’ll offer a long-term contract savings, which means that if the advertiser were to purchase at least 3 months of advertising with me, I would take even more off the monthly price. The longer the contract, the more passive this income becomes.

Second, I mention that I’ll send a monthly report of how many clicks the advertisement receives. This is easy, especially with a plugin such as GoCodes or Pretty Link, which keeps track of the number of clicks for you. If you want to get even more ninja and supercharge your banner ads on your site, you could use the plugin WP-125, which manages 125×125 pixel advertisements (the most popular size on blogs), keeps track of clicks for each and can even disables specific ads after a certain date. I used this with back before my eBook was launched, and it worked really well.

Lastly, if the deal hasn’t gone through yet, I usually tell the person I’m speaking with to try it out for one month, if they don’t like what they see then that’s it.

One question you might have is: how do I know how many clicks an advertisement on my own site could generate?

Good question.

You won’t know for sure because there are a lot of variables: the location of the ad, the month of the year, the copy and look of the advertisement, etc. But, you should be able to give yourself an educated guess, especially if you have Adsense running on your site already or other banners and links that you should be keeping track of.

If it’s your first time dealing with other companies for advertising space, it’ll be scary because it’s like you’re actually doing real business, with negotiations and other scary things like that, but with time and practice you’ll have an understanding of how to estimate clicks for potential ads, how to price them for maximum income, and how to play hardball.

So where am I with this on my site? We’ve negotiated a price and now the advertiser is deciding whether or not to go long term.

I’ll keep you posted.

A Job Board

I don’t even remember how I discovered, but I did and it’s awesome, indeed. is a job search site that gives web publishers the ability to create their own job boards on their own site using the database of millions of jobs available through Plus, we can earn money both from people who fill in applications (kind of like leads – but this only pays between $0.25 and $2.00 per lead, generally), and employers who post their own available jobs, which you can set your own price for!

You can check out the job board over at (I try not to link directly to my niche site from SPI because I don’t want to skew the search engine results) to get an idea of how nicely it can integrate into a site, and honestly it was as simple as creating a page in WordPress and dropping in a snippet of code.

To insert your own job board on your site, you’ll have to go to indeed’s publishers area. There are several ways to integrate a job board, but I chose the instant job site, which seems to be the easiest.

So far, I’ve earned a whopping $2.65. Although this is pocket change, I feel that the job board is a nice addition to the site, one that makes it more professional and useful. Based on my earnings I know at least a few visitors have filled out applications, and if my site can help even just one person find a job I say that’s a win, especially in this economy.

Income Report

passive incomeSo as you can see, I’ve been testing some new avenues of income. I haven’t struck gold with any of them yet (and I’m still waiting to finalize the advertising deal), but I’m glad I tried some new things.

Like they say, you’ll never know unless you try.

As far as total income, my Adsense earnings have actually started to pick up. In my last report (November of 2010), I mentioned that the site had earned a total of $213.83 (after being live for about 3.5 months).

In January alone (and we’re only halfway through), the site has already earned well over $150.00 with a $30 day yesterday, which is awesome. To date, the site has earned a total of $576.49.

Also, I’m currently creating new niche sites. I have a total of 5 at the moment, 4 of them ranking on the first page of Google, including this one. If you remember from my 2011 Goal Post, my goal was to have 10 high-ranking niche sites by the end of the year. I’m on my way!

Just imagine $30.00/day with an extra zero before the decimal. Mmm..nice.

Keep up the good work everyone! I know you’re working hard to reach your goals this year.

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

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  • Azzam

    Thanks for the update.

    The logic of giving the advertiser an alternative to Google adsense or using adsense as a platform to given indications to the advertiser is brilliant.

    I was speaking to a advertiser this morning, bit of a bummer since they sign you up as an affiliate and then give you links to something completely different :(

    One of my niche, targeting car enthusiasts sees high as $1 per click. I will definitely look at a way for them to put banners directly on the site and save on adsense, nice one.

    One advantage you have on the niche duel built sites is lazer targeting. By honing on a specific niche keeps it focused and from a advertiser perspective it makes it that ever more clearer.

    • Pat

      Thanks Azzam – it’s really one of the only ways to gauge a potential price for advertising when you first start out, and it completely makes sense to the advertiser. Good luck on your car niche site! Cheers!

  • wilson usman

    Great progress. I also tested cpa on some of my sites and I wasn’t to happy with the results.

    I agree with you on the part it really stands out and makes it legit. Besides non-tech people will see it as a normal site and less spammy because they trust indeed or

    OH yea about that extra zero. I hope you get it there bro. It’s a matter of work and patience which I believe you have both.

    • Pat

      Yeah – I might test a few other CPA offers, but I have to think of the offers from the perspective of my target audience. Although the ads and CPA offers related to the industry, I don’t think it really made much sense. Thanks for the support!

  • TrafficColeman

    This is the power of ranking an site and making money. Its not all about affiance the sales..if you can get some sponsors then your in driver seat.

    Your able to profit from the sponsors and your affiliates sales..believe when I say this adds up..Good Pat…

    BTW..One of my affiliate sites is about the make it to the first page also..hope to implement some of your strategies when I get there.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Pat

      Cool dude – good luck with your affiliate site. Implement the strategies I went over and you’re sure to see some good results, with patience of course :)

  • Devesh – Technshare

    Awesome Report Pat. You’re doing great work with your niche sites.
    Actually i’m yet to build my first niche site but when i start i’m going to read again all your articles on niche site dual.

    Thanks for sharing this great post Pat.

  • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

    Great update – it sounds like your best form of monetization is going to be Adsense, unless you can get advertisers who are willing to pay more than the likely $300/month you can pull in with Adsense.

    How’s traffic looking? Have you been targeting some other major related keywords and seen results with that yet?

    Keep it up man, it’s always inspiring.

    – Eric

    • Pat

      Traffic has been looking good – a nice 250 to 400 uniques per day, most coming from my primary keyword, however I rank for a lot of long tail keywords too. I should definitely try to target other keywords though so the site could just become a powerhouse in this niche. Thank YOU for the inspiration too! How’s the P90X site coming along?

  • Lonnie – My Income Lab

    Another great breakdown Pat! In regards to the private advertising, you say that private companies have contacted you; did you inquire as to how they found you (probably just a google search…?) Are there places to go online to broadcast your site as a place that accepts private advertisements?

    • Pat

      Most have found me through Google. It helps that I’m in the number one position, obviously, but if you’re on the first page you could still get some inquiries. If I didn’t get any, I would have reached out on my own though, so there’s always that option too. As far as places online, I think it really depends on the niche. I’ll see if there are any directories or hubs or anything like that.

  • Stuart

    Awesome, keep up the good work Pat! It’s great that you’re exploring new avenues, I hope that you strike another oil well pretty soon.

    I’m going to come back once I look at niche websites, you’ve got a lot of useful information here. So many ways to make money online, it’s almost magical!

    • Pat

      It IS magical :)

  • Peter

    Pat, these updates are awesome and make me kick myself even more for not being able to sign up for your niche site course. Keep up the great work!

    • Pat

      No worries Peter. There may be something available or another coaching program in the future. Cheers!

  • Steve Roy

    It amazing the think that having several relatively small niche sites can provide a decent income. When you have 10 or 20 or more, I can now see the huge potential for creating a passive income. I may just have to give it a try..

    • Pat

      It really is. I mean, say you have 10 sites making $30 a day. That’s over 100k a year, which is more than enough for someone to live off of in most areas (generally speaking). Good luck!

  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    This is awesome and perfect Pat,

    it proves further that you know what you’re doing and not everything is luck.

    I’m still amazed at the no results for the CPA offers but don’t you think there could be a problem with the CAP company you’re using? Maybe their tracking is not accurate or maybe their service isn’t converting.

    You’re also killing it with Adsense and a $30 day income is awesome…you must be doing something well as far as the placement is concerned.

    You’re really doing an awesome job. Keep up the great work.


    • Pat

      Nah I don’t think it’s a problem with the CPA company’s tracking. I mean, they wouldn’t have a business if it wasn’t for their offers and tracking them correctly. Thanks for the support, and all the best to you!

  • David

    Oh man! Great stuff Pat! It’s so exciting to see stuff like this actually pay off. Keep up the good work. Peace!

  • Chris C. Ducker

    This is a good, solid round-up here Pat. I like the diversification.

    As I have just launched my own Passive Income product, I’m curious to see how things go before venturing into Niche Marketing, per sae.

    However, I love the way you break things down and look at every angle, like myself. It shows the quality of a business person, I believe.

    Keep doing your thang!


    • Pat

      Cool Chris – good luck with the new product launch. How’s it going so far? Care to share a link here on the blog?

  • Rusty

    You know, once I found your site I have become a big believer. I’m going to use your SEO techniques not only for niche sites but also for my own personal site. I’m looking for a full-time job and want to help bump it up for specific keywords.

    Thanks for the great ideas!

  • Dean Saliba

    I don’t know why I keep reading these, it only makes me realise how rubbish my earnings are in comparison. Boooo! 😀

  • Jeremy

    You’re doing the CPA thing wrong, Pat. No, I don’t know exactly how you’re doing it, but you are 😉

    How do I know? Because if you look at your Adsense ads, they are mainly made up of CPA affiliates using Adwords to drive traffic to their lead gen pages. They are paying $2/click to send people to $40/conversion landing pages. Therefore, they are seeing conversions of upwards of 5%, otherwise they couldn’t make money.

    It might be worth further experimentation to see if you can cut out the middle men and increase your earnings per visitor.

    Otherwise, Adsense might be the best way. Especially if you’re going to run 10 sites like your security guard one. Let the CPA affiliates worry about converting leads and you can collect a buck a click.

    • Pip

      Jeremy, I have to respectfully disagree. With adwords you have to assume that many of those clicks are by people testing the offer or companies with branding spend. I think Pat would be all over those offers if they converted at 5%. 5% is not easy to come by for people other than Steve Jobs in 2011.

      • Pip

        And Pat, I really want to say THANK YOU for showcasing some of your failures. This business is all about trial and effort. I love that you give numbers that showcase the poor results for edu leads even after the hard work of getting those relationships built. Kudos!

        • Pat

          Trial and effort is exactly how I got to this point, so I’m never afraid to show that part of the journey. Cheers!

    • Pat

      Yeah you’re right Jeremy. I might have to give it a go and find a different CPA offer, as I only stuck with just one. I’ll look into this. Thanks!

      • Toddjir

        Hey Pat and Co.

        I just wanted to bump right in here for a second. I have been testing and thinking about all kinds of other ways to advertise on a blog/website these days. Reason being I was kicked out of Adsense last year while I was making some pretty good money with it. I found that I had to do a lot of research to make up for the lost Adsense income.

        Here are some things I came up with. See, I think Jeremy is on the right path. Now, there are other ad networks out there like PepperJam and the like. Most I have tested like AdBrite produce very minimal income for the impressions. So I have yet to find a decent Adsense replacement.

        However, The CPA and affiliate avenues seem good if you can get it right. So, I came up with using a platform like OpenX or another ad server and loading that with CPA or affiliate ads and putting them where I used to put Adsense. I am also testing out Adsense like Clickbank ads on a few blogs. I think you just need good ad serving software which will do A/B split testing for you so it will show the ad that gets the most clicks. Adsense already does this on it’s own.

        Plus I am also learning to place affiliate offers on places like your security guard website and trying to see what works best so I can reproduce it over and over. I have to do this I have no Adsense anymore. It’s hard work and a lot of figuring things out but I really think once I have it down I may be able to make Adsense a distant memory.

        After all the original Site Build It method was to only use affiliate programs way before Adsense. This is all a challenge but one I think I will be able to figure out and make good money from. It’s about testing and trial and error.

  • Paul

    damn Pat. You are such a stud. $30/day would be like a wet dream for me. I’ve been trying to make a niche site of my own, but have been seeing much less success. I actually kinda regreting not signing up for your coaching class.

    But thanks for sharing how you incorporated the job board onto your site. I was actually really curious as to how you did that. You always have such good ideas.

    • Pat

      No worries Paul – just keep at it and keep learning AND implementing, and you’ll get there. I just randomly came acorss indeed’s job board thing, so I’m happy to share that here with you all cause it’s a pretty cool find. Cheers!

  • Moon Hussain


    Your site is showing quite the potential with a $30 day! It was interesting to read about the other ways you’re trying to generate income through the site.


  • Survival Schools

    Pat, I just wanted to let you know that you inspired me to take a stab at a niche site. It’s a directory of outdoor survival schools. My monetization strategy is amazon affiliate links to books authored by the school’s staff or products created or branded by them.

    I’m learning a lot about using wordpress as a content management system and using some of the more obscure features such as custom taxonomies and custom fields. Each peice of info such as the address, phone number, etc. is a seperate field, so I can move them around and format them by changing the theme.

    I realize now that I don’t have much chance at ranking for my main keyword, but I’m getting some long-tail traffic for the individual listings. So what I really need to work on is adding more listings.


    • Pat

      Great assessment of your situation, and I’d definitely keep writing articles and ranking for those longer tail keywords, because over time you’ll see your site will climb the rankings for your primary keyword as a result too. Congrats on taking action and learning as you go. I love it! Good luck!

  • kevin


    I like the way you’re trying different strategies out. Have you actually thought about creating a security guard product. I know there are a good number of training courses out there but you could approach it from a different angle such as “how to maximize your chances of getting a great paying security guard position” or “what you need to know about your first 60 days of security guard employment”.

    Those two examples are just off the top of my head but I’m sure you see where I’m going.

    Also, you could probably tap into the fire arms training niche (and possibly using non lethal devises such as tasers). Armed guards will need the training. I’m sure there are affiliate programs available.

    Just my thoughts and good job:-)

    • Pat

      I have thought about it, and your ideas are very good, instead of going the training route. The armed security guard training keyword I’m ranked on the first page as well, so I definitely have an opportunity there too. Thanks Kevin!

  • KimP

    This is awesome, Pat! Great to see you already have 5 niche sites up, I still only have one, the benefit of working with a VA!

    I was just thinking, I wonder if there’s a way to set up a test ad to gauge how many clicks you’d get through a particular site.

    • Pat

      Not a bad idea, Kim. You could do this, however like I said the click throughs depend on the ad copy and type of ad the advertiser chooses as well, so the numbers won’t be spot on, but you could see if you have an active readership that way. Great idea! Thanks!

  • Chris Green

    Have the majority of sales come through adwords then?

    • Pat

      A majority of my income comes from Adsense.

  • Matt Timlin

    Awesome post Pat!

    I’ll definitely be referencing this one (and all of your posts regarding the Niche Site Duel) in the future as I look for effective ways to monetize my current and future sites.

    Thanks again for all the great work you do!

  • pood

    Pat, was yesterday one of you best adsense days? I had one of my best days for one of my edu sites, hit almost $40 from just adsense and got a lead for a school (probably another $40)

    • Pat

      Niiiiiice. Must have just been a good day for everyone using Adsense then 😉

  • E L

    The Job Board info is exactly what I needed! I’ve bee wondering about how to set up my own job board, now I know and will look into Indeed. Thanks!

  • Renate

    I’ve never heard of before this post. I want to add that it works here in Norway as well, and I did not expect that. Most american sites are not optimized for international users. It means that not only can US-based niche site makers use it but international as well (and it works, I tried it out and got decent results). That’s incredible!

    • Pat

      Wow – that’s good to hear Renate. Thanks for letting us know!

  • Eric Avila

    Stay away from CPA’s a lot of them are rip-offs IMHO….Haven’t had much luck with them.

    • Chris Green

      Eric – there’s a LOT of people that do well with them though.

  • Eric Timmer

    Hey Pat,

    Can you help a lazy guy out? How about reading these posts into your wonderful sounding microphone, with that wonderful sounding voice of yours, and dropping it into the podcast feed. 😉

    Just a thought…

  • Jason Young

    Hey Pat,

    You got to love good old adsense when it works, it works! I’m really looking forward to see what happens with the job board and thanks for the indeed[dot]com link. Coolest thing I learned this year, so far!


    • Chris Green

      I tried indeed on my blog I run for the city I live in. Works as a great job board. Just need more traffic to it now.

  • Bojan

    This is quite motivational… I must brag that I’ve got my website on first page of Google within 10 days. But I am not getting any traffic. It gets around 250 searches per day(according to Market Samurai and Google Adwords tool), and I am on position number 7.

    Could it be that Market Samurai and Google gave me wrong results for those keywords?

    • Pat

      I think it’s more because 250 is not an entirely huge number, because remember most of the traffic goes to the top few spots, so those lower on the page, specifically those below the fold, which 7 usually is, will see significantly less. Because 250 is relatively low, “significantly less” could be zero sometimes. Just keep at it and try to get to the 5 spot, and then take it from there and climb even higher and you will see some traffic come in. Good luck!

  • Mike Moyer

    The cool part about private advertisers is you could put a different advertiser on each state’s summary. Even if you only charged $50/month to advertisers state by state you could blow adsense out of the water.

    It’s awesome to see you succeeding so quickly with this. How do you think you got around being sandboxed?

  • Chris Green

    Since you started documenting your progress on this niche, have you seen an increase in the amount of competition in the sites trying to rank for ‘security guard training’?

  • samuel

    Awesome report Pat! Can’t believe you earn nothing from the CPA company! Well all the same, I’m glad that things are moving fine 😀 . Keep up the good work bro. Have fun :)

  • Hendrik

    Your site seems to have only 4 back-links from Google, but tons from Yahoo etc. Surprisingly, Google gives it enough credit to rank first. I’ve seen this happening for some of my sites as well. I used to only monitor what’s going on with Google’s back-links while missing out on the big picture. Similar experiences, anybody?

    • Chris Green

      Google backlink checker doesn’t show as many backlinks as the yahoo checker. I’m not 100% sure why that happends but it always does.

      Yahoo is the best way to check the inbound links to your site.

  • Alberto

    Thank you Pat for another great report!
    I’m really amazed by the Adsense revenue for your site. Many people say that you have to have thousands of uniques to start making money from Adsense. However, it is also through that some markets allow higher earnings.
    What do yout think makes Adsense so profitable on your site?

  • Stephanie

    Love your blog!

    I went to the security guard site and noticed that several of the blog posts have 1 comment. How do you address responding to comments on your niche where the person is asking for further info or a specific question, as is the case of the 2 comments I read?

    Great info! Thank you so much for sharing and being so detailed about it.

  • Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    good mix so far. any consideration for an ebook? affiliate programs? or a donation button for simply being awesome and giving out free info that some may appreciate?

    i have this on the bottom of all my niche content websites, and although not an emphasis, on average donations amount to almost $30 per month, with near $70 for one of the websites.

  • Hendrik

    in case you guys are like me and still have not heard of the ‘google wonderwheel’ – try that one for your keyword research:

  • Welner

    Hey Pat,

    I just want to say that “I want to be just like you” LOL j/p, but that is quite some money, specially if you were just starting in this whole internet business thing like me :)

  • Brian Lima

    Pat, this was a great blog post. A nice look at what it takes to be a success. You will never know unless you try. Testing out the different possible avenues of income was so cool. Nice look at too. I look there all the time and never knew they had such a program. keep up the amazing work. brian

  • Kevin Doherty

    hi Pat,

    Great post as usual. Not sure if you wrote about this already, but do you have any advice on where to generate ideas for the niches and keywords you want to rank for? I am using Market Samurai and am finding it challenging to discover keywords that get good traffic but don’t appear to be ultra-competitive. Like when you came up with ‘security guard training’, what was your thought process in coming up with this niche? I understand the SEO process to get ranked #1; I am just unclear on how to actually discover those keywords in the first place. Even in niches outside of internet marketing, every keyword I enter into Market Samurai that has over 10,000 monthly searches appears to be too competitive to tackle.

    Thanks as always! Kevin

  • Son Koral

    WOW! This is some really great information (as usual)! I really have found that the best ads are inline text links that are a “natural” part of the content. If it doesn’t look like an ad, it seems that people really will be more inclined to click on the link.

    Pat and commenters,
    Have you had success with the inline text links, and I was wondering what insights all of you might have on the use of them, the placement and the results?

  • Will

    Thanks again for the great info! I also subscribed to your podcast on iTunes to listen in my car. I listened to the one about Podcasts and it was very interesting to hear about the hard work and financial constraints of starting to work for yourself.


  • twentysomethingmoney

    Wow, a really detailed post — this is really good. I’ve seen the CPA ads for so long, and wondered if they really do well. A lot of the offers they have are really “cheap” and bottom of the barrel type of offers, in my opinion — but I guess some work!

  • Jon

    Thank you so much for write these wonderful posts. You have inspired me to start my own nich site. I will keep you update on my progress.

  • Thomas

    Hey Pat,

    this is amazing stuff you create for free on your blog.
    At the moment I try to duplicate your strategy in Germany.

    I wish you all the best for 2011.



  • Tim Brendel

    Pat, How much time per day or per week do you dedicate to link building? I’m not sure how often to submit articles or build links because while I can do a lot in one, I don’t want to appear spammy to the search engines.

    This has been my biggest downfall in building niche sites. I have great sites with great content but I usually don’t rank well because of backlinks.

  • Blog the bank

    Hey Pat I’m new to using online tools I’m more of a old school traditional person. Does Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Market Samurai tell you how much Google gets paid for those keywords or me.

    • Hendrik

      Market Samurai will tell you what kinda earnings to expect if you are ranking at nr. 1 for a particular keyword. It also seems that the are still planning to plug in a feature to allow you to manage your adwords right from within the interface, but that thing has been on “coming soon” since a long time now.

  • Trishan

    Thanks for sharing the useful info on CPA and I should use Market Samurai more often :)

  • Mark

    You always have the best info. I have actually been looking into doing a job board. Your sites will be bringing in good money in no time.

  • Ian @ Soulmate Science

    Hey there Pat,

    You are definitely a mind reader. A niche site of mine is on page 3 of google and on it’s way to page 1 by the end of february by the looks of it. And I was wondering how to figure out advertising rates for the site and you solved that problem for me. Thanks so much!


  • Ali

    Thanks for this info. Although I didn’t know what Niche Site Duel is, but still the other parts of the article were very interesting for me. Especially the advertising one, I’m a newbie and I’m still just learning the ropes. $200 per month or even $140 for giving out a small space on your site is an awesome deal indeed.

  • johns online!!

    loved the last one and learnt loads

    i have put some of it into action and got my own blog going now

  • George

    Hi Pat, I started a niche social network and got some traction but not yet enough traffic to monetize, any ideas?

  • Jon

    Hey Pat,
    Need some advice:
    I have been following your niche site and had started my own as an experiment. I didnt pick a profitable niche on purpose and opted for a meme type niche that has quite a bit of interest/searches but is not a profitable niche per se (I wanted to see results to see if I would put forth more effort to actual proper niches)

    a) I got a domain with the keyword in it…
    b) Wrote 5 articles with keyword phrases in mind
    c) Used seo techniques (heading tags, title, bolding, etc)
    d) Created a wordpress site and linked to it
    e) Added a video on youtube and linked to it

    Using RankChecker it looked like I ranked #1 for the main keyword in Yahoo…but on google I only was able to rank for keyword phrases on page 2…but when I checked yahoo I couldnt find the site in the listings…completely confused and wondering how could I ever rank for an actual profitable niche if I cant rank for a non profitable niche with low competition

    Any tips would be great

  • Javier

    I’m new to your site and this site duel is just a great idea! Congrats and thanks for sharing. I have a blog in spanish on how to trade stocks and your site is helping me with new ideas. Thanks!

  • Ziga Milek

    Great posts Pat!

    I really love the fact that you hold nothing back on your blog. I’ve been through a fair share of internet marketing “guru style” courses (even ones that are selling for thousands of dollars), I’m reading several related blogs, but I’ve never seen anyone that would reveal their niche sites, let alone share their INCOME with the actual values and all. Sure you see the earnings reports in just about every internet marketing product (“How I earned $127,593.86 in 8 minutes with NO work and you can too!”), everybody know that most of the time that’s completely fake. Yet you reveal everything. Every. Single. Month.

    I found you on problogger’s post about 40 bloggers to keep an eye on. I’m so grateful that I followed through and actually clicked on the link that got me to your site. I have a feeling that I’ll learn much more from you than I did from all those courses.

    I’m printing everything from your blog that I find even remotely interesting :) I hope you don’t mind. I like to read offline.

    In my opinion it’s that complete and utter honesty that made you successful (and of course a heck of a lot of elbow grease). That’s what people like to see. Results! That gets them going much more than a bunch of fluff from the “gurus” that don’t even practice what they preach. I’d love to see your thoughts on my assumptions.

    Just a friendly reminder: You’d probably want to add the link to this 13th post to the Niche Site Duel Hub.

    Best regards,

  • Jake Bloss

    One of the commenters mentioned you were working with a VA. Any recommendations there?

  • Kurt Akkan

    Pat – fantastic information! I listen to you podcasts as well and I still can’t believe you’re giving all this information for free! Your step-by-step directions and detailed videos are so helpful and give us newbies hope. Thanks again and please keep up the great work.

  • Christopher

    I have much more than a few articles on several sites, but not even 5 dollars a day. Does it all come down to backlinks? I noticed that many pages are not even indexed even thought it is my writing.

  • Dwight anthony

    I’ve heard PepperJam is another great CPA network as well, which i want to give a try for some of my own sites.

    question for you pat: I have a niche site that is in the top 3 results in google for it’s lucrative keyword but only get on average around 140 visitors per month. According to Google’s keyword tool it should be closer to about 500 visitors a month due to having the top results for that keyword.
    What would you recommend to bump up traffic to that site ? thanks

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot Com

  • John

    I would never promote anything from Neverblue or Pepperjam! Neverblue was heavily involved in promoting the Jesse Willms scams: and Pepperjam promoted the Brock Felt emillionaire scam:

    If you look at a site like odigger and look at the offers being promoted by CPA networks, most of them are dodgy and many are outright scams. I will stick with Commission Junction and other reputable networks.

  • Greg Cheatham

    “After 8,672 impressions and 157 clicks, I saw a grand total of $0.00 in commissions” – Pat Flynn –

    THAT is why I continue to keep reading…because you keep this real…and I got a good chuckle and almost woke my 2 yr old daughter from her nap!

    FYI, I’m clicking on your link for today to setup my site with your inspiration! I’m not sure if I will succeed, yet I believe you, and that has got me to MOVE….Thank you!
    OHHH! and I heard about you from “The Lifestyle Business Podcast”. The reason I feel this is important, is to know where your traffic is coming from. Problem is that the link on their site back to yours is broken… Says Error 404 whatever that means… What does that mean by the way?

    • Pat

      Hey Greg – thank you so much for your comment, and of course for the affiliate link love – I truly appreciate it! Thank you!

      BTW, a 404 error just basically means that the link that you clicked on was not found, or a server that was linked to cannot be reached.

      Thanks again!

  • Lenia

    Hey Pat,
    Nice post once again. I feel I arrive late in the niche site duel but it is never late to start something and succeed if really believe in it. I still don’t have an income but I don’t apply all of your approaches yet. I keep learning and I hope the best for the future :)
    About the : DO you recommend this method for sites with a specific content (for ex. educational) ?
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Mortada

    Hi Pat,
    First of all I would like to thank you for this very impressive blog which is full with motivation and information that even paid ebooks won`t give out.
    I have a question though, In the analytics screenshot on this page we see about 3k visits (I assume per month ). Are you generating 30$ a day from only 100 visitors? If yes mind sharing some ad placements ( sorry if this is mentioned somewhere outside the previous Duel posts )…

    Thank you so much and keep it up :-)

  • Sergio Felix

    Hey Pat, man you’re like a mind reader! LOL

    I just asked on the previous post how to price the advertising at our sites, glad I found the answer here and thanks for the great resources for keeping track on CTRs.

    I use Pretty Link the free version but I wanted to use something like a Link Tracker, I’m still thinking about registering a domain specifically for this but I’m not sure about it.

    I have found pros and cons to managing our affiliate links like this.

    Thanks in advance and wow, you have made so much progress here, congrats!


  • George

    This is a great tutorial in all. Yoou have change my mind on niche marketing, i am starting on this from now. hope to come back to you for more questions.


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  • juel rahman

    It’s very good to see you succeeding so quickly with this. How do you think you got around being sandboxed?

  • gwebtools

    I will try to use indeed into my site.

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