How to Grow Your Blog Audience By Building Relationships with Other Bloggers – The Ultimate Guide

One of the biggest lessons I've learned while building multiple successful blogs and businesses is this: you cannot go it alone. Each and every milestone I've had was the result of people I've built a relationship with. In this post, you'll learn a system for connecting to other bloggers and entrepreneurs online that will help take your blog and business to the next level. Check it out...

How to Keep a Forum Extremely Active – Engagement Tips from 5 Pros

I've always been a big fan of forums. Even before I started running my own online business 5 years ago, I was always participating in forum discussions centered around several different topics - from architecture to college football, and even Magic the Gathering cards. Within these forums I learned a ton of information, I made a lot [...]

My Monthly Report – September 2011

Welcome to my September 2011 monthly report! Every month I write a detailed report about my online businesses. I do this not only to help me keep track of my progress, but also to show you what's working for me, and what's not. In my monthly reports I always include an extremely detailed breakdown of the [...]

R.A.O.K Friday

As I write this post, I'm actually 30,000+ feet in the air in flight to Chicago for the Financial Blogger's Conference. Yay for Wi-Fi! I didn't have a scheduled post because I've been preparing for my presentation all week, but I wanted to take this time, en route, to tell you a quick story. I [...]

How to Manage Relationships Online Like a Pro (For Free)

Relationship management is the idea of organizing the interactions that you have with other people. It's a simple idea, but it's not simply implemented - especially as your blog, business and brand begin to flourish. When I first started blogging it was very easy for me to remember who contacted me, when, and for what [...]