Thank you SPI Community – We Set a Record!

On my birthday, I decided to start a campaign to build schools in Ghana. Here are the results of that campaign, and the reason why the SPI community is the best community in the online world. Plus, how we were able to break a record :)

SPI 108: 8 Things That Pat Flynn Is Struggling With Right Now

I'll often ask my audience, "What are you struggling with right now?" Now it's MY turn to answer this question. In this session, I get into detail about 8 different things I'm struggling with in business, and how I'm attempting to break through. Maybe you can relate, or maybe you've mastered these things, but I wanted to share what's going through my head too. Can you relate?

Stuff I’ve Been Reading, Watching and Listening to Lately

I'm currently working on a hardcore, start to finish podcasting tutorial! I've already put in over 15 hours of work into writing and recording this tutorial, but I have much more to do so it's going to take a while before it's published. You can, however, watch the first video in the series of videos [...]

“I’m Fine, Thanks”

In January, my good friend Adam Baker from Man vs Debt asked me if I was interested in helping him out with a new project he was working on. In the online world, "project" could really mean anything - a new website, an info-product, a course, software, etc. - but this project was much different - [...]

A Thank You Video + Some Quick Announcements

I just wanted to share this quick video I recorded to say thanks for all of the well wishes and also to make some quick announcements about: Blog World Expo NY 2012 Security Guard Training Headquarters A website I just purchased; and Happy Anniversary! httpvh:// (Or, you can watch the video on YouTube by clicking [...]

A Day in the Life of Pat

A lot of people have been asking me to write a post about what daily life is like as Pat  - someone who has a family, works from home, and earns a passive income, but is also actively creating new income streams at the same time. Maybe you're just curious, maybe you're looking for some [...]

The Most Important Conversation I’ve Had About My Business Ever

In my last post, I had mentioned that I wanted to tell you what my favorite infomercial was and dissect it so we can all learn about why it's successful. Well, I decided to change things up a bit because a few nights ago, my wife and I had what was probably one of the [...]

Snapshots Of My New Office

It's amazing what a new workspace can do for motivation and getting things done. In the last 3 days that I've been working from my new home office, I've gotten so much done and I even have a new startup in the works, but I'll talk more about that later. That's not to say that [...]

This is For All the Turds Who Send Me Emails

As the popularity and traffic of the Smart Passive Income Blog grows, so does the number of emails I get in my inbox - and that's totally cool. I love reading emails and helping people out as much as I can, and thanks to those of you who shoot me a message just to say [...]

The Worst Decade Ever?

Happy New Year to each and every one of you. With the recent arrival of our new baby boy, my wife and I decided it would be a neat idea to keep a newspaper from his date of birth, and some magazines about the era in which he was born. As I was looking through [...]