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SPI 168: Multiple Successful Businesses in Multiple Niches with Scott Turner

Running a successful online business takes serious effort. Today’s guest doesn’t just run one successful online business—he runs several! I first connected with Scott Turner through his company Green Building Education Services when I was just starting out, building my own Green Exam Academy. When I re-connected with him at the 1-Day Business Breakthrough, I realized that Scott hadn’t just stopped there. He’d launched several businesses across a variety of niches. Now, he’s enjoying multiple income streams and living the passive income lifestyle.

What to Do When “All of the Good Ideas are Already Taken” – Tips to Help You Pick a Niche

Lately, I've been getting a lot of emails about niche selection and how to choose the right topic when starting a new website or a blog.  Most people tell me that all of the good ideas (or keywords) are already taken, that there is too much competition and no more room left for them. If [...]

Why Some High Volume Keywords Lead to Disappointment, Even When You Get to # 1

My security guard training niche site, born from the Niche Site Duel here on SPI, has some pretty decent numbers to report since it's birth in September 2010: 224,655 Unique Visitors 758,065 Pageviews $25,389.24 in total Adsense earnings There are a couple of other numbers that I feel are significant too: $224.08 in earnings from the job board The [...]

Building the Ultimate Resource: Taking a Niche Site and Actually Making it Useful

In my last post, I shared an email I received from Google about my Adsense account. I wasn't banned (luckily), but I was given a warning and 3 days to make changes..."or else". My violation and reason for the warning, "format mimicking", seemed to totally contradict some advice that Google was giving to it's Adsense publishers. This [...]

To Pat, From Google Adsense: About Your Account…

Over the past few months, several people who own niche websites have shared that they've been banned from Google Adsense - some for legitimate reasons, I'm sure, but others for what seems like no reason at all, only to be on the receiving end of a generic, not-so-specific, no-reply email from Google explaining that their [...]

Creating Niche Sites with PLR? I Ask The Expert

Currently, I have 4 niche sites - my security guard training site from the niche site duel and 3 others that I have started since. All are on the first page of Google, however the security guard training site is definitely the most successful (see Friday's post) - at least for now. I want to [...]

Niche Site Earnings and Directory Listing Update

A lot of you have been requesting an update on my security guard training niche site, so here it is! If you aren't familiar with this particular site of mine, I recommend you read up on the niche site duel - where I and several other bloggers and internet marketers share and reveal everything from [...]

THE Backlinking Strategy That Works

Please note that this strategy was written in late 2010. Although it does still work, it doesn't work quite as well as it used to, since quite a bit has changed in the world of search engine optimization since then. UPDATE: A more recent version of this post has been published, with techniques and strategies [...]

Niche Site Duel 009: I’m On The First Page of Google!

Yep! That's right! In almost exactly 2 months since the creation of my niche site for the niche site duel with Tyrone Shum, my site is now sitting at the #6 spot in Google for my primary keyword, as shown below in Market Samurai. August 25th: Site went live. Not ranked. August 29th: #184 September [...]

Niche Site Duel 008: My Monetization Strategy

When I started my security guard training site for this niche site duel, a lot of people had asked me how I planned to monetize it. In this post, I will answer that question for you. Because the niche I chose is an education & career driven niche, I plan to follow a similar progression [...]