Monthly Reports

My Income Report – September 2014

My latest income report. Yes, it's a couple months behind...and here's why.

My Monthly Income Report – July and August 2014

My income report for July and August of 2014, including lessons learned and strategies that worked (and didn't work). These two months include the results for my new software company, as well as my first product for my niche site at

June 2014 – Monthly Income Report

There's a lot to talk about in this month's income report. A new software product launch, to having one of my businesses fall to absolutely zero sales (and being okay with it). Here's what happened, and here's what I learned.

My May 2014 Monthly Income Report

Welcome! If you're new here, every month I write a detailed report about my online earnings. I talk about exactly how much I've earned, where it comes from and most importantly, the lessons I've been learning in and around my businesses. I've been reporting my income since October of 2008, and each and every report brings different lessons to [...]

My Monthly Income Report – April 2014

In this month's income report, I reveal my online earnings and exactly where it all came from, and the lessons learned along the way. FoodTruckr's first earnings, the creation of Team Flynn and a huge pain killer prescription. Check it out...

My Monthly Income Report – March 2014

Here is my complete breakdown of my online earnings from March 2014. This includes exactly where the income is coming from, as well as the important lessons learned, and expenses too. Click to read the report!

My February 2014 Monthly Income Report

Each month I like to write a detailed report that goes over what I’ve done and lessons learned from the previous month, and I always share where my income comes from and exactly how much I’ve earned. For those of you new to SPI, you might be wondering why I care to post my income [...]

My December 2013 and January 2014 Monthly Income Reports

Welcome to my last income report for 2013, which is also my first income report for 2014! This is a combined report because due to being ill and also moving into a new home, I was unable to publish my December 2013 monthly report. This report includes earnings and lessons learned from the previous 2 [...]

My November 2013 Monthly Income Report

Every month I write a detailed report sharing exactly how much I’ve earned online and where it comes from. Although the numbers are there for you to see, what's more important are the lessons learned to make those numbers happen. Every month I try new things and sometimes they work - and sometimes they don't - but I'm always happy to share my results with you here so you can learn from them. Check out the latest going-ons in my business!

My October 2013 Monthly Income Report

Welcome to my October 2013 income report!

Each month I like to write a report that goes into deep detail about my online businesses and how they are performing. I reveal how much I have earned and where it comes from, but more importantly I talk about the lessons learned from the past month too.

I do this for several reasons:

To show you what’s possible. I’m just a regular dude who takes action. Amazing things can happen when you take the right action.