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SPI 063: Monetizing a Hobby Blog and the “Magic” of Membership Sites

In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I reminisce while having a chat with Douglas Linn from, a website and community that serves those who are interested in the popular card dueling game called Magic the Gathering, or MTG for short. More specifically, he and his partner's site provide a platform and [...]

How to REALLY Profit From Your Blog

Last week, a good friend of mine asked me out to lunch. He said he was dying to discuss a potential internet business idea and wanted my honest opinion. Naturally, I accepted. I was excited, not only because we were having sushi, but because I love helping people, especially those who I can tell have [...]

How to Create an Online Class On Your Blog – Part 1

So I have a couple of blogs, a few affiliate websites, a couple of eBooks and an audio guide on my resume, and I'm hoping to add another product within a month that will add HUGE potential to my income stream. An online class. This is a monumental undertaking for me, because it involves audio, [...]