My New Getting Started Page is Live!

Woohoo! I'm excited to announce that my Getting Started with Smart Passive Income page is now live! A month ago, I wrote about how there seems to be a missing element on most blogs online, including my own: a proper starting point, both for brand new visitors and people who just want to get the [...]

Help! How Can I Succeed Online if English is Not My Primary Language?

Last week, an SPI reader named Anne emailed me the following question: Greetings Pat. I am a reader of your Smart Passive Income blog and want to say thank you. I want to do like you and start a blog and start writing but this is a problem because I am no good at writing [...]

5 Steps to Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle through Smart Passive Income Goals

This is a guest post by Christina Crowe. It's late at night and you're still tapping away at your keyboard, writing up a post for your blog. The clock is ticking and you know that time is running out. How am I going to pay the rent this month? You wonder, as you can feel [...]

March Traffic Report and Real Time Analytics

As much as I enjoy writing and sharing my income reports, I also occasionally write a traffic report because as we all know, traffic is the lifeblood of a website. It's important to understand how people come to our sites and what people are doing when they get there, so we can analyze and make [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Using Images On Your Blog

A blog or website that does not use images is like a restaurant absent of decor - uninteresting and uninviting. And as much as good food can keep people coming back to a restaurant regardless of what it may look like inside, we all know that people choose where to eat for the atmosphere and [...]

Niche Site Coaching 2.0 is Now Accepting New Applications

Thanks for all of the recent get well messages - I'm still sick but I should hopefully be back to normal by Monday. In the meantime, I'm happy to announce that Tyrone and I are publicly accepting applications once again for our Niche Site Coaching Program. Our first round of training, which ran from January [...]

I Am a Blackbelt. True or False?

Happy April Fools Day! Instead of writing some bizarre fake joke post (which I was this close to doing, but I chickened out), I decided that we could play a fun little game of True or False, and at the same time you might get to know me a little better. :) Below you'll find [...]

Playing the Google Search Game – How to Rank High in Google

I'm honored today to publish a guest post by Joseph Archibald of JosephArchibald.com. There are a lot of people I respect online, but I must say that Joseph is right up there at the top for me. You may recognize him from his presence within the comment section of my post entitled The Backlinking Strategy [...]

Come Listen to Me Speak at IBM Live 2011!

I hinted in a previous post that I was invited to speak live at an event at the end of April. This will be my first live speaking gig ever about what I do online, and I think it's perfectly fitting because it's for Internet Business Mastery Live! For those of you who don't know, [...]

10 Gold Nugget Posts I’m Glad I Didn’t Miss

I hope you all had a safe St. Paddy's Day (Yes - Paddy, not Patty. I was corrected several times on Twitter...and I'm a quarter Irish too!) Today, I wanted to share 10 outstanding posts that I'm glad I didn't miss. Some I found in my RSS feed, some I found from some of you [...]