13 Alternatives to Writing and Making Money on eHow

Back in 2008 when I first started experimenting with generating passive income online, I was introduced to and it's writer's compensation program. It seemed very intriguing, especially after hearing that some people were making over $1000 a month on residuals from ad clicks on their articles, so I decided to give it a shot [...]

eHow Ends Writer Compensation Program – Let’s Discuss

Big news in the eHow world. If you haven't heard about it already, eHow is making Demand Studios the exclusive platform for writing and contributing articles to eHow, and ending the Writer Compensation Program (WCP). The WCP was established in 2007 as a way for anyone (living in the U.S.) to sign up and start [...]

New eHow Page on The Smart Passive Income Blog

I'm always looking to improve the content and usability of The Smart Passive Income Blog, and I do realize that several of my subscribers are writers for or people who may be thinking about doing it soon. This is why I'm proud to announce a new page dedicated just for my readers - [...]

How You Can Earn $880 on While Doing Nothing for Six Months

I started writing on in November of 2008, a little over 7 months ago (wow, time flies). I went hardcore for the first month, writing a total of exactly 150 articles, and I just stopped. I planned on writing more as the months went by, but I had a lot of other projects going [...]

Using Content Sites to Build Residual Income

This is the last guest post in queue before I start writing again. I'm happy to say that this is a guest post from Maria, founder of the Residual Income Web Blog. She is also the author of the infamous eHow eBook which I personally used to drastically increase my ehow earnings, and she has [...]

Earn More Money by Organizing Your eHow Workflow

Here is a guest post from Sarah at Lifestyles of the Organized. Sarah hosts one of my favorite blogs, which isn't specifically about money, but about being organized. I definitely recommend checking out her website and her valuable content. If you write for eHow, then you know how easy it can be to publish an [...]

Increase eHow Income with Referral Links

Here is a quick guest post by Andy from Tight Fisted Miser. He is just starting his eHow empire, but has come across a technique that you may find helpful as well. I started writing for eHow shortly after I started reading Smart Passive Income.  I’ve just dabbled in it so far but the last [...]

My Third Month of eHow Unwrapped

In addition to my monthly reports, I usually write a post each month specifically about my earnings writing for When this blog first started, a majority of its readers were from eHow, which is why I spent a lot of time writing about it as a passive income source in the past. (A tip [...]

My Second Month of eHow Unwrapped

In my second month of writing articles on eHow, I decided to let my articles marinate on the web without writing any more. I did this half because I was super busy, but also because I wanted to see how much more money, if any, I would make by just letting my articles sit. I'm [...]

My First Month of eHow Unwrapped

This will be the biggest assessment and study of anyone's first month on eHow - EVER. Okay, maybe not, but I am going to give you lots of information. Note that all of the charts, graphs, numbers and earnings are from my own personal experience with eHow, and everything I tell you will be my [...]