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Issue 28 | July 2016


The Urban Monk

By Pedram Shojai

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What I found most enjoyable about the book are Pedram’s personal stories, and the stories of some of his clients who had been struggling through various things, such as poor sleep, lack of energy, etc., and his unique remedies and solutions for them.

I’ve actually been meditating consistently and I learned some new techniques by reading the book. Some of the remedies in the book I might have been skeptical about in the past, but I now know work well. The book is actually filled with some pretty amazing hacks for a clearer mind and body, leading a more stress-free life, and gaining more energy and productivity in business too.

Issue 27 | June 2016


Ego is the Enemy

By Ryan Holiday

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The concepts Ryan tackles in the book are super fascinating and important to remember. Success can change people, even if it’s a success that crashes and burns. I personally have witnessed friends whose success really changed them for the worse. Those individuals I can’t really call friends anymore, which is pretty devastating. So, I take those types of experiences as a constant reminder to never let that happen to me.

Ego, that thing within us that sometimes comes out, is the enemy of anything great, it’s the obstacle for ambition and success, and I’ve worked hard on my own to avoid getting a big head (and I have a great wife, April, who helps keep me in check too!).

Issue 26 | May 2016


Sleep Smarter

By Shawn Stevenson

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Sleep Smarter is full of effective strategies for better, healthier, and more efficient sleep, and I’ve implemented quite a few of them to amazing success. Shawn’s strategies have completely changed how I sleep. Even better, they’ve also affected how I wake up and live each day. A lot of people know I don’t sleep a full eight hours a night. I never do, and haven’t since high school. But now, thanks to this book, I don’t need to. I am now aware of what kind of sleep I get, and I can decipher between quality sleep and quantity sleep.

Have you ever woken up after eight hours of sleep and still felt groggy? That’s what I’m talking about. Sleep Smarter helps you navigate that conundrum, get the sleep your body needs, and wake up refreshed. My energy levels throughout the day are so much better!

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