Niche Site Duel 006: My Backlink Strategy

Please note that this strategy was written in late 2010. Although it does still work, it doesn’t work quite as well as it used to, since quite a bit has changed in the world of search engine optimization since then.

UPDATE: A more recent version of this post has been published, with techniques and strategies for link building that work in 2014 and beyond. 


Exactly 12 hours after I posted my previous niche site duel update, my niche site took a giant leap from #117 in Google (where it was sitting for about 5 days), to #58, and now it’s sitting at #53. This was very encouraging because it means that my backlinking strategy is totally working, which is perfect timing because that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you today.

(sidenote: I’ve been getting a lot of emails about how to check your rankings in the search engines lately. Answer: How to Find Your Google Keyword SERPs Ranking)

To quickly reiterate, backlinks (links from other websites to yours) are the key to moving up the ranks of search engines. The quality is far more important than the actual number of backlinks, so it’s our goal to get them primarily from sites that have a high Google Page Rank.

There are a ton of different ways to get backlinks, but I’m only going to share with you my specific techniques that I’m using specifically for this niche site duel.

Publish Excellent Content

No matter what niche you’re in, you should always be publishing excellent content on your site. This is a no brainer, but many times we often put aside creating excellent content for other strategies that will help us rank higher.

Sure, you may climb the search engines, but what happens when you’re on the first page of Google and start to see traffic? They bounce off your site like a rubber ball because you’ve got crappy content.

Furthermore, with superb content you’re more likely to get backlinks in the most natural form possible – from people wanting to link to your content simply because your content rules.

As I mentioned in Niche Site Duel 004: My Content Strategy, I have a content strategy that may easily position my site as one of the most helpful websites available on the subject. If I can create the “go to” website for my niche, then backlinks will happen naturally and Google will love it.

Article Marketing / Web 2.0 Sites

This is similar to what Tyrone has outlined in his most recent video (see the niche site duel hub), but I’ve added a few things.

I will include a video (soon) that walks you through my process and gives you an over-the-shoulder look, but here’s a quick breakdown for now:

Creating Anchors

Instant Article Factory is excellent for creating quick content that I primarily use on my web 2.0 sites.

The Best Spinner has saved me the most time throughout this whole process, because what I do is:

  1. Write a good, unique article (between 350 and 600 words), and then post it on the primary niche site.
  2. I then use the tool to spin the article and then submit it to EzineArticles.
  3. I repeat by re-spinning and re-submitting the article to all of the various article directories. All of my spun articles have been approved so far, including on EzineArticles.
  4. I then re-spin the same article and use it on my Web 2.0 sites too.

Note: This allows me to “repurpose” my original article in a unique way that generates more backlinks without have to write more. That being said, when I use The Best Spinner (trial) to spin my articles, I make sure to read each of the spun articles before I submit them. This is important to me, and I recommend insist that you take the time to read through each uniquely spun article yourself before submitting them to make sure you’re not publishing content that doesn’t make sense.

Also, it is not an easy button, as it does take time to go through each word or phrase and select synonyms, but it really saves me a lot of time in the end.

Backlinks for my Backlinks

To give the backlinks from my anchor sites a little more “SEO Juice”, which will ultimately flow down to my primary site, I hit the anchors with mass social bookmarking and even more article submissions. I usually do this right away (after they are created or approved), so they are rapidly indexed.

You could use a tool like Bookmarking Demon to almost automatically submit to hundreds of bookmarking sites, but to be honest it’s a really expensive deal. I like to just spend 30 minutes using a free tool from SocialMarker to do the trick.

I’m also exploring mass article submissions as a way to boost my backlinks using tools like Automatic Article Submitter and Unique Article Wizard, which can send out hundreds of articles in a day to various smaller article directories around the web. I can’t recommend either of those two programs yet since I’m still getting familiar with them, but UAW looks promising. I’ll keep you updated.

So to sum things up, I’m essentially creating a mini-network of articles and blogs around my main site, with an outer ring of “boosters”. I will occasionally link the web 2.0 properties to each other and the articles as well.

I do have a few other strategies that I know about that I may try in the future, but for now this is it, and it seems to be working quite well. Hopefully within a few weeks I can get onto or close to the first page and then begin my monetization plan, which I’m really excited about and will share with you in a later update.

Until then, Cheers!

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  • Mediagrow

    Hey Pat great article this is the one we been waiting for, Building Backlinks, Great strategy and I have to agree with you 100% “They bounce off your site like a rubber ball because you’ve got crappy content.” Great content and quality is everything,

    Thank you

    • Pat

      Hey Marios – sorry it took a while to get out there, I’m just trying to cover every detail as I go along. Thanks for being patient!

  • dinesh

    Hey Pat – Thanks for sharing and a big thanks for being so transparent throughout this entire process. Transparency involves sharing both the good and the bad and I really appreciate that you’re sharing your mistakes.

    Regarding this backlinking strategy. Can you give us a feel for how much time it’s taken you to build this mini-network of backlinks. This sounds fairly involved (even with the spinning), so I was thinking maybe 20-30 hours? Is that right?

    • Pat

      Hey Dinesh,

      It really hasn’t taken me that long. The part that takes the longest is the article writing, which moves a little faster, like I said, thanks to IAF and The Best Spinner.

      The submission process of these articles and even setting up the web 2.0 properties doesn’t take much time. 15-20 hours sounds about right. I should have recorded my time a little better, but I’m fitting work on this randomly throughout the day, like when my son is napping. Hehe!

  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    Really great and timely post Pat,

    I haven’t really been giving article marketing a trial and I will get started with them today.
    I also plan submitting my niche site to some social bookmarking sites (Thanks!)

    Thanks so much for listing some great article sites today, just what I needed :)

    Thanks a lot for the great post,

    • Pat

      Sounds good Onibalusi. Keep up the good work! Cheers!

  • Devesh

    Really great Post dude.

    Article marketing and web 2.0 sites are best way to get high quality backlinks.
    I’m hearing many good things about The Best Spinner. I think i should give it a try.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome Stuff mate.


    • Pat

      Thanks Dev! I appreciate it!

  • Lauren Dugan

    Hi Pat,

    Again, your insight into the niche site building process is invaluable! Thanks for sharing,

    I currently use Instant Article Factory for Ezine and similar sites, but I look forward to exploring The Best Spinner as well. Thanks for the recommendations.


    • Pat

      No prob Lauren! Thanks!

  • Ian Paul Marshall

    I was thinking about trying to find a good article spinner and you saved me a lot of time. So you spin all your articles? Do you write the yourself? Where do you find ideas for your articles?

    • Pat

      Hey Ian – I do write the articles myself, and I spin almost all of them. Ideas come from keyword research, and what people want to know in the industry (yahoo answers, forums, etc.)

      • Ian Paul Marshall

        Thanks so much for your answers and inspiration!

  • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

    Hey Pat,

    Great backlinking post. The most helpful thing to me is the list of article sites that you submit your articles to. Writing an article is one thing, but it’s nice to know where to submit them (and I know you had a post about that awhile back as well).

    Quick question for you – Doesn’t IAF generate multiple unique articles once you populate a given template? I’m trying to understand why you’d need a spinner in addition to IAF?


    – Eric

    P.S.: I’m going to be publishing my first post for the niche site duel soon. I’ll be sure to come back and comment on the original niche site duel post once the post is up, so that you can add me to the hub. :)

    • Pat

      Hey Eric,

      IAF can generate multiple articles for you too, it has it’s own spinning software built in specifically for the articles that you write through it. I’m using Best Spinner, however, to spin articles that I post directly on my primary money site, which I can’t enter into IAF. Plus, the Best Spinner has the largest library of synonyms, over 1.2 million, which makes spinning a lot easier and you’ll have a lot more unique of an article in the end.

      I’ll add you to the hub once it’s ready. Cheers!

      • will

        Is “the best spinner” and “instant article factory” the same thing?? Which one do you recommend us getting?

        • Pat

          Hey WIll – no. They are different. If I had to choose one for this process, I’d definitely go with The Best Spinner, because I can use the content I write from scratch and rework it many times over.

      • kevin

        Hi Pat

        Just wondering why you can’t enter the articles that you post on your primary money site into IAF?

        • Pat

          IAF is used to make quick articles using already made templates, where you simply plop in different words or phrases. Kind of like “mad libs”, if you’ve heard of that before.

          Even though you could use IAF as an article spinner, the best spinner has 1.2 million synonyms and the resulting articles will be much more unique.

          Hope this helps!

  • TrafficColeman

    Yo Pat that UAW works great my friend, I been using it for sometime now and the results are just out of this world. I think you should go ahead and give it an try.

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off

    • Pat

      Thanks dude, I’m definitely diggin the possibilities with what I see so far. Thanks!

  • Lye Kuek Hin

    Hi Pat,

    Instant Article Factory and The Best Spinner seem to be a good tool for spinning article as i just have a look on the demo. I will keep your strategy in mind.

    Thank you very much for sharing.

    • Pat

      Thanks Lye, and thanks for the post mentioning me and my blog the other day. I saw it come through on my Google Alert. I appreciate it! Cheers!

  • Devin Elder

    Details details details, thanks again for sharing.

    My current content strategy is to put up ‘pretty good’ content that is perfectly optimized for on-page criteria. What I do then is monitor the SERPs, and once one of my pages hits the first page of Goog, I go in, edit the article, and make it outstanding. Humans really aren’t reading anything other than page 1 content anyhow.

    While this may be a flawed approach (time will tell), it allows me to put up a lot of content at once and start building links. It can be months before a page of mine ranks on the first page, so I don’t have to create tons of brilliant content at once, but I can start the linking process right away.

    Good luck with the coming weeks of the Niche Duel!

    • Pat

      Interesting approach, Devin. I think as long as your content is “pretty good”, and not just random stuff, that it will work out for you, because you’re right – nothing gets read beyond the first page really. Cheers!

  • Karen

    Hi Pat,

    I’ve had a similar experience to you. I was at 95 in Google and then down to 115 for a week, and today I suddenly jumped to 64!! I’m so excited! It’s just the bump I needed to keep me going with this. I’m just continuing to create more content and backlinks as you’ve said.

    I also have the same question as Eric above, regarding using Instant Article Factory to create unique articles. I have Instant Article Factory but so far haven’t used it much. I know there’s more I can do with it, but I just haven’t figured it out yet.


    • Pat

      Hey Karen – isn’t it crazy how just rankings in Google can change our mood. Totally not healthy…but it’s fun! Hehe!

      I’ve used it on a couple of articles that I then spun and put out there. I’m still getting used to it too, but I’m in the middle of creating a customized template that will make things so much faster in the future, especially if I do things in other niches down the road. I think that’s where most of the power lies with IAF.

  • Jackie

    Hey Pat, I’m not sure I understand one of the things you mentioned. Are you saying that you create additional, separate blogs using wordpress, tumblr, etc that all revolve around the same topic as your niche site?

    • Christina (@CashCampfire)

      I’m with Jackie on this one. Publishing articles on free services like EzineArticles makes sense to me. However, creating free blogs around the same topic as your niche site and then linking to your niche site from the blogs seems over-the-top. Isn’t your niche site a blog too? Wouldn’t you have to also work to make the additional blogs rank well?

      From what I understand, the number of links pointing to your blog doesn’t matter so much as the quality of the links. If you’re starting blogs from scratch, you would have to first boost their page ranks to boost the link quality, so that the links pointing back to the blog you’re trying to rank well on makes a significant difference in your rankings.

      It’s much better to link to your blog from fewer websites that already have a good page rank than from tons of websites (free blogs, for example) that have no page rank at all. It’s less work too.

      • Joseph Archibald

        Hi Jackie and Christina, I’d like to add to what Pat said here because its precisely what I did in the Warrior Forum 40 Day Challenge.

        If you do go about using your spun content for adding in submissions to various article directories and Web 2.0 properties such as Squidoo,, Tumblr, (not Hubpages!) etc., and then you point those back to your money site (main site) with backlinks, you can ‘flood’ those directory submissions and Web 2.0 properties with tons and tons of backlinks in a very short space of time (all semi-automated using something like Unique Article Wizard or Mass Article Submitter – I use the former, and ready-spun content). As Pat correctly mentioned, add in a related video (from You-Tube or similar) and perhaps a couple of creative commons images (preferably with full credit given to the person who took the photograph). Creative commons images you can get here…
        This not only makes your Web 2.0s more interesting to the reader, it helps to avoid them being taken down as spam content, and thereby losing that quality backlink.

        If you tried to flood your primary site with as many backlinks in a short time, you would see what Pat himself has seen – “sandboxing”, or call it what you will. If you flood the other sites that link back to yours with backlinks they don’t get “sandboxed” but instead they take on even more power than they have now, which means that the backlinks to your main site are very, very strong. Thus your main site climbs higher in Google’s rankings for your desired keyword phrase/s.

        And further, the more and varied links you have to your main site, in addition to the higher quality those links are, then of course – there is only one way your main site will go in Google rankings, and that is UP!

        Best wishes!

        • Colin

          Hey Joseph, why not HubPages?

        • Christina (@CashCampfire)

          Hi Joseph,

          I see what you mean. I just think, by creating a whole new site evolving around your main website, that it would just be tons of additional work. I mean, you’re trying to increase your rankings for your main site as it is. If you create another blog on WordPress or Blogger, wouldn’t your rank start at 0? So wouldn’t you have to then increase that rank higher and add tons of backlinks to make the link from those blogs stronger for your main site?

          If you just write articles for Squidoo or Info Barrel, for example, you’re already starting with a strong page rank so not that much work is involved and you wouldn’t have to increase the strengths of your backlinks. You’re also making additional residual income from Squidoo and Info Barrel with very little work involved on your part, as opposed to a new blog on Blogger or WordPress.

          I might have it completely wrong, so correct me if it sounds a bit off.

        • Christina (@CashCampfire)

          I just read Pat’s reply below, so some of the concerns on my above comment were cleared up. However, I still think it would be better in the long run to just backlink niche blogs with content websites like Squidoo, because you’re getting the residual income from ads already set up in addition to the backlinks. It’s just my opinion, of course. :)

        • Joseph Archibald

          Hi Colin, hubs are great, they really are, and apparently they can be serious money earners too! I know a guy who travels around Sourth East Asia just cos he loves to travel and loves to be free of the confines of working a job, and lives purely from his hub pages income alone!

          But, to use them almost purely as a backlinking strategy, whereby you set up the hub with intentions of backlinking to a money or primary site, its simply too much work to reach the quality score levels that hubs require you to achieve before you are provided with a do-follow link out.

          So in other words, if you do not achieve this level of scoring – what is it, about 80 and 80 or something, then you will be left with a no-do-follow backlink out of the hub, which to be honest is not nearly as precious as a do-follow.

          No-do-follow backlinks are still valuable, particularly because its very, very wise to build a nice variety of backlinks to any primary or money site – looks more “natural”. But to put hours of work into obtaining a single link or two may not be the best way to use your time.

          Squids on the other hand are great for doing this!

        • Joseph Archibald

          Hi Christina, thanks for your reply here.

          To be honest, even though I am preaching the ideaology of using high Google PR as a great way to improve your rankings in Google, I don’t really bother much with it myself. Why? Cos there are so many ways that Google PR can be “watered down” so that its ultimate effectiveness is not nearly as great as it may at first appear. Plus, I can’t be bothered to figure where all those higher PR pages are and to try my damndest to get on that precise page. I’m happy gaining more low level links as its much easier, and it works too.

          Nevertheless, to get to the point here.

          I don’t use Info Barrel – not as yet, anyhow, so cannot comment about that, but Squids also start with a Google PR n/a. But the main point behind using article directories such as ezinearticles, Article Blast, Go Articles etc. and also those Web 2.0s that you mentioned and a whole lot more besides is that you gain the link juice that they already possess, which is not only about being related to a thoroughly well matured and established domain, but its also because Google has some kind of love affair with quite a few of them too. If you can get links from places that Google really like, then you are doing yourself some favours to say the least.

          Although a whole lot of folks hate Google, they have a pretty darn good idea about what they are doing, so it makes good sense to follow their lead, at least to some extent. That’s my ethos anyhow.

          Furthermore, you can really whop all these Web 2.0s and article directory articles with a ton of backlinks in a very short space of time, which means the more of them you have the more powerful links you gain. But I’m not talking about setting up hundreds of these. A mere handful is far better than none at all.

          And even more, its recognized by some that if you can obtain links from those sites that are ranking high in Google SERP that are in a very closely related niche to your own, you get more kudos from Google. When I did my 40 Day Challenge, it was so easy to rank those Web 2.0s that I used – I think all in top 10, and within merely 2 – 3 weeks of setting them up. How?? I sent a ton of links back to each of them, I think mainly from Unique Article Wizard, if memory serves me well, with a range of keyword phrases used. You cannot do this with a “normal” website when its relatively fresh and/or has little to no backlinks in place already. And we know why, don’t we. In fact, you can do it, but you will inevitably enjoy some time in what folks call the “sandbox”. Not that this is such a bad thing at all – you just have to have a little patience, is all. Its healthy enough to have a website spend time in Google “sandbox”.

          Its a sinch just to use already spun content and set up a number of these Web 2.0s etc. and then add in a couple of images to each, with a video here and there, and the value of doing so, in my opinion, is well worth it if you have a really “hot” site you want to achieve great rankings for.

          It takes effort for sure; it takes a bit more time (using semi-automation helps a ton!), but the end results in that you will gain good or even great rankings are worth paying the price for. And if you can do it one time you can do it again and again and again, if you have the motive (or money – to pay to outsource) for doing so.

        • Christina (@CashCampfire)

          Hey Joseph,

          Thanks for the reply. I don’t deny that backlinking from articles that are published on submission sites like Ezinearticles can be hugely beneficial to a new blog because of the authority of the sites you’re backlinking from. I’ve been thinking about it a great deal for the past few hours, and it really sounds like spinning articles and submitting them to various authoritative sites is a good way to get a new blog (or, in this case, niche site) off the ground.

          I haven’t tried it yet myself, but it is something that I’m seriously considering trying in the near future. I did used to backlink articles from various content websites (or article submission websites), but it was a lot of work, since I was hand-crafting all of the articles I wrote for backlinks. Spinning articles, on the other hand, would definitely speed up the process and make providing backlinks a lot less stressful.

          However, I don’t want to come across as spammy or lessen my value. Those are the two things I’m afraid that would happen if I spinned content like that and made 20 separate articles out of it. Even with proofreading and checking it over after each article is done spinning.. you’re really only saying the same exact thing in each article. Though, it would definitely cut my work in half.

          I’ll have to think it over. As long as each article provides valuable content (even if it’s the same ideas; what isn’t these days?), I suppose it’s fine. It makes sense anyway, and I doubt any harm will come of it. There’s just so many “what if” scenarios!

          Thanks for sharing your insight on the matter.

          By the way, I love your use of words. “…Google has some kind of love affair with quite a few of them too.” Hilarious!


        • Joseph Archibald

          haha, and its kinda easy to “tap into” that love affair that Google has with a whole gamut of different sites if you just start thinking about it that bit more. Guest posting on “authority” blogs in your own niche is an excellent way of going about this!

          This whole thing is a lot of work – I agree, even with the spinning of articles, although, as you said, spinning cuts down a mountain of work. Therefore its wise to figure out if its going to be a profitable niche site in the first place. There are ways and means of doing that and perhaps Pat’s blog is not the right place to go through some of them right now 😉

          I understand what you mean when you say you are concerned about being a little on the spammy side. I think many IM’ers and SEO’ers feel a little uncomfortable about that also. But to read the argument that Pat has already made to Mani, and William and also Mark Mason – well, this line of thinking is plenty enough for me to feel perfectly comfortable in utilizing these methods to achieve my ultimate goals.

          After all, if you are not going to use these or similar methods then you are going to have a real hard job getting much of your content seen online because few people will ever come across it. And some folks would argue that if you are to use ezinearticles and the like, then you will get lots of eyeballs on your work. Yup, that can be the case, but why not get a few more thousand (or tens of thousands) eyeballs a month by achieving great rankings in the search engines to boot?

        • Christina (@CashCampfire)


          You have been a tremendous help. I can tell you know your stuff.

          I’ve already done pretty extensive research on the subject of finding profitable niches and keywords, so I feel comfortable in that arena. I have also been following Pat’s argument with Mani and Mark, which is why I’m really thinking about doing it – the article spinning I mean. They both make good arguments, but (and I never thought this would be possible because of how strongly I felt about it before) I’m actually leaning towards Pat’s side.

          There’s really no harm that can be done and you make a good point when you say, “why not get a few more thousand (or tens of thousands) eyeballs a month by achieving great rankings in the search engines to boot.”

          After all, you’re still providing valuable content and the articles are still based off of your own ideas. You’re not taking someone else’s article and spinning it around. You’re writing your own article and spinning around your own words.

          That is a key thing to consider.

        • Joseph Archibald

          it gives me real pleasure to share my previous experiences to help folks avoid the million and one mistakes I’ve made along the way, which in fact was the main essence of the WF 40 Day Challenge – that and the fact that I needed a boot in the rear end to re-focus on my own online goals which were gaining little progress at the time. I’d hit a plateau. It worked well and I’m now far more focused than I have been for a long time, and with more knowledge too, which is a great combination!

          I’ve toiled and troubled over these similar issues for a long while too Christina, and often – like yourself, and like many, many others too, its not sat at all comfortably with me – spinning articles (or as some folks would call it “rehashing”!), and then posting them around to various “points” on the web. But with more time and more thought about the whole process I now see it in the light that I have discussed in recent replies on this post.

          If you are providing good to great quality stuff, then why the heck not post it around where-ever you can and be damned proud of it too?! If I’m at my best when writing my articles, and then really focused when spinning them to create excellent and fresh new content, then I’m sure gonna be proud of my achievements and I urge you to do and be likewise!

    • Pat

      Hey Jackie! I’m REALLY glad you asked this question, because it’s super important that people understand this and where I’m coming from.

      Yes, I am creating new blogs at all of the top free blogging sites, such as blogger, tumblr, livejournal and wordpress (.com).

      On each, I simply post one or two blog posts (usually respun from existing articles), add a picture or two, maybe a video – all so that it doesn’t look like a spammy site – and then I leave it be.

      This is EXACTLY like publishing an article on EzineArticles (possibly even more powerful), because when you publish a new article on EzineArticles, even though Ezine is a PR6 or 7 website, your new article always starts out at PR0. But, it’s a very powerful PR0 because it’s associated with EzineArticles…it has that in the domain.

      Although these blogs start out “from scratch”, they provide powerful link juice because they are associated with the domain that their coming from. is a PR9, for example, and I’m sure the others are up there too. You don’t have to worry about boosting their pagerank (of course you can obviously through social bookmarking and mass article submissions which help the backlink to your site even more), but all you need it to do is get indexed. Once it’s indexed, Google sees a backlink coming from a relatively powerful blog, since it’s related/associated with those main blogging platforms.

      This is just like a Squidoo or Hubpages, except that it’s just a plain ol’ blog.

      Plus, these blogs gain a lot of ground quite fast. I’ve seen a lot of blogs in the top 10 for rankings (see keyword Twilight Posters, for example), which help even more.

      These free blogs are powerful, and you only need a few of them setup, from the sites that I mentioned.

      • Kevin Blakeley

        Hey pat, great work on this series so far. Any chance of providing the url to one of these blogs that we can look at?

      • Steve

        Hey Pat, do you also spend time setting using SEO plugins on your free WordPress,etc blogs? If so I assume you use the same keywords as your main article. Or are you not worried about SEO on these other free blog sites ,just the link juice?

        • Pat

          Good question Steve. I do some SEO stuff, but I don’t use any plugins.

          I make sure the blog title has the keyword. The post titles, and tagline as well. Images are named the keyword, and the alt tag for those images as well. And of course, backlinks coming to my site are using the keyword as well. It wouldn’t hurt to use an AllinOneSEO plugin to make the blog description include the keyword too. Doesn’t take very long using this method though :)

      • Christina (@CashCampfire)

        Thanks, Pat, for clearing up my main concerns! That makes a lot more sense now. However, it just seems a bit complex with all the blogs going live. Isn’t it a lot to maintain, with the comments and everything? Of course, you can always close comments, but a blog is really not the same without readers being able to express their thoughts. Then, really, it just becomes another website (at least, that’s how I see it).

        You also have to worry about design when starting new blogs from scratch like that. I’m way too picky with my design, so it would take me ages to find designs I was completely satisfied with if I ever went that route. That’s just me though. Not everyone is the same.

        • Pat

          It sounds complex, but really it’s not. It literally took 10 minutes to setup each of those sites.

          -Change the Title and Tagline.
          -Change the Theme.
          -Add in 1 Post using spun material, plus a video from youtube (doesn’t have to be yours, just related with the keywords), and a photo, and of course 1 backlink back to your main site using the keyword as the anchor text.

          And that’s it. Set and forget. No maintenance, no one is going to comment usually, and really it’s just there to be a shield for all of the article submissions and bookmarking that you do, which point to this site instead of directly to your own.

          Like you said, not everyone is the same, I just wanted to make sure you didn’t think this was a HUGE blog that we’re creating here.

          All the best, and thanks for keeping the conversation going, as I’m sure many others were wondering the same thing. Cheers!

        • Christina (@CashCampfire)

          Oh! I see. I had thought you were continuously posting articles to each new blog you created. This route sounds a lot simpler than what I previously thought.

          That’s actually a great idea. I’ll try doing something similar on WordPress to see where it takes me.

        • Jim

          Pat – I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but I thought I understood until you said “shield for all the article submissions and bookmarking that you do”. Are you saying your article submissions point to this new blog? I though the purpose of your article submission and these new backlinking blogs was all the same, which is to point back to your “money” site. -Thanks

        • Pat

          @Jim – my article submissions beyond the primary article marketing directories (ezinearticles, goarticles, etc…) indeed point to these secondary websites. The reason is because I’m using tools that create hundreds at a time. If I point 100s of backlinks to my money site at a time, I endanger the site and potentially red flag it. By using these secondary sites as shields, I can reduce toe red flag risk to virtually zero, but still get the link juice which passes through the “shield” onto my money site. This is the theory, at least, which has been done on other previous niche sites by case studies I’ve been following. Hope this helps!

  • Christina (@CashCampfire)

    Hi Pat!

    “Exactly 12 hours after I posted my previous niche site duel update, my niche site took a giant leap from #117 in Google (where it was sitting for about 5 days), to #58, and now it’s sitting at #53.” – Congratulations! All your hard work is really paying off. Thanks for sharing. Very motivating.

    “(sidenote: I’ve been getting a lot of emails about how to check your rankings in the search engines lately. Answer: How to Find Your Google Keyword SERPs Ranking)” – WOW! I’ve been wondering that for the past week, since you were describing where your site was in search engines. This answers A LOT!

    I’m thinking about investing in the Instant Article Factory and The Best Spinner once I have enough extra cash to spend. Right now money is tight, as I need to think about how much money I have to put aside for taxes.

    Thanks for describing the process for us. Sounds like you’ve been pretty busy! Also, don’t you also make money from Squidoo? Seems like a win/win to me.

    • Pat

      Hey Christina, I just responded to Jackie. Let me know what you think and if that makes sense, or if you have any other questions. Thanks!

      p.s. Yes, you can make money from squidoo too, good point, but links coming from free blogging platforms, as I discuss in my response to jackie, are easy to setup and help out a lot.

      • Christina (@CashCampfire)

        Thanks for the response, Pat. As I didn’t want to ignore this reply to my original comment, I’m putting a response here as well. I have no idea how you do it all. You’re like a robot – everywhere at once! I’d be surprised if you don’t work late nights.

        But, as long as you don’t get burned out, the more work you put in, the more it will pay off in the long run.

  • Kevin Blakeley

    Do you post under a different name on ezine articles? I wanted to take a look at some of the articles you posted but when I searched for you I only found this:


    The Best Spinner is something that you definitely need for these things, it’s simply amazing. As for the backlinks strategy, I would also use something like blog blueprint for building backlinks. However, stick with what you have for now but consider that tool if you’re not seeing the results that you want. P.S. Feel free to contact me and I’ll show you my exact numbers with it.

    • Pat

      Hey Oscar – I’m definitely interested in seeing the results. Just got familiar with blog blueprint over the weekend, and it looks like a powerful tool.

  • Ireti @ Centre for Personal Development Blog

    Hi Pat,

    I have been waiting for this post long time ago and i can confidently tell you that you delivered. My expectation was satisfied. Great post with useful implementable strategies. Really it all centres around creating killer contents but i like the idea of using services like The Best Spinner to re-spin articles for submission into other sites. Things would have been a bit difficult if such services are not in the market. The other option will be to outsource it.

    Can’t thank you enough pat for sharing such a powerful strategy for ranking high in google. Wishing you success in your niche site challenge. Quick one: Wat is the website address of your niche site? Want to follow up and see how things are going real time.

    • Pat

      Thanks Ireti, I’m glad this post lived up to your expectations. The Best Spinner has really helped get things off the ground quite fast, especially since I don’t have any full time VAs working for me like the other guys.

      Oh, and my niche site is at security guard traininghq (dot) com – no spaces, I just don’t want to skew the search engines by linking to it directly.

  • Moon Hussain

    Hey Pat,

    Nice! Sounds like you’re doing the same thing I am. I’ll have to post a review of Unique Article Wizard in the next few weeks. Just giving it a bit more time to see if it helps with the rankings.

    Oscar received better results with Blog Blueprint vs. UAW, I’m in the process of determining 😉

    • Pat

      Awesome, I’m interested in seeing your results. Let me know when they are posted. Cheers!

  • Landon


    Thanks for the great article. I am blogger just starting out (I’ve been only doing it for 3 months!) but I have already learned so much on your blog.


    • Pat

      Awesome Landon, thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your support. Best of luck to you!

  • Clay

    Once again, thanks for sharing Pat. I really look forward to these updates. I have a few articles up on eZine but I’m really still feeling my way along. This backlink article really helps.
    Until next time, Thanks.

    • Pat

      Glad I could help, Clay. Cheers!

  • John Corcoran

    Hey Pat:

    This post is excellent. This is one area where I’ve really been confused.

    I’ve wanted to publish some articles to other blogs to drive traffic to my blog but I wasn’t sure where to start.

    I was also inspired to take some of my blog postings and convert them into a PDF/ebook after hearing about your success doing so.

    I am an attorney, and my blog is titled California Law Report. Here it is:

    I wrote a lot of blog postings on foreclosures, short sales, and other distressed real estate matters, so I had a lot of content already I could put into an ebook. I figured I’d put it all together and see if anyone was interested.

    The result is the Foreclosure Legal Guide. You can check it out here: (spam filter removed link).

    It’s just been up for a few days and I haven’t done too much publicizing it yet. I’m planning on taking some of the chapters and following this advice to submit it to ezinearticles and other sites.

    Thanks again,

    John Corcoran
    California Law Report

  • Liz

    Hi Pat. Well done so far. Your strategies are very enlightening. Have you considered Posterous for publishing your content to your Web2.0 sites? With one email you can publish to a network of sites. Keep up the good work. I’m enjoying watching (and learning from) your experience.

    • Pat

      I have that service, although I only post a couple of articles/posts on the web2.0 sites, then I let them be. I just worry about them getting indexed, and not so much about continuously updating them, to get that link juice that I want :)

      Thanks though, good call with Posterous, great tool.

      • Joseph Archibald

        Add in Amplify to Posterous. Amplify is a superby tool – you pick out snippets from your chosen post and highlight them using the Amplify add-on (which sits in the Firefox browser). Then pretty much click and add in a little of your own text describing the post and voila! – you just got yourself a Goog PR6 do-follow backlink, and other folks who use Amplify can also follow your postings and comment. Plus it can be hooked into the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

        A wonderful tool for SEO and internet marketing, and its free!

  • Kim P

    Great post and good to see you weren’t sandboxed as you thought!

    Thanks for answering Jackie’s and Christina’s question because I was a bit confused about that when Tyrone mentioned it too.

    Maybe I missed something or I’m not catching on too quickly, but are you submitting articles to each blog and each article directory everyday, or are you submitting articles to certain directories on specific days?

    • Pat

      Hey Kim – for each of those web 2.0 sites, I just paste one or two spun articles, and leave it be. I don’t bother posting any new content on there.

      As far as how often I work on this strategy, I did not mention that. My apologies. I try to do one good article everyday, which I then spend 30 minutes spinning which I can turn into 10-20 different articles, all from the same father article. I usually do social bookmarking and mass article submissions every other day. It’s not a perfect system, and sometimes I just work when I can, but so far so good. As long as you kust keep going at it, I don’t think it’s necessary to do it every day, as long as content just keeps coming. Obviously once a month might be too slow, but I think you know what I mean . :)

  • Michael

    Hi Pat,

    Is it possible and good for seo (extra links) to put articles and create extra posts on english directories when you work with “dutch” articles because I have a site in the dutch language?


    • Pat

      Hey Michael, I’m pretty sure it would help. I don’t know if article directories would accept non-English articles, but you can have someone translate them for you, and a link to your site in the resource box definitely would help, at least I would think so. You can definitely create web 2.0 blogs and put your dutch content in there though!

  • Shajjad

    I am waiting last 4 days for this post after reading your content Strategy . And its really awesome post ever i seen on this topics “Backlink Strategy”.
    Its first time that any blogger suggest to make some free blogs and posting content on some web 2.0 sites which you mention in this post.
    Can you tell me how these free site will help our main niche blog?


    • Pat

      Hey Shajjad, read my response to Jackie’s comment above. It explains how it works.

      • Shajjad

        Thanks for reply. Now its clear to me that what you will going to do with these free blog at web 2.0 sites. Its so interesting for me and i am impressed in this point..And i will going to make some free blog as like as you. …….

  • Edge of David

    Good thinking to build backlinks to your anchor text links, most don’t do that. I use over bookmarking demon. If you have the money it is worth it. If you are just starting out like most of your audience probably is, it’s good to just stick to social poster or social marker.

  • Christine

    Thanks for sharing those spinner products, Pat. I never knew such a thing existed. For someone, like myself, who writes a lot, has a hard time coming up with content and/or gets stuck in a rut at times, and needs to socialize the content… these are awesome tools. I look forward to trying them out.

  • Paul

    thanks for sharing some more great tips. Rewriting content to submit to various article directories is probably the most time consuming part of article marketing.

    Just wondering… are you linking your articles and web 2.0 blogs to each other or are you linking these to only your main site?

  • sjay

    Thanks Pat for sharing all your secrets here. I learned lot of tricks as you have shown how to start a new blog from the scratch. I love the idea of Best Spinner. Hope it will work out for me.

  • Usman Ahmed

    Hey Pat, was wondering if you invested in Backlinks hydra? If so was it worth it?

    • Pat

      I have – it’s a great program. I’m learning a lot of new techniques with it, although I must say I haven’t used any of them yet. They are a little more advanced, and I want to stick to the stuff most people here can do for themselves, at least for now.

  • Omar

    Hey Pat…. Awesome Article! Quick question though do you link your Web 2.0 sites to your the articles on the article directories for more juice or to your main site? Hopefully this isn’t a dumb question….. just trying to get around all this lingo.

    • Pat

      Hey Omar – NOT a dumb question. A very good one really, and actually that’s not a bad idea. I don’t do this yet, but I don’t see how it could hurt any. Maybe just linking to one article from a blog would work, in addition to the backlink to my niche site. On squidoo, I do have about 4 or 5 links pointing directly to approved ezinearticle articles I’ve written.

  • Tiffany

    Sounds like a pretty solid backlinking plan. I have heard The Best Spinner is pretty good. I use Rapid Rewriter and have been pretty happy with that so far. The only thing I find is that it takes awhile to rewrite one article but I rewrite each sentence at least 3 times so that gives me plenty of original versions to work with. The only downside is trying to reword the article and not getting too bored doing it!

  • Bryan @ Free At Home Jobs

    Thanks for the new article directory (Article Blast). Never had heard of that before until I saw it here. Always love adding a new AD to my list! Also – Your strategy reminds me of a similar one I’m delveloping, except that it’s more of a linkwheel on steriods. I’m testing the overall plan and so far, so good. But I will say that your last few posts on regarding the “Niche Duel” have definitely helped boost some of my motivation for my own projects. Keep at it man – Looking forward to following this as you go long term to see what results you get!

  • Erik

    Hey Pat, great post once again. Can see that you have based your strategy on the long post in the Warrior Forum you linked to recently. I will have to give it a try too, so far I have used a strategy of mixed back links consisting of forum comments, forum signatures, social bookmarking etc. I used some freelancers to build these links and it seems to be working well as the site has now jumped to 26th position in google (according to Market Samurai)… now it’s high time to expand and upgrade my content! Once that’s done I will go for articles and will try out your strategy.

  • American Gothic Costume

    I can’t believe how transparent you are! As I’m reading the comments, I think – I wish we could see that site – or, I wonder what that article would look like – AND you just link it up. You make me think I can do this if I just stay focused and follow some basic steps. Thanks, again!

  • Nilendu

    Hey Pat,

    Thanks a lot for sharing in detail you process. I have been doing a lot of research and in fact creating a niche site myself also, and this is really helpful and also confirms what I have been reading. It has raised my belief in this process.


  • HisNibbs

    Do you RSS the aggregated site links?

  • Narendra

    Hi Pat,

    I am really surprised that nobody asked this question

    The manual directory submits service that you mentioned in your previous article worked wonders for you. Am I right?

    Now your niche site ranked nicely, do you give credit to this service you hired (Professional and Quality Manual Directory Submissions Service Fast – Slow – GUARANTEED)?

    Please can you shed some more light on this service like how much you spend on this and your take on this service because it helped you rank higher and quicker etc.

    Thanks Pat.


    • Pat

      Good question, and really I don’t think I was as badly effected as I thought I was, but I did see no movement for a number of days after I did that purchase, and from the research I’ve done and speaking with some SEO experts, it was not a smart move and probably didn’t help at all. I think I made the huge jump because Google finally “forgave me”, if that makes sense.

  • Brian

    Hey Pat – I’ve held off commenting on this topic before but because you are so influential to so many people you should probably devote a little time to the risks associated with using article spinners.

    I haven’t ever used a spinner (and don’t plan to) and many IMers won’t use them either – they are quite controversial after all. You stated that your spun articles were even accepted by Ezine but this could simply be because everything was submitted to all the article directories at the same time. Spun articles are notorious for having large percentages of non-unique content and if you don’t take enough time with them they could get you in trouble with certain sites.

    I’m not knocking your plan because I know it will work (at the least in the short-term and quite possibly the long-term too) but it seems to be slightly short-term focused and a little more risky compared to your usual plan of doing things by the book, safe, and with high quality. One could easily argue that you are using these low quality short-term beneficial links from spun articles to get the ball rolling for the eventual natural backlinks and traffic to take over down the road. You could simply be waiting for these natural backlinks to take over for links from spun articles as the spun articles slowly get deindexed but many of your readers may not fully understand this up front.

    A lot of your readers (looking through the comments above and in your recent posts on article spinning) have never heard of spinners before and these are the types of people that could get in trouble using them.


    • Pat

      Hey Brian, I appreciate your comment and honesty. However, I do make sure to go over the top when I spin the articles so that they are as unique as possible. Like I mentioned in the post, I always read what I publish too, so it’s not a low-quality submission.

      Although many IMers don’t use them, many DO and have had great success using them too, without any repercussions. Sure, they are controversial, but isn’t article marketing itself, the idea of just posting content to receive a backlink to your site to climb the search engines, somewhat controversial as well? Do you really think people are posting on these article sites because they just want to provide content for these sites’ audiences? Just my 2 cents.

      I did my research, and have experimented with this particular spinner already, and I wouldn’t have posted about the spinners if I didn’t think they were useful or helpful.

      Again, thanks for your honesty, and I’m glad you highlighted your points just so people here are at least aware of the possibilities of what could happen if they don’t use the spinners properly.

      • Brian

        Pat thanks for your quick response – I have no doubt that you use spinners very carefully and with the most caution; I’ve felt that having read all of your posts mentioning spinners – I just don’t want others to use them poorly and get themselves in trouble.

        I also know many IMers do use them and use them successfully which is why I said your plan would work but I contend that posting articles for backlinks is not as controversial as you suggest. In the real world a small restaurant that opens up may serve the best food in the world but to succeed that business has to market their products via TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, etc. They need to start generating traffic and revenue early enough in their business operations for them to not fail. If they rely on the quality of their food starting a word-of-mouth campaign the campaign is unlikely to reach critical mass before the company fails even if the food is the best in town. No one would argue that advertising the business is controversial and in the online world advertising our business has to do with building backlinks to a point where customers start coming in the door. It’s not a perfect analogy I know, but it gets the point across.

        I agree that your plan will work – your article marketing will get your niche site visibility and then the content of the site will start spreading natural links and traffic but I don’t feel that the link building to achieve visibility is controversial – It’s just marketing. Spinners are a way of speeding up the marketing process but they need to be used very carefully and I’m not sure a person new to this concept would grasp the need to be very careful with spinners.

        As always I and most of your readers love your honesty and transparency and look forward to what’s to come from you and your blog. I’m always rooting for you – I just wanted to highlight the counterargument for informational sake. Thanks for letting me sound off on your site. -Brian

        • Pat

          Point well taken, Brian. And I’m always happy to let people speak their voice here. It’s all about community, and if I wanted to not have valuable conversations like this I’d turn my comments off.

          Thanks again Brian. Cheers!

  • Paul

    Hey Pat,
    How many articles on each site for each keyword are you posting? Other niche site “programs” say you should do about 5 article for each key word. Just wondering what numbers you’ve been getting success with. Thanks.

    • Pat

      Hey Paul! I haven’t had enough time or experience to give you a real recommendation, but 5 sounds like it could work. I don’t think doing more will hurt though – more backlinks right?

  • Mani

    I have been reading your blog for the past few months and have been greatly influenced by you. You have achieved success that people only dream about. Everything was fine till last month when you started talking aggressively about niche websites. Even the fact that you are covering your niche strategy in detail is a great thing because a lot of people believe in what you say. I also really like the niche that you have selected, the only thing is that it is more of an authority site rather than a niche site, which I feel dilutes the purpose of this competition. Your challenge with the other person is not one one one. His is a real niche as desined by all niche marketers, but yours is probably not; it’s more like an authority site.

    Also, for the purpose of getting backlinking, I was expecting that you will actually not resort to multiple article submission. By writing one article and then spinning it 20 times does give you 21 articles. But what is the total value that it has added? I know there are people out there who are desparate to make money online, so they will create all this type of junk. But for you, you have already acheived great success and respect? What’s the hurry that you have to resort to getting these artificial backlinks? I value everything you say and do. But these kind of activities just upset me.

    • Pat

      Hey Mani, I really appreciate your comment and your honesty. I truly do, and it’s thoughts like this that I love because they make people aware of what’s going on.

      I don’t regret any of the techniques I’m using. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not hurting anybody by spinning articles. Compare it to press releases…you write a short article, and send it out to many places (the SAME exact article), hoping to get backlinks or people to bite into your story. The content on the original article is great, and when I spin it I make sure the content is just as good. Again, I mentioned carefully looking over each article in my post, so it’s not just a hit a button and send technique. I hope you see where I’m coming from, and if you don’t agree I totally understand. We all have our opinions and each should be respected.

      As far as the difference between an authority site or niche site, I don’t really see why that matters, or even how you can really define what is a niche. Security guard training IS a niche. There is a market for it. Trust me, I’ve done my research, and there are several sites that specifically target people looking up security guard training and sell products and courses. If my niche site can turn into an authority site, then that’s even better for me because I can do more with it than a small site about one or two products.

      One last question if you can answer it for me please. I know you don’t like the spinning technique, because you believe it doesn’t add any real value. Then, why aren’t you upset about people creating small niche sites that are only there to be the middle man and include an affiliate link to make money. Do those provide any real value as well? I think it could, yes, but by the sounds of it it seems like you’re favoring these small one product niche sites over a bigger niche site that could possibly become an authority and actually be really useful for people. I don’t get it.

      Please do respond, as I’d love to hear your insight on this. Thanks Mani.

      • Joseph Archibald

        Very good discussion going on here. I agree with Pat and William regards to spinning content and posting out to different directories and other websites however.

        Online, the example would be – as Pat cited – press releases, which tend to be released with no spinning of content whatsoever. And can be sent to thousands of other blogs and websites around the net, simply in an attempt to gain exposure to interested parties.

        Offline, newspapers do not even bother to spin different articles either, but still release hundreds of thousands of different issues each and every day. One copy fits all, and that’s it. People still bye newspapers every day because there is a great demand for high quality content (or low quality content in some cases).

        And I also agree with Pat in that a niche site and an authority site (or a super site, call it what you will) are one and the same. I have a number of niche sites that are over a hundred pages, which are therefore also classed as authority sites because the content has been thoroughly researched and well written and is popular with quite a number of folks who enjoy those particular niches. They fit in a specific well-defined niche, and as such are indeed niche sites. Perhaps when they started out they were sub-sub niche sites, but they’ve now grown to be niche sites, which fit well into a number of sub niches within a niche. Hope that’s kinda clear 😉

        Nevertheless, as mentioned, good to get some discussion going about this as I believe a lot of people are confused (and perhaps bewildered) regards these issues.

      • Mani

        Hello Pat,

        I am glad you replied. First I will answer your question.

        I absolutely hate those mini niche website which provide nothing but an affiliate link to make money. I wish someone could do something to ban them completely from the internet :)

        As far as your website is concerned, I really like the idea behind the Security Guard Training website, and I think it’s a great thing to do. All I am was saying is that it’s like a niche authority site, which is great.

        Like you said, it doesn’t really matter if it’s a niche or an authority website, but people tend to differentiate, so I went with the flow.

        I am convinced that Security Guard Training website will turn out to be great and a very valuable resource. But my point was that you could have done it without create multiple copies of the same articles. In due course, you will anyway get natural backlinks.

        When a user is searching online, he may come across and read many such articles. But everytime he reads a different articles, he practically learns nothing new because it’s just a spinend article. This is different from print news, because people will generally subscribe to one or two news papers.

        Regarding press realeases, they are equally junk.

        Have a great day!

        • Kala

          Mani I hear yah, I’m a bit bothered by this spinning.Yes it would make my life easier, I didn’t even know such a thing existed. But I was myself thinking “wow I wish i could easily rewrite this and post it somewhere else,” as I have two blogs that have some overlap in mission. So I guess lots of folks wanted this. But you are totally right it creates a lot of fluff info on the web. It almost feels like the housing market before it burst!

  • Bo

    Hey Pat thanks for info. Quick question. Once you make “fake” blogs to backlink from, are they now static or do you do anything else with them? Can you use those same accounts to backlink other projects or is that a no no?

    Once I’m ready for internet business academy i’ll be sure to use your link. Thanks again.

    • Kevin Blakeley

      I was going to post the same question. I was thinking of using the same “fake” blog to point back to the original niche sites, but was afraid of the negative side affects. Anyone have thoughts on that approach?

    • Pat

      Hey Bo – I wouldn’t link to other projects. it’s really easy to setup a new one, especially if you use spun content, for new projects. Plus, linking to multiple projects, especially if they are in different industries, could raise a red flag. Probably not, but better safe than sorry.

    • Texas Graphic Designer

      I think in order not to get flaged is to create a reputable blog with meaningful content. Meaning no adsense, or advertising.Then you go can do your back linking which relates to that niche. Just my two cents. This way you can send it to blog catalog and have a better chance of getting more hits. Its worked for me.

  • William Robison

    Hey Mani and Pat,
    I think there is some validity to each arguement. However, I believe in Pat’s method for one main reason. When he spins an article, it is not in hopes that his target consumer will read each of these different articles and find his site to be any more authoritative. Pat is trying to write one article that will be compelling to that prospect to go to his website and get further information of value. I think the real reasoning behind the spinning is getting left out of the discussion. As I understand it, spinning will take unique content, change it around a bit, then at the authors discretion, it should be proofread, which Pat does, then submitted to DIFFERENT article sites. This isnt an attempt to be read by the same reader. It is an attempt to gain credit from the search engines for addition backlinks. The consumer is not suffering from the spinning, the author is merely being competitive in a highly competitive internet market. If he doesnt, then potential consumers that actually CAN benefit from the extensive research that Pat, or another author, has put into the information that he his providing might not be found. Then who would be “hurt”? If the original content ws truely of value, why not be able to be competitive in our extremely competitive world. To wait would be detrimental to any business, large or small.

    He is ultimately looking for one consumer at a time, to look at a variety of different article sites and choose one. I find that a well proofread article, resubmitted to different sites to be beneficial to the consumer so that the true valuable information found at the niche site, can be found by a variety of consumers.

    As for niche vs authority site. Im not sure I understand the arguement. There might be specific niche’s within security guard work, but I dont believe that someone looking at that line of work would seek information in a more narrow topic than that which is defined as security guard training. Maybe Mani is referencing the multiple state information. I dont think that is limiting or hendering the info, I think it is expanding the audience and creating state specific information, rather than keeping it generic like too many niche sites do.

    Regardless of how Pat eventually monetizes, I still believe that he is providing some value to the consumer by seeking state specific information rather than just providing an affiliate link as a middle man.

    Mani, all the best in your success. Hopefully some understanding is created. Pat, keep driving and teaching us. Those that are looking for a pioneer to lead the way so the rest of us can learn is a remaining value. It is up to each successive person to follow the right or not-so-right business model.

  • Eunice Coughlin


    Thanks again for valuable content that’s not just in your original post but in the comments as well! I’ve been building a niche site that has no competition right now and I’m at this stage of adding backlinks so very helpful there, too. I’ve always been reluctant to use article spinners b/c of the lack of quality but I will check out the ones you recommend and definitely read over the articles before submitting.

    A couple of questions. At what point do you decide to monetize your niche sites? Are there certain benchmarks you look for? You may have already covered this in another post. Thanks, again, for sharing your experience with us.

    • Pat

      I don’t think there’s any real point in monetizing a site until you are getting traffic. Of course, if you are paying for traffic via advertisements then it would be wise to monetize the site before you go along with your campaigns, but if you’re just doing natural search engine traffic, nothing happens until you get close to the (or actually on) the first page of Google.

      Of course, you don’t need to wait if you already have a plan, because like I said no one will see the site until it gets to the front of Google, and you can have monetization in place for when that happens, which could be anytime if you’re creeping up the rankings.

      I think a plan should at least be in place before you even start your niche site. You don’t want to finally get traffic and then scramble around searching for things to sell – that’s not the way to do it. I’ve had a monetization plan for this site, I just haven’t implemented it yet, and I will share that with everyone sometime soon. Hope this helps!

  • Vipul

    Hi.. wondering if you’ve ever used “Comment Kahuna” for adding backlinks? It’s a free service.

  • Kevin Blakeley

    I just want to say thank you to Pat, Tyrone, and the others that have joined this challenge for being so open about everything. I can’t believe how much I am learning through the articles, but also all of the discussion that is taking place on each article. Everyone is keeping the conversation very professional and constructive, and I hope that keeps up. Its amazing that some people are paying hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for information like this that we are all getting for free. Awesome series and I love all the interaction.

    • Shey

      I totally agree! I’m reading these articles 2 years after they were originally published and learning so much! I have paid other people so that I could learn how to get into this blogging world, hoping someday to leave my day to day job and it amazes me how much content Pat gives away for free! From the podcasts to awesome videos and wonderful content. Don’t stop Pat!! You are a great teacher.

  • Renate

    I’ve started following your blog and Tyrone’s. And also The Challenge which covers a lot of this for newbies like me.

    Weird thing is though. I stumbled upon this page about 2-3 weeks ago, and the week after I saw this blog for the first time – I got laid off. Luckily for me, my job is mostly for pocket money, as I’m 19 and a student. But still. Maybe I should have a go at making a niche site.

  • Mark Mason

    I hate this spinning discussion. Let’s say Pat has the cure for cancer and he posts it on his blog. Curing cancer is good. So Pat spins articles about curing cancer and posts them everywhere so he can help the most people while plating by the rules that GOOGLE has set.

    So what about security guards? Pat’s site rocks. It will help people that are thinking about becoming a security guard. Securtiy guards are a help to society. It’s all good.

    So what if Pat “advertises” his site by placing similar content all over the web? It’s not like the web is “full” and Pat is harming someone by taking up too much space.

    It seems acceptable for Toyota to place the same add on every TV network and run it over and over. It’s OK for AP to syndicate their content everywhere. Why not Pat.

    Not to mention the fact that Pat is only doing this because Google’s algorithms are too poor to tell good content from bad content. I would argue that if Pat Does not do something to rank his site, he is being unfair to all those readers out therebat NEED him but cannot find him.

    Failing to properly promote your site when there are people to help profitably is A lot bigger sin than syndicating 47 very similar but different copies of a good article.

    If you want to take a stand against someone, get mad at Google. They have an inferior product that relies on backlinks — yet they make Billions of dollars each year from it. That’s the problem, not Pat.


  • Jared

    Very interesting strategy. I liked it at first, but then I found one thing that kind of bothered. Who is Pete Chamberlain. Are you Pete Chamberlain? He apparently likes to “golf and be with my family,” but is he real?

    The best thing about this blog is the transparency? Why not use the same strategy over on your niche site?

    • Pat

      Hey Jared – thanks for bringing this up. I am indeed using a Pen name on my articles and my profiles that relate to my niche site. I don’t see any problem with this, and we’ve talked about this on previous posts before. It’s a very common practice and is only done so that my name is not associated with other sites that I don’t feel relevant to ones I’ve already done. Especially because I’m reporting about my niche site here on this blog and I’ll eventually be talking about how to monetize the site, etc.

      It is all about transparency – indeed, which is why I’m happy to tell you that he is me. And I do enjoy golf and being with my family.

      I hope you can see where I’m coming from Jared.

      Samuel Clemens used the pen name Mark Twain, but he still produced wonderful literary pieces of work, and no one hates him for using a pen name.

  • Sean Matthews

    Hi Pat,

    I’m curious of a couple of different things. First off, how did you get a backlink from I have tried creating a free blog with good content and when I post a link to my site they remove my blog. I’ve heard your suppose to create at least 5 post before they will allow you a backlink. My blog was on the topic of affiliate marketing.

    My other question is do you have some of your web 2.0 sites linking to your other web 2.0 sites?

    You mentioned you create web 2.0 sites, but how many do you create? For instance, let’s say you create one for wordpress, one for livejournal and etc. Do you create more using a different username or just keep posting to the same blog you created the first time?

    Do you submit a different spun version of your article to each article directory? or do you just submit the same spun article to different directories after you submit to E-zine similar to syncidation?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    P.S. I also have the plugin to create a checkbox to sign up for e-mail list in my comment area. How do you get it to stay unchecked? For some reason, my box always stay checked so whenever people comment they usually end up joining and then leaving since they didn’t make the conscious choice to joint.

    • Pat

      Are you adding pictures and a video into your blog posts to make them more relevant? Plus, I only include one link and that’s it, and make sure the content is unique (from a spun article) and useful.

      Maybe it’s the topic that you’re writing about, affiliate marketing. It could trigger a red flag or something.

      Right now, I don’t have my 2.0 sites linking to other ones at the moment.

      As for how many, I just create one for each platform. Actually, I have two wordpress ones, but that was because I’m testing something on one of them. So far, only the 2 wordpress, squidoo, tumblr, blogger and I’m going to do a livejournal soon. That’s it.

      For the article directories, each article directory gets a uniquely spun article. I never submit the same article in more than just one spot. After you spin it once though, you can just click a button and it spits out another version in less than a second.

      Lastly, which plugin are you using? If it’s subscriber’s magnet, there should be a setting to automatically check it or not somewhere.

  • Alex Yeo

    Happened to found your site through Mason. You really share a lot of good stuffs here. :)

    As someone who has published more than 500+ articles on ezinearticles (I used various pen names), I can say that article marketing still works, but it’s not as powerful now, compared to few years ago.

    If possible, I would prefer to find authority sites which allows users to post content with backlinks. I could generate more traffic directly from the site and build my backlinks as well. Article marketing 2.0 :)

  • John

    Great tips as always!! Do you have any tips on a good way to use craigslist?

  • Jacob Sokol

    World Class Content Dude!

    Quick question: I noticed google is starting to return results for tags from my “word cloud”. Is that a bad thing that i’ll be penalized for?

  • Sunil from The Extra Money Blog


    What you just talked about is Link Wheeling.

    The intent is noble – however don’t you think Google and other engines are now sophisticated enough to realize the various articles posted are really from the same core content (after spinning them)?

    Not only that, don’t you think the interlinking (for the purposes of adding link juice) is something the engines have become familiar with.

    What are your thoughts on potentially spamming the internet with the same content said in different ways?

    I have used LW successfully in the past. What are your thoughts on engines penalizing this activity and washing away the effort going forward and thus hurting websites that have already benefited from this activity?

    • Pat

      Sunil – we are at the mercy of the search engines, and really at any moment they can change the rules and crush us for anything.

      That being said, detecting properly spin material would seem to be nearly impossible. If I can create an article that is 75% unique that can spin into literally over 1,000,000 different versions, then Google is going to have to be very sophisticated to understand the difference between spun articles, vs. things with exact matches like press released or news syndication.

      Like many of the commenters above said (please see Mark Mason’s comment above), why can’t I syndicate my material?

      I doubt we would get penalized for something like this, because if that were the case, I could build a link wheel around your site right now and Google would penalize you for it, and that just wouldn’t be fair.

      Lastly, if Google were smart enough to figure all of this stuff out, then they’d be able to properly place pages in the correct order based on relevancy and good content, but of course that’s not always the case.

  • jose prochmann

    Wow, this is great info. I am new in the biz, and have started to learn and do exactly what you are saying; specially article marketing. On your list above , are there sites you should do before others? Or are there ones that are larger and can get the back links needed to to get started…. and other smaller ones to follow?
    My other question is, when posting an article can I post the same aritcle on my blog as on other sites…. how does that work really ?? Hey thx for the info in advance.

  • Nick

    Another good website to submit articles on is Bukisa. You can earn money for the views you receive. At the moment $3.22 for every 1000 views you receive on all your articles. Plus I like the community there. I would love to make a guest post about why use Bukisa, since my blog is not about that kind of stuff. It also has a referral system. I will not post my referral link though because getting referrals is not the point of this comment.

  • EDL

    Ouch, i was just happily looking into that tempting Bookmarking Demon tools, until I saw that deep $147. But the freebie social marker tool works just as well, even on a more manual level. Thanks for the heads up, Pat, and keep kicking butt.

  • KimP

    There’s some great detail in the comments here, so much so I’m going to print this out!

    Sometimes I really wish you had a forum here Pat, because there’s always great dialogue and people sharing in the comments.

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  • Justin

    Anyone know if you add a link on a high PR site that isn’t related to your content and website, do you still get decent link juice?

    • Pat

      Hey Justin – from what I understand based on my research, it doesn’t matter how relevant the site is to yours, you will still get decent link juice if it’s from a high PR site. It would probably make more sense if relevancy counted (and I think it should), but it doesn’t.

      • Eunice Coughlin

        @Justin and @Pat,

        It’s probably going to count now, stop giving Google ideas! 😉

  • Salman @ ipadforfree

    Pump up the jam pat! What i’ve learned over the period of time is that blog posts on authoritative do-follow blogs tend to get higher page rank over the period of time as their visitors tweet and digg and stumble their posts. So blog commenting is a definite yes for me and has helped me rank on page one for various keywords

  • Dirty Roger

    Hey Pat,

    Thanks for all the great info, recently yourself and tyrone and been a massive influence. I’ve been following this niche duel and have been competing myself quietly in the background. I’ve picked my niche, got the site running, getting hits so its going to plan. My niche is a little har dot work with as its sexual health and the search engines and forums don’t always like the sex topic as they think its porn.

    I have a question about my google ranking. I’m ranked at 283 for my chosen keyword and i’m hapy with that as i’m only just about to start my backlinking but one of my articles rates higher (177). Why would this be?

    sorry about the long post


    • Pat

      Hey Roger – great question, and you know that’s not that uncommon. Joseph Archibald who did that 40 day challenge on Warrior Forum found that one of his web 2.0 sites was ranking higher than his for a while, and the reason is because those sites (the article sites and web 2.0 sites) are associated with higher authority pages with a huge page rank, so Google gives them a little more authority and preference at the beginning. Soon, however, if you keep sending juice over to your “money site”, things should work out in the end in the correct order. It takes a while and some time for Google to figure everything out. Hope this helps!

      • Dirty Roger

        Hey thanks for quick reply, what you say makes sense. But the article is not
        on another site its within mine itself. Its only been up since saturday and only got indexed a few days ago so I guess the same thing still applies, google
        will take some time to sort everything out.

        Thanks pat

        Loving ya work!

        • Pat

          Ahh – sorry, I misread that. Yeah, that happens sometimes too, they may like your inner pages more, as they may contain more content and or SEO optimization factors related to your keyword, such as more instances of your keyword in the URL, or sometimes a better description, etc. If for some reason this particular page seems to climb much higher in the future, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to work on optimizing and creating backlinks specifically for this page, since Google seems to love it for some reason. Cheers!

  • Dirty Roger

    Thanks pat i’ll have a good look at my article and see what i learn from it that google may like.

    If i may ask how is yours ranking at the moment? You getting many hits?
    Any further plans on how to monetise the site?

    thanks again


    • Pat

      Right now, I’m ranking 37 in Google. About 50 hits per day, probably mostly from people following the challenge, but a lot coming from Article directories too actually. Monetization plan will be a post in the near future :)

  • Jérôme

    This is good tips. I also try to make posts everywhere as possible as I can. But unfortunately, I can’t feel yet the effect of such a practice. I hope that all this time invested in making post elsewhere will be profitable one day.

  • George Perez

    Awesome information, I saw your information on youtube and clicked on your blog. You have a lot of good information I can use for my business. Thank you for all the great tips you provide on this site for free.

  • George Perez

    I signed up for your newsletter

  • Steve

    Hey Pat,

    Great job, I have a follow up question… I understand the concept of submitting a spun article to article directories. They allow you to link to your site in the Writer profile section, which I have shared my main website URL. But if the concept is to promote one new article/blog post then if you submit a spun article to the article submission site without a link to your original specific article than you won’t get link juice for that particular article and thus I don’t see the point. You will get a link to your main blog which helps but it does not isolate the article/keywords you are really looking for. I looked at your Ezine Article example and you only linked to your main page. Are you just trying to get traffic to your site or individual posts? Thanks again!

    • Pat

      Hey Steve – let me try to clarify for you.

      There is a layer of websites (let’s call them anchor sites) that link directly to your “money site” – these are the Major Article Directory Websites, and Web 2.0 Properties (squidoo, wordpress, blogger, livejournal, tumblr, etc.). Again, these all have direct links back to your main site.

      There is also an “outer layer” of websites that point directly to your anchor sites, and not directly to your own. This is where mass article submissions come into play (and by mass I mean hundreds of different article directories – NOT the major ones used in the first layer). We’re pointing these mass articles to the anchor sites and not our money site because if we flood out our money site with a ton of links at the same time, it will become suspicious and raise a red flag, since our money site is new. By pointing these at the anchor sites, we don’t have to worry about raising a red flag because those anchor sites are well established and have several thousand links coming to them every day anyways. Even though we’re not pointing directly to our money site, that link juice gets passed from those mass article submissions, THROUGH our anchor sites and onto our own site.

      Let me know if that helps…or just confused you even more


  • Brandon

    Great article Pat I’ve found it really helpful.

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  • Zach


    There’s one point in this whole thing that I don’t seem to get: Why do you need to “spin” articles in the first place? Why can’t you take the original article and submit that to all the directories?

    Are you submitting the original article to all the directories AND wanting to spin it and submit it again? If this is the case, then I agree that it seems a little spammy. I understand that you’re technically playing by Google’s rules but still it seems that this way you would become top ranked not by actual legitimate human traffic, but more by Google’s crawling all the backlinks and shell-blogs being setup. (I’m not trying to be negative, but just trying to undertand.. thanks!).

    Also when setting up the sub-blogs– are you worried about people finding these blogs and finding little value in the sub-blog itself? How do you protect the sub-blogs from being found?


    • Pat

      Hey Zazhch,

      Great question.

      I think the reason and motivation behind all of this spinning is so that each article on each website we post to is relatively unique. Some directories won’t accept articles that have been posted on other sites.

      We’re not submitting an article, spinning it and submitting it on the same exact website – that indeed would be spammy.

      Re: the sub blogs, I don’t think you want those to be hidden. In fact, the more visibility they have, the more visibility your “money site” will have too. I make sure to most decent content on these sub blogs, with the ability to learn more on the “money site”, so that there is less “lower value” on those sites. It’s more of an introduction with a lead into the money site if that makes sense.

      Fantastic questions, thanks Zach!

  • Allan Urizar

    Hey Pat i have a question.

    this is the way i do my backlinking can you tell me if it’s right

    first i post my article in my main website

    then i send i message to all my social media sites with and asking people to go to my website and read the article using the link

    then i submit that article to the article sites with traffic geyser but i send people to my squeezepage to opt-in and get my audio ebook

    then i post the same article to my blogger, tumblr, typepad, etc about 7 blogs i have

    but almost none of them are redirecting people to my

    can you tell me what i’m doing wrong?

  • MaxR | Maxadi

    Hi Pat,
    A minor detail, the link to in your post doesn’t work properly. You’ve inserted 4 ‘w’ in the URL link.

    Just so you know, your great adventure with Tyrone is being watched by some French readership as I keep them updated in details of your challenge with Tyrone. They love it ! So, in the name of all of us, thanks a lot for sharing so many details !

    Keep it up. :-)

    All the best.

    Also, how are you (and Tyrone) going to declare a winner ? Is there some kind of a financial result to achieve ? If so, will the costs be deducted from all the figures ? And finally, at what point (or when) will a winner be selected ?


  • Funny News

    You know I hear a lot about article submission and I want to give it a try, but what can one do if there is no type of content or article that is helpful or relevant to your site. For example let’s say it’s a site thats just posts funny pictures? What do you write about? In this case would you choose something irrelevant to your sites topic?

  • Funny News

    By the way Pat the 1st link to Ezine on the list has 4 wwwws instead of 3 and doesn’t work when you click on it.

  • sabree hussin

    thank you for the advice. i like the idea of writing that high quality content.

  • Ori

    Do you build web 2.0 properties only about your niche and link to your money site or any other second tier sites or your build web 2.0 properties on anything and you post 2 times per month,for example,posts with link to your money site or second tier site?

    The difference can be if Google will detect your footprints in case of web 2.0 properties that only discussed on topics in your niche

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  • Eugene

    Do any of the article spinners actually make sense or are they basically created for the sake of the bots?

    I’m trying to find a good free spinner (I’m assuming the paid ones are better, of course). The results they spit out make absolutely no sense; the spun articles are not readable.

    I could see how spun, keyword rich articles can potentially help with getting indexed and provide higher value for the backlinks…but they don’t seem to be actually readable to humans.

  • Geek Camp

    Pat –

    Question… you said in the video you thought you could easily get 400+ backlinks and beat your competition for that keyword. Are you creating multiple blogs on the same sites and submitting multiple articles to those article sites or do you know of 400 different blog and article services?

  • Zach

    Can anyone tell me this–

    If I were to want to implement the Web 2.0 Anchor site strategy where I am selling say an ebook on my main money site but want to rank well for my main keyword in all major cities (example searches: New york widgets, chicago widgets), would I want to buy a new domain for each anchor site (so I can have the city keyword in the domain, ex: or could I just setup a subdomain for each city from my main domain (example:

    My thought is that it would be really expensive to buy 20+ domains for all the cities I’m looking to target. But I’m not sure if it could hurt my main domain if the mass article submitting on the anchor subdomains get flagged or sandboxed…

    Any thoughts anyone?

  • Joseph Archibald

    Hi Zach, when you are asking “would I want to buy a new domain for each anchor site”, do you mean would you want to buy a new domain for each money site?

    If that is the case then you are right – buying up a ton of domains is an expensive way to go, not just in terms of money but also in terms of time spent setting up each site. On the other hand, if you were to get exact match domains for your primary keyword phrase then you are a step ahead in Google’s eyes anyhow. With emphasis there on a dot com domain cos it would seem that Google give priority to the dot com over any other domain, which includes dot net and dot org.

    If I were you I would set up the one site and do as you say – subdomain for each city or state. This way you are building up an authority type site, which although will not rank as fast as individual domains for exact match keyword phrases, will do very nicely in the longer term. Google really like authoritarian sites that have regular fresh content added and a good variety of backlinks coming into various posts and pages upon that site. And you will find that over time many of your long tailed keyword phrases will rank even with little to no effort from you.

    Further, even your short tailed keyword phrases which are much more competitive will receive more kudos, which may very well reflect positively in the rankings too, as you go about building this type of site.

  • Zach

    Thanks for the help Joseph..

    Actually I did mean “a new domain for each ANCHOR site”. I will only have one money site but the general short-tail keyword is much too difficult to rank well plus it is way too generic. Every search for this niche is going to be specific to the person’s location. Example: no one just searches for “restaurants”. You search for “new york restaurants” or something similar. So I don’t expect a lot of direct searches or even a great rank for my money site. So traffic to the anchor sites is key..

    I want to take advantage of the Anchor site strategy but don’t want to risk harming my Money site (in google’s eyes) with a ton of bookmarking and backlinks. Would having submains accomplish this protection of the Money site without the cost of buying lots of domains? Or would it be better to just fork up the money and seperate each Anchor site out with a seperate domain? It’s worth the money if it avoids risk to my money site…

  • Joseph Archibald

    Hi Zach, ah ok – so you were referring to anchor/ buffer sites. In which case it would seem an incredible effort to make when I suspect there are far “leaner” methods to achieve similar results. However…

    So you are thinking about setting up private domains as your anchors/ buffers. I think that would be a great way to go IF this is gonna be a really truly lucrative project and you sincerely are up against some top tough competition. Its a tough call to make as I’m not aware of just what you might be up against.

    And to be honest with you, Google will not go thinking any the worse of your money site regardless what type of links you have coming in – be that social bookmarking or PR n/a blog type links. They are much more concerned about the sort of links you have going out from your site, and longer term penalization will very possibly occur because of that – you are in control of that factor, whereas you are not in control of inbound links.

    Yes, for sure, we saw Pat here get booted around by Google because he was a bit rapid with his backlinking exercise too early on. But that tends to be fairly short term. Google have actually very recently admitted that they will be keeping a far closer watch on new sites than ever before, so perhaps extra care is in order where backlinks are concerned.

    Its your call here Zach – if you know this is gonna be incredibly lucrative in the longer term, then all sorts of efforts should be made to achieve a fantastic variety of backlinks to your money site. And that should include both do-follow and no-follow, all the way thru PRn/a to PR8’s and 9’s or whatever.

    Don’t get too caught up with the value of the actual link you are getting. All will come good given time, given focus and given perseverance. That way you will achieve the variety that is necessary to get Google’s acceptance in SERP.

    • Zach

      Thanks for all the great info Joseph!

      You had made reference to that there may be “far Leaner methods” to go about this. Any suggestions that may be easier and/or accomplish the same thing?

      To shed a little more light on what I’m doing (without giving away the niche): Let’s use carpet cleaning as an example. I’ve created an ebook showing how to clean carpet yourself, what to use, etc and not have to actually hire a carpet cleaner. People aren’t just going to search for “carpet cleaner” they are going to search for “boston carpet cleaners” or similar. There’s not much point in me trying too hard to rank for the generic term “carpet cleaners” but I do want to rank for “Boston carpet cleaners”, “new york carpet cleaners”, etc.

      I want to setup Secondary sites to post articles that are specific to the city, blast them with backlinks, and then point the site to my main Money site.

      Is there a better way to set this up other than: 1) use subdomains from my Money site, or 2) buy domains for each Secondary site?

  • Joseph Archibald

    I see Zach. Yes, one reason you may wish to rank for the generic “carpet cleaner” even though you are targeting specific sates/ cities would be if you were using AdSense due to its geo-targeting. I think if I remember correctly, that some cleaning type keyword phrases attract a high value click too.

    But to get back to the main point – you could do things this way…

    Instead of buying up domains for each secondary site, just set up articles and web 2.0s such as Squids and Hubs. If you are not necessarily looking to rank your primary site for anything much, then that’s fine, although you could do by using article directories and web 2.0s for backlinks.

    The beauty about articles in directories such as ezinearticles or articlebase and also web 2.0s is that they are really easy to rank. How many ezinearticles do you see ranking top ten for all sorts of keyword phrases in Google? Tons. Same for Squidoo actually, which I am seeing more and more ranking in top 3 even for really competitive niches.

    This is one sure fire way to success here and due to the fact that you can really backlink to these much more harshly than you could to a new private domain, you’ll really get ahead in the fairly early days if you can ramp up your backlinking and really give it some heat.

    Hope that helps Zach,
    regards Joseph

  • Jim

    Here’s another rookie question that I obviously missed somewhere… What is a web 2.0 site anyway? Is this just a simple HTML site?

    • Pat

      Technically, The term Web 2.0 is commonly associated with web applications that facilitate interactive information sharing..”

      A blog, or some place like hubpages or squidoo are examples of web 2.0 sites.

  • Joseph Archibald

    Hi Jim, to keep things simple – web 2.0 tends to refer to such websites as Squidoo, Hubpages, WordPress dot com, BlogSpot type blogs and the list goes on. They are generally free to use and often fairly easy to rank well in Google at least, because you can hit them hard with all sorts of rubbish backlinks such as automated forum profile linking and they tend to soak that up well enough and then benefit from the high rankings.

    This is not the case all the time however, and I can’t help but get a sneaky feeling that Google are watching out for bombarding Web 2.0s with backlinks much more than they were before. Thus they may begin to “sandbox” web 2.0s much like they do for a private domain, but perhaps to a lesser extent.

    For the web and techie definition you’d do well to go here


    • Jon

      @Joseph: “They are generally free to use and often fairly easy to rank well in Google at least, because you can hit them hard with all sorts of rubbish backlinks such as automated forum profile linking and they tend to soak that up well enough and then benefit from the high rankings.”

      ^^Arguably the funniest summation of Web 2.0 properties.

  • Luke

    Correct this process if I’m wrong. Say you wrote 10 original articles. Take one of the original articles and post it on the primary money site. Spin this same original article 14 times and post one of each on the 14 anchor sites you listed – EzineArticles, GoArticles, Amazines ArticleDashboard, ArticleBlast, ArticleAlley, Buzzle, iSnare, TheFreeLibrary, WordPress, Tumblr, Live Journal, Blogger, and Squidoo. You then spin that ORIGINAL article hundreds of times and post it to hundreds of article directories giving your “anchor” sites the backlinks? At this point you will have 14 backlinks to your money site, 10 original articles on the money site, and hundreds of backlinks to your anchor sites.This is where I’m getting confused. Are you saying you made it to the first page of google with 14 backlinks? Or do you repeat this process for each original article? In other words, for each of the 10 original article you post on the money site, do you spin it 14 times, post it to anchor sites, and mass spin it for mass directory submissions? If this is correct it would make more sense, for each article written you would have 14 backlinks to the money site, i.e. 10 articles on money site = 140 backlinks to money site and 1000’s of backlinks to anchor sites. Is this correct?
    Sorry for mercilessly beating the crap out of this dead horse, but this sounds like an awesome strategy and it’s vital to not screw this up and get booted by google. Thanks for the invaluable content you are giving us for free. You are making my life so much easier.

    • Pat

      Hey Luke – the process you outline is correct, and is done to each of the original 10 articles.

  • Mike Vee

    Pat congrats on all your success. I love seeing people like you win. I saw on twitter that now your moving to VPS hosting, #1 on iTunes… the sky the limit. Thanks for everything!

  • Stephanie Treasure

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for sharing your backlink strategy. I have done a bit of those but not on such a massive level like you have. Def have to raise it up a few notches for my niche sites. Question for you: How do you ‘spread’ your submissions so that your site is NOT penalized by the search engines by building so many backlinks in such a short space of time?

  • Luke

    Hi Pat,
    Do you create new web 2.0 properties for each spun article or just post it on the existing ones?

  • Richard

    Hi Pat,
    This is an incredible backlinking campaign. It’s kind of how I envisioned the process, but you really laid out your strategy well. It does sound like a lot of work, but I imagine your payoff will be totally worth it.

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  • mk akan

    what do you think about this this other free article spinning tool..
    i will check out instant article factory

  • Mark Shaw

    Pat, I am very impressed with your material, and I just devoured the details of your “How to write an eBook” eBook.

    I am listening to the Link Liberation guys right now, and they are saying that “Article Spinning” is bad and will eventually get me into trouble with google. Please help me understand this.I trust you but also them. Sorry to be negative, but I am very curious about doing this right.

  • Joe

    I think i am going to integrate the Backlink Strategy to my sites aswell… But the Qustion i have is… is Instant Article Factory really worth paying money for ! : /

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  • Betty J. Simpson

    I’m attempting to add your website’s Rss to my own feed reader however its definitely not working appropriately, you may need to check it out to ensure its working correctly.

  • Marcos

    So, I have a squidoo lens pointing to my site. Do I point the secondary level of article to the squidoo lens, or to my squidoo user profile? The same goes for hub pages, blogger, etc.

    This is exactly what I have been lookng for. Extremely helpful, I am promoing my carpet cleaning company in Albuquerque, NM. Thanks for the useful info!

  • Mikey

    Hey Pat, your website inspired me to kick-off my smart passive income process. I’ve spent a lot of time in your posts.I’m still learning the ropes. Thank you very much!

  • Rick Martinez

    Great info, is there an illustration of the whole backlinking process i can give to my va, thanks in advance,

  • Kesha

    Hey Pat, I’m a complete newbie to affiliate marketing and niche sites so forgive me if my question has already been answered somewhere (I am a bit confused about content tools).

    Okay, so I see that you use the Instant Article Factory product to create quick content (strictly for web 2.0 sites), then you use The Best Spinner product after creating a unique piece and then submit to what I’m assuming are the article directories (correct me if I’m wrong). Now lastly, I just saw a vid where you were using the Unique Article Wizard. Where does that come in?

    For us newbies, do you recommend all three when starting out? If not, which are best to really get started with creating content, since we all are not great writers like yourself 😉

    • Pat

      Hi Kesha,

      No worries! I know there is a lot of content here so it can be hard to filter through.

      Unique Article Wizard comes into play to make backlinks for the articles that I’ve written and web2.0 sites – so essentially I’m creating backlinks for my backlinks (the secondary layer in the graphic in this post).

      If I had to recommend one product, it would probably be the best spinner because it’s from that that you can quickly create unique content to submit to other places and get some backlinks in. As long as you spend the time making sure you spin the article correctly so the output is high quality and unique, of course.


  • Andy

    Hi Pat, I was wondering what led you to decide to use a psuedoneym/ alias for your niche site?

    Thanks! Andy

    • Pat

      Hey Andy, I touched on this a little in the comment string of my latest podcast (session 11), but I’ll paste a little bit of it here:

      Because of my own particular situation and the fact that I’m talking about my security guard site here on this blog and I’m trying to do my best to keep the two separate.

      I think in certain situations, a pen name is appropriate. Many successful bloggers and authors use a pen name for a number of reasons (some to make sure their current employer doesn’t make the connection, hehe), which I think is fine. As long as you don’t claim to be someone you’re not and adding credentials that you don’t have, I think it’s okay.

      If I revealed that I was Pat Flynn on that site, an entrepreneur who created the site for a challenge and earn revenue from, that would definitely turn people off (for obvious reasons), and keep people from reading the valuable content that I do provide on that site that could potentially help them.

  • Andy

    I see your point. But I am not sure it is a bad thing that you are creating multiple niche sites. I mean you are providing good value regardless…

    I think a bigger reason for me to use a pename would be so that my “brand” (whatever that is!) – would not be ‘watered down’ with multiple niche sites. I think I will give this some thought, and perhaps I will use a pen name as well!

    Also, I have your podcast in my queue now, so looking forward to hearing your show!

    • Jeremy Klein

      Andy, I have the same concern … sending out a bunch of articles (of dfferent qualities to build my SEO) but then watering down my brand.
      Any thoughts on this one since you wrote the original post … have you had success with using a pen-name?


  • John J

    Pat great article Just by using these tips my traffic has already improve THANKS!!!

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  • Ralph Kooi

    Hai Pat,

    Your nice site, your theme, has the top banner (the wide one) i’ve been trying to do something similar for one of my sites (yes I have the same theme, it fits with the colour scheme) but I can’t seem to get that banner loaded….

    I am just a retard and didn’t tick a box somewhere???

  • Igrice

    Hello, I didnt know for method of making different blogs and put on them backlink. Great idea, i will do taht and w8 for results.

  • Valerie

    Thanks for the information give above. I have sent my articles to some of the articles directories mentioned above but will sent my articles to those I missed out. From the comments above, I know some have objection using the article spinner. I feel there is nothing wrong with spinning your own articles as it is just merely rephrasing your words in the articles. I havent use an article spinner before and will consider getting one.

    • Joseph Archibald

      Hi Valerie, I used to detest article spinning – I much preferred to write my own content by hand or outsource it when I could afford to do so. But when I came upon The Best Spinner created by Jon Leger and his team – well, everything changed and I’ve never looked back. That is one cool tool, in my opinion!

      Good luck with your own internet marketing endeavours!


  • Valerie Chong

    There is a free article submitter that comes together with article spinner that you can download on the internet. I havent try it out yet. But you will need to delete some of the directories listed as I found that the directories seems to be not working or no longer there. The article submitter is called ” Article Submission Helper”. I cant tell you how reliable this article submitter and spinner is. Usually I prefer paid stuffs as I am assured of its quality. I was planning to test it soon.

  • Timothy

    Can some one tell me how many spinner articles should be produced for the submission directory’s. Do you for example produce 10 spun articles and then submit them to the article directories and Web 2.0 properties? How many and how should they be spread around?

  • Cliff

    Fantastic article Pat! I am still a bit confused about the spinning thing. But it looks like the clearest strategy for getting lots of great links without endangering your site.

  • Andy

    @Timothy… Just wanted to let you know that I go ahead and spin 250 versions (the max for the best spinner). It takes no more effort, and I can always delete what I do not need. The exact number you need will depend on how many properties you submit to. For example, I started my site out by writing 3 articles and putting them on all of the web2.0 sites that Pat suggests as well as the article directories. I counted up that I needed 17 unique articles for this first round of submissions. But, I also needed extra article versions to submit to the outer layer of articles, and I needed 101 word snippets to submit to blog blueprint. I used that spreadsheet from eric at my four hour workweek to keep up with which articles I am using, where, etc. HTH, Andy

    • Timothy

      So let me get this around my mind…for example: I have my main “money site”; four Web 2.0 properties; four article submission directories; and 20 outer layer blogs and submissions (not counting the snippets for blog blueprint). I need one main original article and 28 spun articles…right?

  • Andy

    Sounds about right to me…

  • Tessah

    Hi Pat. This is my first time commenting here and I should say I am so inspired by your honesty and sincerity as a blogger. Thank you for helping people like me to learn more about internet marketing.

    I just have one concern and I decided to put it here in comment to see if other people experience the same issue. Sorry if this is a long and boring comment.:)

    I love Best Spinner and I know the importance of writing unique content. The first time I used it for my massive article submission, I ensured that its 98% unique (this percentage is the level you see on your BS screen)

    For reference, This is how I spin my articles;
    1. Rewrite the paragraphs three to four times
    2. Rewrite all the sentences at least two times
    3. Spin all the words using synonyms
    4. I just dont spin the words but like what you have shown in the video, I check if they make sense with the whole sentence or post.

    So I really spent a lot of time spinning one article. The first time I did it took me two days to complete my spinning. (I know thats too!)

    My concern is though BS reflects 99% uniqueness in the screen, when I compare the articles using DupeFree they have 20-45% level of similarity. Meaning my spun articles are only 80% -55% unique to each other. But since Ive spent a lot of time spinning the article and cant get any higher level of uniqueness ,I decided to use the spin syntax on my AMR(Article Marketing Robot)submission. I set it to 25 submissions daily.

    I first submitted on Ezine and Go Articles and do my other article submissions through AMR. My articles passed Ezine and other directories with no problems.

    Today I was so sad to discover that my account was blocked in Buzzle. I had the idea already and when I checked it on Copyscape, I saw that my Buzzle submission has 14 duplicates. All of these are the spun version of my original article that were submitted on different directories.

    To add to my sadness, my Infobarrel submission (another spun version) was denied too .

    Here are my questions;
    1. What are the things that I did wrong?
    2. Do you only use spun articles that is 100% unique to the seed article?
    3. What is the ideal level of uniqueness to use for spun articles?
    4. Have you experience the same problem?
    5. How should I handle this issue?

    Sorry if I sound too naive about this issue. But I really want to get your advice as it seems that a lot of people have positive results with spinning articles and it is only me that cant make it work to its potential.

    Again thank you for your time and support. Sorry for the long comment.

  • Mikael Cedergren

    Hey Pat. You got bunch and bunch of really awesome material on this site and I’m eating it all up. But, there’s two things I disagree with:

    1) Design is much more important than just killing empty space. Empty space has a reason in design since it isolates an object. For instance, you can’t design a Casino site in a minimal seo way, it has to be luxurious and somewhat tacky since the design has a message. But a site like this is perfect with the minimalistic approach.
    2) The site sucks. I can’t get anything to work on there. It just dies and after about 10 tries I’ve given up. Do you have a post about SEO’ing to social services (which ones are the most important, any softwares to mass publish and so on)?

    Also I’d love to see a site dedicated to free stuff. Like that samurai thing is way to expensive to me.

    Either way, most of your advice is spot on and pure gold! Love your site.


    • Pat

      Hey Mikael –

      Thanks for the comments! I don’t think all white space is bad. Coming from an architectural and design background I know just how important it is. But, in the online world space above the fold is extremely important and must be utilized efficiently. Not saying you’re wrong, just trying to clarify.

      Regarding – it is getting worse and worse and I have stopped using it. As far as social bookmarking, I actually don’t worry about it anymore in the scheme of things, and I’ve still seen really good results. I think part of the reason is because the social sites are starting to crack down a bit on bookmarking just for SEO purposes.

      There are free options, and I’ve talked about them before (i.e. Google Adwords Keyword Tool), but you’re going to spend A LOT of time doing the same stuff MS can do in just minutes.

      Cheers, and all the best to you!

      • Joseph Archibald

        Hi Mikael, just to add a bit upon the reply from Pat. I too have some doubts about the power of social bookmarking sites and the links obtained from those as far as helping rankings in Google search.

        However, there is absolutely no harm in mixing up your backlinking strategy by utilizing social bookmarking sites. Its more and more important these days that if you want to rank in Google then you ensure a more “natural looking” backlinking approach.

        As such, one of the best social bookmarking automators is Caroline Middlebrook’s Furthermore, free submissions are available by using this site, so you can get a sense – over time – if this approach is helping your campaigns by investing some of your time, but without investing any of your money.


        • Mikael Cedergren

          Purely beautiful answer! I just used it and if it acctually works as advertised it’s freakin’ fantastic! My sincere thanks Joseph.

        • Chezfat

          If I could jump in I would agree that the bookmarking sites may not help all that much with affecting your rankings but they can help quite a bit with getting your backlinks indexed and with strengthening backlinks you already have. For instance if you post an article to InfoBarrel to backlink your site then you can submit the IB article to social bookmarking to get it and keep it indexed. The same goes for if someone links to you naturally. If you submit that post to the bookmarking sites and it should help you out more in the long run.

  • Mikael Cedergren

    Awesome reply mate. So are you recommending the Web 2.0 services and the article directories as most important for SEO?

    • Pat

      I would say so – beyond, of course, quality and unique content posted on your own niche site.

      • Mikael Cedergren

        Off course. Thank you so much for actually producing good things in a world where crap is the norm. :) But I have a challenge for you: how would one, such as myself, go about raking well with a portfolio: It’s a photographic portfolio but as a portfolio it’s not about the text, but the images. I’ve tried Google Adwords and it works okay, but not fantastic in any way.

        • Joseph Archibald

          Mikael, I’m sure Pat will not mind if I pop a link to another site in this reply…

          Its a little dated and a couple of the links in the site are 404 errors, but otherwise there is a good amount of solid info for SE optimizing photo blogs.

          Hope that helps.


  • Aarin

    Pat! Wow, I’m employing all of your strategies step by step! I even bought Market Samurai from your aff link. Thank you so much for giving away all of this great content. I am truly blessed by it! Aarin

  • Vanson

    Hi Pat, thanks for the valuable info.
    Some questions to clarify with you, if you don’t mind.

    1. When you start a new niche site, how many keywords do you plan to target? I see you have listed your main keywords under Category in your Security site right? Will that help?

    2. So for different keywords you targeted, do you backlinked your articles to your main site (securityguardtraininghq), or sub pages ( Which will help better?

    3. For different keywords, do you create different blog accounts for your backlink? I meant for example, for keyword (armed security guard training), do you create 1 blog just for that, and for another keyword (security guard classes), you create another blog? Or you basically just create 1 blog for all your keywords, but different posts?

    Hope I’ve not ask any stupid questions.

    Thanks alot!
    Vanson Tan

    • Rick Nielsen

      Have you discovered the answer to your question yet? This is the exact question I was looking to get answered myself.

      Rick Nielsen

    • Jared

      Hi Vanson,

      I’m reading over this article and the comments to mine all of the great info here and see that you never received a reply. Here’s what I know about your questions: (remember, context comes into play here. The notes below are part of a broader context of my approach, so please tailor it to what you know/your approach)

      -For my niche sites, I target one specific keyword. There’s actually a method to match desirable keywords and your domain name if you don’t know. You write articles for your primary keyword, and other articles for desirable modified versions of your primary kw.
      I also put the primary keyword wherever I can (meta description & meta k.w.’s for overall site, also description and keyword fields for each post and post category).

      -From what I know, there is no hard and fast rule for linking your directory articles to your home page vs. sub-pages. It depends on where you wish to primarily drive traffic. Let’s say you want to drive traffic to the home page primarily. You may still want some traffic to sub-pages (i.e. your niche site post articles that are optimized for modified kw’s and also contain affiliate links). In this case 80-20 is a good rule of thumb: 80% of your directory articles link to home page, 20% to sub-page.

      – As for as keywords per each blog: you may have figured out from the above that my method for niche sites is to associate a specific kw with a specific site. However, please remember that modified (related) keywords come into play here, and give you subjects for your sub articles. If you wish to write about and promote something related to baking cookies, you most likely don’t need separate blogs for baking chocolate chip and baking oatmeal cookies! But again, you must apply this to your situation. It depends on your overall keyword strategy.

      I learned this from a course called Affiliate Marketing for Beginners. It’s very well-laid out, turn-key, and ethical. Even if you’re not a total newbie,
      all of these questions are answered there, it’s a great bedrock.

      This is my affiliate link if you feel it may be of value. You can of course always Google it & buy without my link as well:

      Hope this helps!

  • Mihai

    I am also looking forward for an answer to Vanson’s questions. I’ve been asking myself much the same things. Cheers, Pat !

    • Jared

      Hi Mihai,

      Comments about your question are above.


  • MrCompTech

    I’ve worked with a little article marketing. It takes anywhere from several days to even 2 months to get an article approved. It would seem that you can’t submit articles that are going on Web 2.0 sites until your article on the ‘anchor’ sites have been approved. And in like manner, if your going to link from a web 2.0 site, Youttube, etc to a Web 2.0 site then you have to wait until the article that you want to link to has been approved.

    Am I correct in this?

    What method do you use to keep all this link madness from insane!?!

  • Electric Cig Machine

    Hi Pat, Joseph

    UAW is good, but expensive for beginners. Do you have other free alternatives that work magic like UAW and Market Samurai?


    • MrCompTech

      Have you tried ‘JetSpinner dot com’? They have a free 30 day trial for the ‘full’ services, but even if you don’t buy their monthly subscription service I think you can still use the article spinner for free.

  • Andy

    Hi, you can get Article Blueprint for ~25 per month, or you can get with Blog Blueprint a la cart for 10$ extra. BB + AB for 67$ per month… Article blueprint does everything that UAW does. I am not sure how the quality of the article directories compare, but from what I can tell, they are fine…


  • Andy

    Also, you can use the google keyword tool for free, and do most of the things that market samurai et al do as well. The thing is that you must do many of these tasks manually which takes time. You can usually get a reasonable idea of niches from the google tool…but something like market samurai is just going to make life easier, IMO

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  • Arielle Schmitt

    Just to ask a simple question for better understanding. I can assume that submitting the same article to 10 different article directory sites is not good to do, but why? Why do you spin a slightly different version for each site?

    • MrCompTech

      I have heard, on the JetSpinner dot com website, that this is so Google doesn’t remove the back links from the duplicate articles from their index. Not really sure if tha’s true though, I’m kind of doubtful of the because you can Google for a particular article title and find duplicates.

  • Jae Burnham

    The problem I have is SocialBookmarker. I can’t seem to get to work. Is there a trick to it. The videos on the site don’t answer the question neither do the FAQs.

    • MrCompTech

      What SocialBookmarker is doing is guiding you from one site to another, kinda of like taking a ride on a tour bus. But you have to create an accounts on each site that you want to post to. If you allow you web browser to save the login infornaion of each site then you won’t have to type that in either. Then on the sites that you want to post to SocialBookmarker supplies the form details to save you time in typing in the information.

      So if you have created your social Bookmarking accounts and allow your web browser to remember the passwords for the sites, just select the sites from the SocialBookmarker main page and you can quickly visit each site and post the link and the comment.

      • Jae Burnham

        Now I understand. It isn’t really clear on the website. A lot of work but It can be done.

  • Angelica

    Hey Pat,

    I can imagine that you need to put in a lot of work into this. I suppose you must have some outsourcing thing going on to help you with this because I’ve done only a little of what you have done and it has taken me quite a bit of time as well.

  • Jose Alvarez

    Waoo i learn a lot,

  • Blackfoot

    As in the past to give importance to this day, forms the core of our faith and our personality.

  • Thomas

    Pat, I have recently heard that spinning articles is completely unnecessary (according to many respected posters on warrior forum). Have you looked into this at all? The Terms of Service for the few article directories I have looked at say nothing about not submitting your unique article from your site.

  • Will

    Pat, do you create new and Tumblr blogs for each new article you write? Or do you use the same blogs for all your articles?

  • Michael Burton

    Its a year later, but better late then never. I just found your site and I’m going through all the old stuff. Highly readable. Keep it up.

    Do you think that your backlinking strategy that got you ‘sandboxed’ drew google’s attention so that they noticed you apologized, thus letting you out of time-out? 😉 The timing is right…

  • Peter

    Are you supposed to make a whole new setup for each keyword. So for “red widgets” I do the whole article dir’s, web 2.0’s etc.

    Then if I want to target “blue widgets”, do I start the whole process over again or can I add articles to the previously built blogs and web 2.0 sites?

  • Daniel Birch

    Pat, love your stuff. We’re using wordpress right now and loving it for our normal website. Wondering, can we make landing pages under the same account with different URLs? Does that pull as a completely different site and therefore gain it’s own credibility? Thanks. You can see our website by going to

  • Georgiaberry

    Whoa – my mind is totally boggled by this series about the niche sites – I am understanding things about keywords, links, etc that I never really “got” before – thanks Pat!

  • Chris

    I just explored the article spinning portion of Pat’s post here, and it’s yet again another learning experience. I originally understood places like EzineArticles, and the idea of article spinning, as having the goal of actually creating readable, user-centered content. Stuff you would actually gain insight from. But after seeing a demo of one article spinning product, it became clear that’s not the point at all. The spun articles read like a 5th grade book report. The point is to literally just create content – any content – that includes keyword saturation and your links. Search bots pick this up, which produces the back-linking foundation. A-ha! Now I get it.

    Perhaps this was obvious, but it just clicked for me. Interesting… Thanks for a VERY helpful post Pat.

    • Pat

      Hey Chris – no no no!

      Everything we publish online should be quality – something that if someone read could benefit from. That’s why I spend quite a long time during the spinning process to make sure the articles read as unique and coherent as possible.

      The primary goal is to get backlinks – yes, but I would NOT sacrifice quality for it, especially now that Google is looking closely at what’s written instead of just only looking at certain keyword placements and quantities within posts.

      • Chris

        Well if I could have written a longer message, I would have explained further. I agree with you completely. That’s why I was thinking of not using the article spinning products, it made me suspicious. I’d rather just write 500 words myself that I am proud of. I guess those articles reminded me of all the garbage PLR content I’ve seen.
        But the focus of this post was about backlinking, and in this context the emphasis was on strictly generating the content.
        I think you meant “…would [not] sacrifice quality for it…”? Point taken though, it must be readable and worthwhile for the user. Thanks for the response-

        • Pat

          LOL, yes – I meant NOT. Updated the comment. Cheers Chris, and all the best to you!

  • Chris

    Hi Pat,
    In the article marketing section of this post, you talk about submitting articles to different directories. Are you submitting the same article, a close spun article, or an entirely fresh, completely different article (on the same topic)?

  • Sarah P

    Hi Pat!

    I’m relatively new to the scene, but have found your blog to be inspiring! As a copywriter for an IM company, I am VERY familiar with article writing, spinning, submitting and social bookmarking. I’m really looking forward to using that knowledge and what I’m learning now (at work and from you) to make a foray into my own niche site.

    As far as article writing, I have to give props to you for how you want to keep to QUALITY content. It’s excellent.

  • Halina

    Pat, I was wondering if the new Google Panda has penalized your niche site due to its article spinning…I’ve heard that the Panda is not very fond of rehashed content created through techniques like spinning. Thanks!

    • Pat

      Nope – no penalization here. The reason I think is because I make sure to go above and beyond with spinning – to a 75% to 80%+ uniqueness so that each article is very high quality and mostly unique. Those who try to cut corners with article spinning may see poor results.

  • Jude

    Yes, Pat, above and beyond, that is total SPI. It is sooo obvious when an article has been posted and the quality isn’t there. The content that you have provided on your security guard site is, normal Pat stuff, just plain awesome.

  • Kevin

    Hey Pat-

    You did this about a year ago now. Can you maybe blog about how your backlinking strategy has changed, if at all?

    Thanks for everything.


  • Mike Stone

    Hi Pat,
    Just looking deeper into your page ranking for your site
    I see you have articles submitted to Ehow as apart of your Backlink Strategy, how did you submit your information or did Ehow pulled that article into their site.

    • Pat

      Actually Mike, I didn’t do anything. I noticed the eHow link and it’s a totally natural link. Whoever wrote that article linked to me, apparently because he or she found my site to actually be useful 😉

      (Plus, I rank pretty high for some of those related keywords, and the author was probably just looking in Google for relevant articles to put into the resource section).


  • Paula @ Glitter Shoelaces

    Hi Pat, your website is so informatiive. I noiticed that you use Market Samurai – have you ever tried Article Samurai from the same company that makes Market Samurai?

    • Pat

      I have used Article Samuari – to be honest it’s a bit pricey (97/month) but it does the job of submitting articles to fairly high quality sites (based on PR). Most of the software is the same as Market Samurai (it has a KW Research Module and SEO Competition Module) except for the article writing software which includes a spinner and submission tools.

  • ernesto

    I was wondering if the spun articles that will be submitted in the second layer need to be 100 percent unique or is it okay for them to be just 60 to 70 percent unique..will the smaller directories still approve them and will such articles have no effect ultimately to my money site, since they are only directly linked to the first layer sites. Hope pat or anyone can have a comment on this.

    • ernesto

      My bad, as follow up to my comment/query, I meant “have no bad effect” instead of “have no effect.”

    • Pat

      I usually spin them pretty well so that the uniqueness is about 80%. I never use the auto-spin feature in the spinning software though, I always manually go through and spin most of the words so that the resulting article makes sense and is relatively unique.

      • Kevin

        I am having a lot of trouble spinning my articles past 40%. Do you have any tips or suggestions to getting a higher uniqueness percentage?

        Thanks Pat.


        • Kevin

          I am going go go ahead and reply to my own post. I started off spinning by just replacing individual words. After experimentation , I found that you get a much higher percentage if you rewrite entire sentences. I am now in the 70% range on my posts using the best spinner.

          Hope this helps.


  • Andre Garde

    Hi Pat,

    A couple of questions:

    1. At what point did you start creating direct backlinks to your niche site? E.g. after creating 10 articles on it, or after submitting the first few thousand spun articles pointing to your anchor sites?

    2. Also did you have software that creates forum profiles as well? I did some research on your pen name and found lots of forum profiles with direct backlinks. I’ve got both UAW and AMR but can’t see if there’s an option to do that.

    I’m trying this niche challenge out and having a blast with it. I’ve had some mild success in the first few days, and it’s my first niche site ever so I’m quite happy with my progress so far. Thanks for these helpful posts, hope to hear from you.

    • Pat

      Hey Andre, to answer your questions:

      1) After I had 5 articles live on the site, which was about a week to a week and a half after I started with the first article.

      2) I don’t have software that does that, I used a VA who explored that backlinking strategy for me. I did this after I got to #1 in Google and unfortunately I’m not sure if it would have helped to get to #1, but it probably has helped to maintain the ranking. Maybe, maybe not.

      • Andre Garde

        Thanks for the response, Pat. Just curious as well, is it normal for one’s site to go slightly up and down in the rankings within a matter of hours? I can’t help but keep checking the ranks and it moves +/- 5 positions by itself, with no changes.

        • Pat

          Yes, absolutely – especially with a new site. Where are you checking your rankings by the way? If you just do a regular Google search it could be skewed even more because Google is taking your search history into account. It’ll keep moving around either way, possibly for months.

  • Andre Garde

    I’m checking both from Google searches and from Market Samurai. I was slightly saddened by dropping about 5 spots down, lol.

    I’ve got about 5 articles up and created the first anchor layer on the recommended blogs and Web 2.0 properties. Then I’ve got some article marketing going on to point at the anchors. When I’ve finished that part my plan was to restart with more backlinks, this time going directly to the niche site, but it wasn’t specifically mentioned in your steps so I wasn’t sure if that should be done at all.

    I really think patience is a virtue here. I’m trying hard not to keep checking my rank changes every 30 minutes (ha). My goal is to break your record for rank #1 in X amount of time but I think that it’s a tall order in the niche that I’m in. Or I’m a little too new at this. Certainly going to try though. :)

    • Pat

      Patience is definitely key, and also just writing more and more fantastic content. Don’t check every 30 minutes. Don’t even check every day – let it be and just stay the course because you’re going to go up and down and then up again, then down again the entire way. Keep it up!

  • ernesto

    hi pat, back here. I have a few questions:

    1. I can’t understand why I seem not to gain any backlinks from I have submitted 5 to 6 articles on several of my blogs. None are reflected. I check my backlinks via google —

    2. On the backlinking strategy, do we really need to link hundreds of articles to anchor sites the primary/direct layer, or is it okay to link just ten articles/directories to each of them??

  • Andre Garde

    Hey Pat,

    Just an update, I think TheFreeLibrary is no longer accepting articles. I tried submitting one today and got the message that they aren’t accepting new ones. Not sure if it’s temporary or if it’s just me.


  • Benjy

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for putting all the time into this.

    What I don’t fully understand is this: how often should we post new content on the blog that gets put through this process? You said you put an hour per day into building this up…but what are you spending that hour on? Is it a new article every day? Every week?


  • Taline

    Anyone know if spinning articles violates adsense policies? Thanks!

  • Chris

    Hi Pat,

    I recently (about a week ago from this writing) created a site/blog at &
    I’ve added some info (text) and logo’s.
    However, using Market Samurai, those two do not show up as Backlinks for my main sites.
    Am I missing something here?


  • Dave

    Hi Pat,

    I have some serious problems regarding my niche site and google. I ranked on position 12 with my main keyword with a excat search volume of 2400 monthly.

    Yesterday I created some one way backlinks (4-10) and today I saw a total crash of all rankings with a falling rank for my main keyword on position 800.

    I really was shocked because all my rankings were constantly improving….

    I don’t understand google, sorry I think I’m too stupid to build up niche sites and rankings :-(

  • Long

    Hi Pat,

    I’m not sure if you mentioned this in your post or video. But quick question, how often do you mass submit your articles?


    • Travis

      If you are submitting articles to your tier 1 sites, then do it very often. Builds more link juice

  • STRONGside

    Just started working this strategy out for a new site that I have in development. I have high hopes for the strategy and am really hoping it works as prescribed.

  • Paula @ Cool Ipad2 Covers

    Hi Pat, just wanted to thank you for having such a great site. I wanted to ask if you have ever tried Only Wire for creating backlinks from social sites?

  • Philwebservices


    Thank you for giving this away with us. I follow after you in your previous post that why I came here. Continue doing this beautiful and informative strategies in gaining backlinks.


  • Wil

    Hey Pat. Fyi. is no longer allowing external links or dup contents.

    here’s the info on their site upon registering:
    If you are looking to become a Buzzle author, you’ll first need to create a Buzzle membership account here.
    However, before you proceed please note following: no longer accepts marketing type articles
    External links are NOT allowed in articles
    We do NOT accept duplicate content i.e. if submitted article has full or partial content that already exists on some other website, we do not publish such article.
    If you wished to utilize for article marketing, we are sorry but we do not allow it any more.

  • Lenia

    Hi Pat,
    Reading this article and reading again your first articles for niche site duel (001, 002) I have a question that comes to my mind:
    AT the beginning you have mentioned that you are going to do all that by yourself and your goal was to spend the less possible money on that process because you consider that there are people you cannot spend money on outsourcing. Actually that was the difference between your strategy and Tyron’s strategy. You also mentioned that if you spend money you will be really really strict: you are going to check out and find something good but not expensive.
    As I keep reading the whole niche site duel story I understand that you bought at least 4 tools which are (please you may tell me if I am wrong):
    – market samurai
    – instant article factory
    – the best spinner
    – automatic article submitter
    – UAW
    But all that stuff is not for free…
    You also mention in an answer comment that you used a VA to create forum accounts.
    So, I guess you changed your initial goal ?

    I am a little bit disappointed because I thought that I may build something without spending a fortune but this looks hard and maybe impossible. Most of these tools cost a price per month…It is really hard for someone who starts to pay all that.

    I really thank you for all the information you provide here. I learn many things from your site. It is an amazing source of information and knowledge.

    • Travis

      If you want to rank for anything significant, you will have to invest.
      It’s just not possible to really do it any other way anymore, without spending insane amounts of time, there are too many other big players in the game with the resources to do it (people like me)
      For example, if instead of using UAW he would have to manually submit to all 1000 or so blogs and article directories… and instead of TBS he did everything manually. You would be looking at a solid year of your life at least.

      So, it CAN be done. But it shouldn’t be.

      • Lenia

        Hi Travis,
        Thank you for this feedback. I understand your point. I am just new to this world and I want to have a view of how all this works and after that decide to invest in some tools or even outsourcing. Would it possible for you to provide a priority list of the above lists? Which one of these tools you believe has a priority nb 1, which one priority nb 2 etc?
        I would appreciate if you can help me out with this.
        ANyway, thank you very much for your answer and your advice.

  • Tommy Hardin

    Hey Pat,
    Could you give some insight as to what you called your other sites that pointed these backinks back to your main niche site? I guess I’m needing to know how close you named these sites to your original niche. If I missed it I apologize as there are a lot of comments on here.

  • Claude

    Hi Pat,

    Have just purchased TheBestSpinner with the intention of applying your backlinking strategy.

    I have created a number of spun articles from one of my originals. (Plse excuse me if this question sounds a bit lame) But I would assume it would be better to manually submit the spun articles to the various article directories or would you recommend using some software for this to save time. If so can you recommend one?


    • Travis

      Manual is always higher quality.
      Software is quicker.

  • Jose

    What do you think of the new Market Samurai changes with the changes from Google? For example, when I try to gather all the proper information from Google for my website, , I have to click EACH and everyone individually instead of how it used to be.

  • Ern

    I’ve actually did this backlinking strategy for a client way back when I was still freelancing. Got a good education on backlinking, really. But last time I check this site of my client it was already banned by Google. I just don’t know if this strategy was the reason for it. Or I guess not.

  • Sergio Felix

    Hey Pat,

    I’m not sure if all these strategies still work today basically due to all the latest Google changes but I think that using the Web 2.0 sites is a nice strategy.

    I thought maybe you would teach some sort of a back link wheel strategy but you do mention this:

    “I will occasionally link the web 2.0 properties to each other and the articles as well.”

    As for the automated article submitters and tools like Social Bookmarking Demon, I don’t think they are still reliable anymore.

    Google is like a big whiney kid lately and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t likes any kind of automation when it comes to building backlinks but that’s just my point of view. 😉

    Thanks for the info though, I will try the web 2.0 strategy too and maybe give it Social Marker a try.


  • Jeff the Entrepreneur

    Google sounds like ogre to me. :)
    I might not like how algorithm changes.
    But it is better to light a single candle than to curse in the dark.

    I know of one sound backlink strategy that will never ever go old….
    Guest posting. :)

    • Tommy Hardin

      Jeff the Entrepreneur,

      I like that saying. Sometimes I will just complain instead of doing something about it. The statement is proactive. However, I think Sergio makes some valid points. I think everyone’s head is spinning trying to figure out what Google is going. Me, I just try to add content and link between my own sites.

  • Joe

    Great article, much apperciate.

  • Shekhar

    Great article…got to learn a lot!!!

  • Jude

    One concern that I have with Pat’s technique above is that it may no longer work starting 2012. Penguin was released and we all know how it devalues backlinks. I am sure that this worked out well for Pat a several months back but things have changed. The reason why Security guard is still ranking high is because it has already created its reputation and authority.

  • Matt

    Just wanted to let you all know that TheFreeLibrary is not accepting new articles.

  • nathalie

    Felicitations for your website, you have a huge trafic :)

  • Karun

    I have been reading your blog for a few months now and my favorite was your income report that you share every month because it just gives an idea how much successful affiliates are making online and also a lot … of motivation to stay on without giving up.

  • Matt

    Hey Pat I was wondering if you still recommend using UAW since I noticed you took it off your resource page. I also have been reading about Google and its new algorithm and it seems that these article sites are not being given much linking power.

    what’s your thoughts on this?

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Pat,
    I was recently introduced to your site by my brother and I have found it to be most helpful! Thank you for all your insight. That being said this morning I attempted to download The Best Spinner. I have yet to receive the link to log in and the download that was sent to me is not working. I did get my username and password but I have nothing to apply it to. I sent a ticket into Jon Leger this morning and have heard nothing back. At this point I am questioning the legitimacy of the site. Any help you could send my way would be much appreciated. I am hoping there is a simple fix. Thanks again.

    • Elizabeth

      Thank you for getting back to me so fast. I trust that there is a simple fix because I do not believe you would promote anything that was not stellar. I will share the fix with you when I hear back in case others have the same problem.

  • Fred Owusu

    Great post and information Pat. I am glad i found yourself. You have too many strategies up your sleeve and i am glad you are sharing. Thanks

  • Frederik Jon Jacobsen

    Hello there nice post pat
    Should you create different name of the articles when you upload them to
    the article databases or just give them your keyword name?

  • Anthony

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks a lot for your blog (webinar, podcasts etc), as well as this duel. I only just found your website yesterday, and already I’m trying to follow your niche site techniques to build my own niche site. :)

    Which then brings me to one question: are all these techniques you employ here still relevant today, like 2 years after your duel? Coz’ 2 years is a long time on the Internet, and if I’m using techniques that are outdated and irrelevant, then all my efforts at keyword research, content writing, backlinking etc will go to waste just as if I have chosen the wrong keywords, isn’t it? So what’s your opinion? Do you feel that the stuff you have in these niche site articles are still relevant today?

  • Smogha

    Hi Pat,

    How can I thanks to you? when I started my online business and I watched your site in google for my chosen keyword, I say myself that I will push back this spi back to me. But today You are my Teacher in this business. Continue your work in this field Pat. No body can touch you. No body has so great heart and so open mind to share every thing – worst experience and top class success secrets. I am very grateful to you. You are great person and a great teacher.

  • Brian

    Hey Pat,
    Great info. Thanks!

  • Levon

    Hi Pat, thanks for the great website and amazing info.

    I’d like to know how you create your Web 2.0 properties – is that one blog on WordPress, one on Live Journal, one on Tumblr and so on for each niche website? Or you create as much Web 2.0 properties as you can?

  • Droron

    Pet – this is great info and I’ve been studying niche sites for about a month. Went over all the comments here for the past hour and there was one reply by you I wanted to reply to and cannot seem to find it now (almost 2:00am now – sleepy!).
    You were describing to someone here the theory of anchor sites etc… I think you were explaining what I’m about to ask, but I may have not understood – I understand you create a spun version of each unique article and post in an anchor site. Do you need to create separate sites for each article? Or can I place several spun articles in each anchor site and backlink for each secondary layer to each of the anchor site post pages? Sorry for this confusion.

    I also want to apologize for keep on bugging you with direct messages and such.


  • Jason Cox

    Hey Pat, yes it’s jasoncox1983 from twitter :)
    Just wanted to inform you that from an SEO standpoint which is the one topic I am “nearly” an expert in….Having spun content linking to your primary domain is bad. Google can detect this now a days. You may want to consider revising this a bit and removing the parts about “spun” content. When I use Web 2.0 Platforms I simply have either a VA or freelance Writer do a quick 500-750 word article for me for 5-7.50 ish.
    Just figured I’d drop my two cents into here as I continue working through the content you have on your website.

    • Pat Flynn

      Jason, the spinning technique is still working for me and for others – but it MUST be done in an incredibly careful manner. The issue is when people try to rush these things, it becomes an easy target for Google. It’s best to either not do the spinning thing at all, or make sure that it’s done to the highest of quality so that the spun articles are indeed almost as unique as articles that are written separately. I appreciate the insight Jason!

  • Ajit Sanghai

    Hello pat,
    thank for for the great info.
    Which SEO TOOLS you will suggest to check back-links,
    free and easy for beginners

  • Kostas Pap

    Hello Pat,

    You are doing great Job and I’m so thankful that I found your website! Your quality content articles help me so much every single day and I’m so thankful for it and I appreciate your excellent work.
    I have a quick question for you! What’s your suggestion when making websites for backlinking, different IP addresses or the same? I’m so confused..
    Thanks for Your time!
    Have an Awesome New Year!

    Kostas Pap

  • kelva


  • Rohit Singh

    nice way to create backlinks anyways I was recently introduced to your site by incomediary brother and I have found it to be most helpful! Thank you for all your insight.

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  • Stewart Harding

    Very interesting blog. I will definitely keep the advice given here in mind when I’m trying to improve the Google ranking of my website in future. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  • haris

    Dear sir,
    You linked all the web 2.0 and article to make a link whee which is high danderous and risky…..
    Is it..?
    Thank you

  • Shahul

    how much money you can earn ! ….. really amazing

  • someshl

    Nice article and go get her kind of guide! 😛
    The only thing i wanna ask is that this guide was published in year, 2010. So, my point is that this strategy still works or not ?
    Or is there any updated niche guide you’ve made in year 2014.
    I trust that this guide will help me out but, their are many changes happened so, far in the field of internet marketing and as well as in Google search engine algorithms.
    Thank you

  • You in travel
  • Ngoc EIgniter

    Hello Pat,
    Your ‘diary’ about your journey is really helpful and awesome with me – the new one. I am considering implementing your backlink strategy like yours, hope I can succeed like you. Besides, there are problems with 2 article spinner tools.. I can’t access it. and I have found a new weapon for that is Spin Rewriter: .It has free trial 5 days for who would like to try

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    Marcus, IT Manager of Responsive
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    supplies italian kitchen and furniture supplies in Singapore with close partnership
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    Marcus, IT Manager of Italian Concept

  • Dreamjagers
  • Pablo Domingo Montesinos

    Hi Pat,

    I made it!!
    I got my website to #1 in Google for a keyword that gets 3.600 local searches, just aplying your strategy and little non-paid things aside, like blog comments and forums. The truth is, it still works on 2015!!

    Thank you so much for all you give us!!
    Best regards, Pablo

    • Matty L

      Hey Pablo. I have had my website for a few months now. I have been writing blog posts and writing articles and other forms of backlinking. However, when I do a SEO analysis on many different sites, they all say that my website contains no backlinks. Any help would be greatly appreciated

      • Pablo Domingo Montesinos

        Hi Matty,
        I am not in the US market so it might be different. I would say, don´t give up, try different things, look for strategies in,, comment on important blogs and sites, take action in forums… It takes time for search engines and sites to identify backlinks. It´s a matter of patience and persistence.
        Hope you find it helpful

  • Riya Khurna

    nice article

  • Momang

    very great content! Each time I read Pat’s experience building niche site, I feel fired to take action in blogging soon :)

  • Bryan Downey

    So just so i have this right, you’re creating posts on these “external” sites and blogs with links to your main page as sort of a “roadmap” to your site correct?

  • esync01

    very good list of backlink strategies.Thank you for posting the stuff.

  • esync01

    very good stuff about backlinks for websites.Thank you for sharing the article.

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  • Greg O Sullivan

    Like the post but a few quick questions on it. As you point out this was written back in 2010 and a lot has changed since – I have also read Brian Deans updated version on Backlink strategy. In terms of your strategy – do these or some of these practices still work today 2016? i.e web 2.0 sites (or private blog networks) the way you show it – spinning articles, social bookmarking?

    Great posts & thanks.