SPI 073: Ask Pat Session 1—Un-Let Go, Traffic, Multiple Niche Sites, Content Mediums, and $1k in 3 Months

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In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I’m super stoked to answer voicemail questions from the SPI audience!

Every once and a while, I’ll be recording podcast episodes that are completely driven and made up of questions asked by you, so if you have any questions you’d like potentially answered on the show, simply record a voicemail over on my Speakpipe Page.

In this particular Ask Pat! Session:

(The following questions are paraphrased from the respective voicemails)

1. Kent Asks: Had you not been laid off from your job, where do you think you’d be in your career today?

2. Andrea Asks: Are readers (like Feedly) good for blog owners who may be losing traffic to people who just read content on a reader and never visit the site. What are your feelings about Partial vs. Full Text shown in an RSS Feed?

3. Chris Asks: If you are creating multiple niche websites, it is best to have each website separate and on its own, or subsections of a larger single main domain? What’s better for competition and authority?

4. Sam asks: What content mediums are the most effective? What is the best possible way to communicate with everyone?

5. Luis asks: How would you go about creating a passive income business that can earn $1,000 per month within 3 months?

Items Mentioned in This Session Include:

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I hope you enjoyed the first Ask Pat listener questions episode! Do you like the format of these types of episodes? Let me know what you think below in the comments section.

Also, based off of Luis’ question (#5 from above), how would YOU go about creating a passive income business that can earn $1k (per month) in 3 months? Did you agree or disagree with my answer? Let me know below.

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  • http://sprachkurse-direkt.de/elektronische_woerterbuecher/bestseller-taschenuebersetzer.htm Franklin

    I am looking forward to listen to this on my way home. Especially Question #3 from Chris, as I have an authority site but also registered domains for different sub-niches within the authority sites main niche.

    In my opinion, this seems to be a podcast that we have been waitng for for very long – digging into Pats mind :)

    Thanks for that

    • http://smallbusiness-ideas-for-women.blogspot.com/ Tyson

      Content here provide many lessons for me! thx u pat

    • http://kangjum.com/blog Patricia Lim

      True friend, but making authority blog is actually easier to build a Niche Blog smaller in scope and profitable.

      • http://securityguardtrainingcenter.blogspot.com Satpam

        It really best idea

    • http://www.tentandtable.net/servlet/the-Bouncy-Castles/Categories Jeff

      Another great article Pat! I’m so glad I stumbled onto your information!:)

  • http://www.youdesignyourself.wordpress.com Cass Smith

    Great Podcast as usual! I’ve been waiting for this type of information! Keep it up!



    • http://china-travel--guide.blogspot.com/ Zeny

      It was the first time I visit this blog, and here I found a lot of interesting info related to online business. thanks, your article has inspired me!

  • http://problogger.no/ Mats Holmvik

    Great podcast Pat! :) Nice to have an ASK Pat podcast.

    Keep up the good work, and have a really nice weekend!


  • http://www.lemarketsamurai.fr/ Xavier

    Hi Pat !

    I guess you forget to put the direct DL link … 😉

    For information : http://traffic.libsyn.com/patflynn/SPI073.mp3

    Have a nice day.

    • http://randyabrown.com Randy A Brown

      Thanks Xavier. I listen to the podcast in the car, so I needed the link.

  • http://problogger.no Mats

    How would you go about creating a passive income business that can earn $1,000 per month within 3 months?:

    Thought about it.

    1. Do Pats keyword analyzing.
    2. Write 108 questions in the niche you have choosen.
    3. Answer those questions on video, making you 108 videos for Youtube and the other sites, make a link from each of them to your site.
    4. Make 108 podcast episodes, answering those questions. As Pat says, biggest resource of subscribers/audience.
    5. Make 108 blogposts about those questions, include nice pictures and other elements, and go deep into each question.
    6. All of these gets a link on your Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and so on, so a lots of links.
    7. Ask readers for more questions, answer them in the same way.
    8. Get a ghostwriter or write yourself an ebook based on all those questions and offer it cheap to your blogreaders, $5-$10. Or free. Have a backend offer of the printed version and all the videos on DVD, made from Disk.com for $99. + add some additional Bonus material. Then you need 10 customers a month.
    9. Offer yourself to coach others in this process or in the niche for $999 a month, getting them 8 sessions of 1 hours coaching.
    10. Use your money to invest in your business to build more videocourses, audiobooks, kindle books and more traffic.

    Good luck! :)

    • http://www.youdesignyourself.wordpress.com Cass Smith


      Wow! Great Tips! Thanks for sharing.

      Take Care


      • http://problogger.no/ Mats Holmvik

        Thanks, Cass! :)

        I really like to share, so its fun seeing it could be used by someone.

        Take care you to!

    • http://improvedmemorysupplements.com Alex Arrick

      Well that’s incredibly motivating. There goes the rest of my weekend! I especially like the questions > videos idea.

    • http://www.becomeunstoppable.com Steve Carmichael

      Mats, what incredible ideas! I love the questions, video and YouTube idea. It would definitely help on those days where you struggle with content. Some days it comes easy, some days hard. On the easy days, capturing as many as you can will give you something to do on those less creative days. Thanks! I am going to see how I can incorporate a similar idea on my sites.

    • http://tropicalnomad.com Adam – Tropical Nomad

      If you were to do all this in 3 months you would have to outsource most of it!

      • http://problogger.no/ Mats Holmvik

        Hi Adam, I see your concerns. I don’t have an VA (Virtual Assistant), so I have to do it myself.

        Lets brakedown my timeconsumption:

        1. Could take individually long time. From 1 hour to 2 weeks
        2. Shouldn’t take more than 1 hour to do with a mindmap like the free https://bubbl.us/
        3. Put record on your mic and talk the answer, add slides in Camtasia Studio, around, ca 30 minutes on each, doesn’t have to be long videos.
        4. Use the same recorded audio, add a intro and outro(call to action). Time spent? Zero + uploading video 108, 10 minutes each.
        5. Write off your audio recording. If each is 5 minutes, you usually spend twice the time writing it down if you slow the mp3 down to half speed + editing, 15 min each.
        6. Setup automatic sharing on your blog or use https://ifttt.com/ to share your new RSS entries around. 1 hour to setup.
        7. Put up Aweber to do it or a Surveymonkey survey on your site, 30 minutes.
        8. 8 hours writing and designing the ebook and 8 hours on the DVD and audio based on the videos + 8 hours on the bonus section
        9. Individual, use the rest of your time researching coaching.
        10. Unlimited time.

        So this gives us effective time of: 205,5 hours / 12 weeks = 17 hours/week

        Its about as much a student can work on the side in addition to studies/school.

        Its possible, you just have to apply yourself, and DO IT, just like Pats post http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/the-only-100-words-you-should-read-today/

        Have a nice day!


    • http://www.MoneyAhoy.com Derek @ MoneyAhoy.com

      I like the way you’re thinking. 108 is definitely doable for what I’m going after.

      I’ve got step 1&2 down, but I’m trying to create more of an authority site. I’m beginning work on the videos, but probably need to branch into podcasting.

      I’ll need to review Pat’s whole series he did on making a podcast to get up to speed quickly!

  • http://www.plugins24.com Phil

    Hey Pat,

    great Podcast once again! And I love the “How to earn thousand a month” question – and you answer. By the way thanks @Mats really cool comment looks so good I’m thinking about giving it a try :-)


    • http://problogger.no Mats

      Hi Phil!

      Thanks! 😉

      Tell me how it works out for you :) I am currently cowriting a book on the same model. 18 interviews with 6 questions, then have it transcribed and edited.

      We made it like this:

      9 Main topics people Need to know
      9 Main topics people Want to know(selling points)

      Then made 6 questions for each, based on different versions of why, how, what, who, how, what if… 3 positive questions and 3 negative.

      Then skype call + recorder.


  • http://affiliateanswerman.com sean

    Thanks for taking the time to answer questions, Pat. I’ll be listening to this one later today.


  • http://www.giantsizemedia.co.uk Yannis

    Hi Pat,

    Looking forward to the podcast as per usual :) A couple of things though as I usually access your site on mobile and app.

    1) When is your site getting mobile optimised? (it was before with conduit i think?)

    2) Your twitter stream in your app doesn’t seem to be working.


    • http://problogger.no Mats

      2: I thought it just was that the app didn’t work correctly on iOS 7, but now I know others have the same problem. Include a report a problem button in the next version to :)

      • http://Www.giantsizemedia.co.uk Yannis

        Great idea Mats. I concur :) get it implemented Pat :)

  • http://www.planetnaveen.com Naveen Kulkarni

    Great podcast Pat,

    I think this podcast is is bit different from your earlier pod-casts, since you have involved the listeners asking questions. This has even deepened your connection with your readers :-)

  • Dave T

    Pat really enjoyed the podcast! I know how busy you are with all your projects but hopefully you can find some time to do more of these podcasts in the future. That would be awesome. Keep up the good work!

  • http://bestfishingpoles.org/fishing-reels-guide/okuma-reels-reviews-and-recommendations-on-the-best-okuma-fishing-reels/ Ray

    Great stuff as usual! A quick reader request—I’d love to see a blog post (personal preference, podcasts aren’t really my jam) about trouble shooting your site when it’s not performing as expected–particularly in the early stages. For example, I’m having issues with my keyword choice. It’s a new site, granted, but there’s been no change in ranking whatsover according to LTP. Meanwhile, a competing site has increased in ranking quickly for the same keyword, despite being so new as to not even have a site age listed in LTP, and having very few backlinks thus far (it rose from 10th to 3rd with no backlinks at all, according to LTP). I think my content is better, but unsure as to how to troubleshoot issues, particularly given the whole “not provided” keyword issue in google analytics.

    Where do you start your trouble shooting process? What are some common issues that will keep you from ranking, and how do you find them and fix them? Or do you simply keep plugging away at content creation and revisit the issue a few months in?

    • http://problogger.no Mats

      Hi Ray!

      Maybe I can help, I got one of my blogs from 5 visitors to 100 a day the past month.

      Here is what I did:

      1. Make sure you have a Sitemap according to Google preferences, you can make it here http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/
      2. Setup Google Webmaster Tools http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/ and submit your sitemap there, also in the menu in there for your site make sure that you manually submit new content in the “See it like google sees it” menu, I have it in Norwegian so don’t know the exact english word there. I get articles indexed in 5 or less minutes.
      3. Do the same on Bing Webmaster tools http://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster
      4. Make sure your site is optimized for easy crawling by search engines and have at least 90/100 correct in this PageSpeed test by Google: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights
      5. Test your websites loading time in http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/ , it also gives you great analyzing of whats taking long time to load. Consider to fix it with a CDN(Content Delivery Network) provider + if you got WordPress, use compressing of CSS/Javascript, move javascripts to bottom of the page, and Gzip the content in addition to W3 Total Cache. You find plugins to do all of these.
      6. Check how you are doing SEO with this tool, fix the problems, google for answers: http://www.seositecheckup.com/
      7. Build more backlinks and good content! :)

      Ps. did you analyze the competitor? If you do everything they does and more, you will eventually outrank them.

      Good luck Ray!


      • http://bestfishingpoles.org/ ray

        Thanks Mats! I’ll check these solutions out! I think I’m poised to have a great site compared to the other nice site that’s been ranking well. The biggest difference seems to be they’re set up to target one particular brand/product, whereas I’m hoping to build a site focusing on multiple brands/products. I ended up going back and changing my post for that keyword to a page in WordPress, and writing several shorter posts on the primary and secondary keywords to support the page. Probably too early to tell if that helped at all, but I’ve got high hopes!

      • http://thevietnamwar.info Rex

        Hi Mats,

        Thanks for the awesome tips!

        As for no. 6 I think http://www.woorank.com is another good SEO tool too.

      • http://www.giantsizemedia.co.uk Yannis

        Hey Ray/Mats

        I would also look at your On Page SEO to see if you can make any improvements there as you have total control of your website and it’s much easier to implement any changes.

        If you are interested I just wrote quite a long post on On Site SEO Tips (2596 words). http://www.giantsizemedia.co.uk/seo/seo-tips-evergreen-onsite-seo/


        • http://problogger.no/ Mats Holmvik

          Rex: Thank you for reading, and adding another tool! :)

          Yannis: Thanks for the link, seems to be an indept guide. Will use it as a reference. On Page SEO is just as important, just forgot to mention it, as I usually make pages with links to my other articles and have related articles plugin to wordpress to help me build more links, and some SEO plugin to help me. Worked out great.

          On my tip #5, I would add if you don’t want or can afford a CDN, Jetpack plugin to WordPress enables you to store images at WordPress.com to make them faster to load. Almost the same as CDN but only for images.

        • http://www.bestfishingpoles.org Ray

          Thanks all! I’ve been digging through and examining the site with your advice in mind, as far as i can tell, all is good. I may need to vary the text in my SEO titles and headers, but beyond that, I think I just need to get more content up for the time being. Thanks again for the help!

    • http://wevegotyourcustomers.com SEO Scott

      Hey Ray,

      Give it some time. You’ve only had your site for one month now – no need to start troubleshooting and not sure what the expectations were.

      If I’m guessing correctly, the competitor you mentioned is not in the Top 10, but most all the others have PR of 2-4. Again, assuming I’m talking about the same KW you’re targeting, it is in a Moderately competitive niche and will take a fair amount of time and effort to beat out the other fairly well established sites, but as long as you’re willing to run the marathon and create QUALITY content and links, you will eventually win the race.

  • http://www.topbloggingcoach.com Theodore Nwangene

    A very amazing podcast as always Pat,
    You’re really sharing a lot of great stuffs here Pat and, I’m sure a lot of people has learnt from your wealth of knowledge just as i did.

    You rock Pat :)

  • http://missiontripsongs.com Daniel

    I listened to this episode in the car today and really enjoyed it. I’ve been looking forward to the voicemail questions at the end of each episode recently, so an entire episode of them was great. Looking forward to more!

    Also, I completely agree with your answer to Luis’s question. As soon as you started your answer, I thought of episode #46 and knew exactly where you were going to go.

  • http://www.pualingo.com Vince Lin

    Patt, I just learned that you’re in San Diego too. Why do you think so many Entrepreneurs, online marketers end up being in San Diego?

  • http://www.thesparepenny.com Stephanie

    I like your answer but I don’t think building software is the way to go. I work for LinkedIn and help build things there. As a developer, I don’t think planning a service/software to be complete in 3 months is enough time to build a quality software/application that is sustainable.

    As far as how I do it, if I knew how, I would. However, I do have a separate question. Do you think revenue sharing article sites are no longer an option as far generating passive income?

  • D.R.

    Hey Pat,

    When you’re doing a podcast like this (addressing multiple topics), wouldn’t it be a good idea to create time stamps and put it up underneath the podcast? Just so that if a particular reader isn’t interested in a particular section of the podcast and wants to move to the other one, it gets convenient.


    • http://missiontripsongs.com Daniel

      I’d second that idea. Great idea, D.R.

  • http://nodegreepe.com John

    Great format! All good questions I was interested in.

  • http://groweatandlive.com chad from SD

    AWESOME! podcast Pat. Love the upfront answers and on the 3 month to earning income. You answered some questions I have really been wondering. Yeah and i find most of us San Diegan’s say Awesome! a lot. Surfs up dude!

  • Melissa Wilson

    Hi Pat, just want to say that I thought this was a really good kind of episode to do. I look forward to more of these in the future. I think you’re answer to the last question was good and that that’s probably a question that a lot of people are interested in hearing thoughts on. I’m sure there are multiple ways to reach that goal in three months time, it just requires some creativity and planning. I don’t have an answer to that question right now but it’s definitely got me thinking.

  • http://www.alaininternetmarketing.com Alain Guillot

    Thank you Pat, It is great to listen to you while I am working out. I love this weekly format.

  • http://www.linkbrightmedia.com/ Nina Young

    Awesome podcast Pat, thanks!

  • http://www.eventchecklist.net Arwin Adriano

    Hi Pat,

    Another great podcast as usual. You never fail to have us avid listener of your blog to learn something new every week. Thank you and more power to you.

    You rock.

  • http://rickzullo.com Rick

    Hi Pat (and Everyone)!

    I started from absolute zero (NO background in either marketing or computer related technology) a little over a year and have largely used your blog/podcast exclusively as my on-going tutorial. I think that I’ve at least experimented with most of your suggestions, starting with blogging, and then article marketing, affiliate products, AdSense, on page advertising, eBooks, Facebook page, keyword research, guest blogging, and most everything else. I haven’t got into podcasts or videos yet, but I might give those a try too (eventually).

    OK, so back to the Voicemail question. Of all things that I mentioned above, the one that has truly worked for me from the get-go is Kindle publishing. I’m not sure that you could get it up to $1,000/month in 3 months if you’re starting from scratch (i.e. no good content ready to publish), but I certainly think that you could get there in 8-10 months if you work hard, putting 80% of your effort into writing and the other 20% into promoting.

    Regarding the promoting phase, I believe that you could limit yourself to a blog, Facebook, and Twitter. And you could probably even eliminate Facebook, to be honest. Other S.M. sites might help, but I’m not sure that you’d see enough of a return on your time investment (I could be very wrong about this). Indeed, if you want to promote your book, you’d be better off on Good Reads or some other book-focused social media.

    The downside? Kindle publishing is hot right now and has been for a few years, but it’s not going to last forever. Alas, it seems that little can be counted on for the long-term regarding Internet marketing/sales, etc., including niche sites, SEO, and all that. The game is constantly changing. That said, eBooks aren’t going away anytime soon so I think that the mid-range potential here is good.

    My two cents. Ciao!

    • http://www.pualingo.com Vince Lin

      Nice work, keep it up! Took us 1.5 years before we saw significant money from our first profitable site

  • http://www.nailingtheinterview.com Dayvon

    I personally think that if you are looking to build a business like that in only 3 months then you shouldn’t build it because your only going to let yourself down. This is the primary reason that online businesses fail, we set our expectations too high and when we don’t get there quick enough we quit. I don’t think he should put a time limit on his income growth, I say find a market, work like a dog and become an authority in the market and the $1,000 per month will come.

  • http://JeffLafferty.com Jeff Lafferty

    Hi Pat

    I don’t see a download link for your podcasts anymore. I usually take them with me to work to listen there. Are you not posting the link anymore, or maybe I’m going blind.

    I can’t get Itunes to work on my machine, so downloading the shows was the only way I was getting them.

    Anyway, love the blog
    keep up the good work

    • http://problogger.no/ Mats Holmvik

      You should have seen Xavier’s post on the top of the comment field: http://traffic.libsyn.com/patflynn/SPI073.mp3 :)

      • http://www.JeffLafferty.com/ Jeff Lafferty

        Thanks Xavier … & thanks Mats for pointing out the link :)

        I appreciate it

  • http://www.itseasypeasy.com Lazerbri

    Another great podcast and even loads of cool tips in the comments, thanks for a very rich blog source, and to the great community of people you have bring together, cool stuff mat:)

  • http://www.hannesuys.com Hannes Uys

    Do you think you would have still achieved the same amount of success if you started from scratch today?

  • http://seogifs.com Dave

    Thanks Pat – nice questions and answers…and a little bonus thanks to Matt in the comments up there ^^^ for his quick and inspiring answers!

  • http://www.MeetAaronBriggs.com Aaron Briggs

    You know what I have found out in the pursuit of happ”y”ness is that when study all the gurus and all the head hanchos of the any game, you soon see the same pattern of success. Its all based on principles not theory.

    So when a guy like Pat or anyone says to you “do keyword research this way, then you check to see if it’s being done this way across the board and if it adds up then go with the law of average. And my favorite law is is just look learn and act as the greats do.

  • http://dsm-publishing.com/ andra

    Great interview! You are an inspiration! I’ve been working in Internet marketing for a long time, but I always have something to learn from you.

  • http://www.earning-on-forex.com Earning

    Trying as well making money but on forex. Welcome to visit my site!

  • http://lifeincharge.com Jeffrey James

    Thanks for the practical tips in your interview! I appreciate the text transcript, since sometimes that’s the only option for me to get the information. I can also read through it at a faster pace, which I like doing.

  • Marc

    Great stuff once again Pat!

    How often do you plan on doing these Q&A podcasts? I have some really good questions for you!

  • http://www.findnetinfo.com Amol

    Hi pat, I am a regular listener of your podcast. and due to my low bandwidth connection, I usually download podcast as mp3 and then listen to it.

    am I only one missing the download mp3 link or there is any other way so that I will not miss this amazing podcast. Please let me know if there is any other way I can download the podcast or if its completely removed for next episodes(Which will be a bad news for me :( ).

    Thanks again for sharing such great content.

  • http://www.keystoaz.com Matthew Jeschke

    I do feel $1k passive income in 3 months is possible. I have hit it with small products and VERY little launch time to attain $300-400 / month passive income. However, I also tested HUNDREDS of other products for months prior to finding those.

    Looking back, I have learned a ton… The key is, finding a strong demand, with some but not much competition. Ideally the barrier of entry is higher as well to weed out competition (hence why software is so good, not everybody can program).

    Typically passive income strategies take inane amounts of time investment though. It’s about as competitive as it can get because everybody and their dog wants a passive income. Self help products on the topic may sell well simply because they feed you with the illusion that it can be done easily.

    It can take years to learn all the angles and identify the quick opportunities. From my experience for online stuff it involves (1) looking at search engine data and results (2) looking for similar products and identifying their strengths and weaknesses (3) learning how to speak to the market / audience (4) finding the where the market is at and telling them about your offer.

    As far as me with a $1000 in three months. I cannot speak to that. The best I have been able to do is launch to $300 in one month :)

    I found a demand for a product. I did not own the product so I approached the owner and negotiated an arrangement.

    There was strong demand on Google for the product so I optimized a page on my fitness website to promote his product. I was quickly able to earn 2nd place rank (behind his).

    I then took some of my videos I had ranked well in Youtube & google to point them back to the product for sale.

    I have been selling the product for a year now and made a few thousand dollars. I used a similar technique to help a friend launch in a couple days and sell a product for $300 / month.

    It involves understanding a bit about SEO, knowing what numbers are good in terms of competition & traffic. Then having a strong understanding of sales / being able to answer questions people have and providing solutions with your product / offer.

    I’m sure a person could do better but it comes down to price of traffic (time for SEO / list building /etc or $$ if you buy), strenght of your offer, and understanding your market VERY well.

    • http://www.marketingyourfarm.com/new-here/ Iain

      That’s a great point. One could do the 1000$ in a month, but sometimes it might be luck or experience.

      In some cases people may feel that they know what they are doing and in those cases they would have no problem with making a grand.

      However, if you don’t have the experience, it’s less likely for them to make a kiilling.

  • http://clive-hitchcock.com Clive Hitchcock

    I really love Pat’s podcast as you can see him enjoying what he loves.
    I think its possible too, given that you have someone to teach you how to make money online. And i guess it depends on your level of knowledge when it comes to using a computer. But one thing is for sure. Making money online is possible, if you just take action. I did it, Pat did it, so why can’t you?
    By the way i share my strategies on my blog http://clive-hitchcock.com if you want to check it out it would be fun.
    Great day everyone

  • http://www.schedulemax.com Natalie Eckdahl


    I loved hearing you mention the opportunity to earn passive income through software creation. That is what we are doing at ScheduleMAX.com, a cloud based online scheduling software for appointment driven businesses. It allows clients to book an appointment 24/7 and then they receive email/text reminders about their appointment. We are saving people the pain of phone tag and the cost of no shows.

    I wish I could say that we were able to develop this software in 3 months, took much longer. We found it a steep learning curve to develop a complex software offering from scratch and to get the word out about us.

    But now everything is automated from our 30 day free trial through payment of our monthly subscription and we have customers across the US, Canada and the UK.

    We are in a competitive space, so we do continue to add features. While I agree in theory software can be a great source of passive income, for us it continues to require software development time and customer support time.

    But we love that we are helping people grow their businesses. Our customers are fellow entrepreneurs that do not spend their day in front of computers, like Coaches, Massage Therapists, Skin Care Professionals, Chiropractors, Personal Trainers, etc. We made our software easy to use, yet elegant for this non-techy group.

    Look forward to more podcasts that talk about software.

    Natalie Eckdahl

  • http://www.allstuffweb.com Serge

    Loved this episode. Software creation is definitely a branch that I’m currently looking into with my websites since in my field, it’s an under-used venue.

    As for creating a website that gets 1k/month within 3 months: It’s totally possible. I’ve known how to create websites for a while, but only got into IM a little over 1 year ago.

    I focused on a problem that I was having, and noticed that many others were having the same issue. After doing proper research (took me a few days), I was able to find a solution for that problem, and started a website on it.

    The first few months were un-eventful, with barely any traffic, but once I started backlinking to my content and driving some traffic to it that way, it really took off.

    The “first month” of me backlinking to the site didn’t see much improvement, but once I did some on-page SEO and got some good rankings, my revenue went from $53 in April (2012), to $317 in May, to $3263 in June. (you can see my post here)

    The trick is to:

    Know your stuff
    enjoy what you do
    create good content (answer the question your visitors came to your site for)
    promote your content on Social Media and build backlinks
    and remember that On-Page SEO is important – my estimate is that it accounts for over 70% of your rank-ability

    And less than a year later, I was able to leave my job which required me to travel quite a bit, and work from home/spend more time with my family. We’re looking at launching a company to continue tackling further issues in the space I’ve created for myself; I’ve had multiple people wanting to invest in my startup, but I keep telling them that I do not need investors. I’m able to pay my bills and invest the rest right back into the business (having built up a small “cushion/parachute” first, of course).

    You’ll have to pardon me though, as I don’t reveal the URL or keywords of the site that’s allowing me to work from home since I’ve had a few copycats do some damage to my reputation (and websites with negative SEO). I just wanted to let you know that it IS possible, and there isn’t one NICHE that’s better than the other – you just need to find something that you’re passionate about, and follow that.

    Again, if you’d like to read up on my little journey, you can do so on this post, which is part 1 of a 3-part series :).

  • http://www.atmebook.com/ alex

    Another great podcast. I enjoy all the topics. I think the passion you have for this blog and the podcast come through on every episode, an important lesson. Along with doing and not just thinking. Thanks…Alex

  • http://andreszuleta.com/ Andres

    Hey Pat, thanks for this episode. Once in a while a Q&A is great! I had a question actually about something tangential: SpeakPipe. Is there a reason you don’t have SpeakPipe on your main site, and instead use a SpeakPipe page? I noticed these days lots of folks are putting the SpeakPipe thingamajig right on their site, and I guessed that perhaps you had a reason for not doing this, and instead directing people to http://www.speakpipe.com/patflynn instead. Curious!

  • Jason

    My first comment … hi Pat!

    It’s a question really. I find myself cataloging more ideas and ways to make money than I can count—namely from gurus like yourself. But, for instance, you mention above it’ll take at least 18 months to see any real profit from a niche site. How do you go about focusing on that one idea without pursuing all the other ones? Rather, how did you focus on building a niche site (your green exam comes to mind) before you had the revenue to afford Virtual Assistants and other pricey autonomous means?

    Thank you and I love all the advice.

    • http://blogboldly.com/starting-an-online-business/ Darlene with BlogBoldly

      Hey Jason..

      I’m not Pat but I’ll jump in because I’ve struggled with this myself.

      If you don’t single out your best, favorite, most exciting idea and work on that exclusively, you’ll NEVER make it online. You’ll be too scattered and never make that one thing amazing enough to get people interested on a massive scale.

      How do you do that?

      If you believe what I’m saying, you will.

      One of the most powerful articles I’ve ever read on this was by a wildly successful pro poker guy named Billy Murphy. http://foreverjobless.com/entrepreneurial-diworsification/ You will laugh. You will cry. But you will get the point.

      I’ve read the above article several times and even included in it my weekly newsletter for my readers.

      p.s. best of luck!

      • Jason

        Thank you for the reality check Darlene! That’s a great article too. I appreciate the feedback. I’ve got some homework to do now … thank you again!

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    Why I’m hard pressed to meiru of your Path? even to start it was sometimes difficult.

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    Thanks Pat, I can relate to you in some ways, and I want to relate to you in other ways.

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    Hi Pat,

    Great show! ….as usual. :) In response to the 1k in 3 months question, another thing you could do is find an information marketer who has a really well converting offer and follow-up sequence, and become his affiliate. That way you could just focus on driving traffic to that offer and collect your commissions. A good info. marketer will show his affiliates how to drive traffic to their offers. The up side to this is that if you’re just starting out, you could focus on learning a very important skill, driving traffic, and begin to make money pretty fast because the more experienced info. marketer will do the rest of the work (test the sales funnel, work on conversions, write the follow up emails, collect the money, etc.). The down side is that you wouldn’t be building your list but that’s something you can do at a later stage in your entrepreneurial career when you have a little more experience and something to offer.

    Just an idea…

  • http://vegetarianzen.com Vickie the Vegetarian

    Love this format of Q and A! Thanks for a great show!

  • http://www.dadverb.com Roger

    Hey Pat,
    I don’t really get your answer to the first question. According to you, back in October 2008, you said:
    “So I had said how I was planning to quit my 9 to 5 job when I earned a certain amount of income online. Well, today I just got laid off. I guess my quest to start living off of passive income is starting early – like today.”
    Earlier you posted:
    “That is why I really want to quit my job. Not so much for the infinite amount of money that I could earn (depending on how hard I work), but for the freedom I would get as a result. Freedom from a boss, freedom financially, and freedom to spend time with my family and friends.”
    This doesn’t sound like someone who loved their architecture job, and planned on continuing it. I think that’s fine. Why would you say that you didn’t plan on making a passive income, and that the internet stuff, “was all new to you’?

  • http://www.lowd.ca/ Derrick Barber

    Hey Pat,

    I think you forgot to include the download link… can you please add it? For some reason, I cannot access the embedded soundplayer you have on my Galaxy S3, and I listen to your podcasts on my phone. Thanks! Kind Regards,


  • http://www.incomegin.com Josh Lee

    Re: Luis’ question

    Earning $1k/mo within three months of hatching an idea will be difficult–not impossible–but earning this within three months of *launching* a site is certainly doable if you spend a good amount of time before this planning and “pre-launching,” (i.e., line up guest posts, write content, come up with an intense marketing strategy, etc.). If you were drag racing, you wouldn’t want the engine at idle speed of the line. You want it revved up a bit in order to launch. And as Pat said, doing your research beforehand is key. So i would another month or two for the pre-launch.

  • http://emitez.com/ anis

    that’s an awesome post thanks for sharing :)


  • Patricia

    I am at a loss for words. Here is the situation. I did some research on my niche and bought a domain. I have placed wordpress on it but have yet to complete the site add content, adsense, affiliate links, backlinks, etc. All the things that you would do to get a site up and running have it ranking on google, all of that I have not yet completed. But guess what? When I type in my keyword for my niche in google my site (my very uncompleted site) is the 4th result in google. It was 5th last week and now holds the number 4 position. I have no clue how this happened or what I should do. Is it real? Should I just take hold of it and do all the stuff that would get my site making money or is something else going on? I dont want to miss out on my opportunity if one is there. Please Help!!!!

    • http://www.incomegin.com Josh Lee

      Patricia, It sounds to me like you might have a keyword phrase with very low competition, and more than likely, low search volume. I would check two things, right off: (1) What does the traffic potential look like for your keyword, i.e., how many potential visits would you get if you ranked #1? (Use Google’s adword keyword tool or whatever program you happen to own and find the number for *exact match*–not broad match–global and local searches); and (2) Is your site getting much traffic at its current position in Google? My opinion would be that you want more than 3,000 or so exact global searches per month for a keyword in most niches, and if you’re ranking #4 in Google, you should be seeing a small percentage of that traffic already (n.b. there is a big diff. between #1 and #4 in Google).

      I say this because I once ranked a niche site in Google (>3 wks) but soon realized that there were fewer than 100 people per month searching for my exact keyword phrase. The key mistake I made was focusing on the “broad match” numbers instead of “exact match” numbers when I researched the niche. This was a some time ago, but Pat has more recently discussed some of these issues here: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/niche-site-duel-2-niche-selection-criteria/

  • http://www.rnwtravel.wordpress.com Michael Belk

    Pat, I tried to get out of blogging and I started a static website, but I soon realized that i needed to keep blogging for my sanity. So, I learned something about my personality.

    It does not matter who reads my content, but as long as I am communicating my point. I did all I could to avoid going back to blogging however, I missed the information portal I was relaying to myself or anyone that happens to drop by and read my thoughts.

    In a lot of ways blogging has become my mental therapy.

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    I hardly miss the mp3 download at your latst episodes…
    big thanks

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    Thanks Pat, I can relate to you in some ways, and I want to relate to you in other ways.

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    Thanks for answering my question.

    Would be great if you could link to my site in the post :)

    I posted the transcript, my response and my actions I will take from your advice on my blog.



    Chris (asks)

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    Hey Pat,

    I’ve been working on my tech + music blog for a while now. I made it live a week back and I’ve got 1000+ page views and 323 visits (221 Unique Visitors) in 5 days.
    Is it good for first 5 days of your blog? How do I increase the traffic?
    Would you check it out and give suggestions!?


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