January 2013

SPI 055: Blog to eBook to Membership Site in Less Than a Year—Starting Smart with Trevor Page

In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, we bring back another success story interview with someone who has built a successful online business outside of the blogging, make money online and social media niches. One year ago, Trevor Page was working a comfortable 9-to-5 job. Today, he's working for himself. Trevor is still [...]

What Would Happen to My Online Business if I Died?

This is a guest post by Chris Huntley, a good friend of mine who works in life insurance. We've had lunch together quite a few times and we usually discuss topics like blogging and the joy (and challenge) of being parents, but at one particular lunch we started talking about how more and more people [...]

SPI 054: The Click

In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, we talk all about a small, tiny little action that happens on our websites, but it's probably the most important action there is. What is it? A click. We click on links all day long, but how conscious are we about exactly what's going on? By [...]

What to Do When “All of the Good Ideas are Already Taken”—Tips to Help You Pick a Niche

Lately, I've been getting a lot of emails about niche selection and how to choose the right topic when starting a new website or a blog.  Most people tell me that all of the good ideas (or keywords) are already taken, that there is too much competition and no more room left for them. If [...]

SPI 053: What They Didn’t Tell Me before I Started My Online Business

In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I talk about several things that I wish I knew about before starting my online business and working on my own. If I could go back in time and tell myself these things, I would have been much better off. When I was laid off in [...]

My December 2012 Monthly Income Report

Welcome to my December 2012 income report! Each month I like to publish a detailed report sharing everything that's been going on with my businesses - from what's working to what is not, and also how much money I've earned from each. Why share this with you? There are a couple of reasons: First, it [...]

What I Learned from SPI Fans at NMX

I'm back home from New Media Expo in Vegas, and WOW - what an amazing trip! A lot of you have been asking if I'm going to publish my presentation (especially after hearing about it on Twitter), and the answer is that it will be published as soon as it's done being edited. It's a [...]