March 2011

The Hole on Most Blogs (Including Mine) That Needs to Be Filled

A lot of people ask me the following question: "Pat, if you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently, and why?" I have three answers for you: Start Sooner - If I had known what the possibilities were, I would have gotten into online business much, much sooner. I'm very [...]

Playing the Google Search Game: How to Rank High in Google

Editor's Note: My recommended backlinking strategy changes frequently in order to keep up with Google's evolving search algorithm. You can find the most up-to-date backlinking strategy here. (Updated 10/2015) I'm honored today to publish a guest post by Joseph Archibald of There are a lot of people I respect online, but I must say [...]

Come Listen to Me Speak at IBM Live 2011!

I hinted in a previous post that I was invited to speak live at an event at the end of April. This will be my first live speaking gig ever about what I do online, and I think it's perfectly fitting because it's for Internet Business Mastery Live! For those of you who don't know, [...]

SPI 017: Types of Passive Income Generated Online and What to Expect From Each – Part 3

In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, I finish off a 3-part series about the different types of passive income streams that can be generated online and what you can expect from each. I discuss the potential costs that are involved, how one might get started, what kind of results are typical and [...]

I Challenge You to Fill In These Blanks

One of my favorite things to do here on the blog is to challenge you. I've found that challenging you will often provide you with much more insight and education for your blog or online business than any type of pillar post, tutorial or video that I could create. And the coolest part is that [...]

10 Gold Nugget Posts I’m Glad I Didn’t Miss

I hope you all had a safe St. Paddy's Day (Yes - Paddy, not Patty. I was corrected several times on Twitter...and I'm a quarter Irish too!) Today, I wanted to share 10 outstanding posts that I'm glad I didn't miss. Some I found in my RSS feed, some I found from some of you [...]

My Home Office Green Screen Setup and First Video

My green screen equipment had been collecting dust in a box for two months, but this past weekend I was finally able to setup everything and record my first chroma-key video! Green screens are primarily used in the movie industry and by meteorologists (weather people) to put a subject in front of a background that [...]

Creating Niche Sites with PLR? I Ask the Expert

Currently, I have 4 niche sites—my security guard training site from the niche site duel and 3 others that I have started since. All are on the first page of Google, however the security guard training site is definitely the most successful (see Friday's post)—at least for now. I want to do a lot more, [...]

Niche Site Earnings and Directory Listing Update

A lot of you have been requesting an update on my security guard training niche site, so here it is! If you aren't familiar with this particular site of mine, I recommend you read up on the niche site duel - where I and several other bloggers and internet marketers share and reveal everything from [...]

How to Create a Facebook Landing Page (HTML/iFrame Edition)

Please click here for the latest tutorials on the new Facebook Timeline Setup. **Important Update to Facebook Landing Pages** Please note that all Facebook Pages will be converted to the new "TIMELINE" version of wordpress, which you may have seen on your friends' personal profiles lately.  No comment on how they look, but there's nothing [...]