November 2010

Niche Site Duel 012: An Experiment and Income Update

It's been a couple of weeks since my last niche site duel update, so I wanted to fill you in on what's been going on with my niche site. For those of you who aren't familiar with the niche site duel, Tyrone Shum and I started niche sites from scratch back in August of 2010 [...]

How to Get Explosive and Sticky Traffic (and a Challenge!)

In the past month, I've experienced some record traffic numbers for The Smart Passive Income Blog, as you can see below: There are two notable differences from the previous month that I'd like to point out: Visits and Pageviews are up 24% Avg. Time on Site has increased by 30 seconds Most of the other [...]

How You Can Make Money from Shoppers Right Now

This is a guest post by Chris Guthrie who was recently featured in Session 10 of the Smart Passive Income Podcast. His interview about how he sold nearly $1,000,000 in product from niche sites specifically for the affiliate program has generated a lot of buzz, and he was kind enough to offer some additional [...]

19 WordPress Plugins (Some You Probably Didn’t Know About)

I get asked a lot of the same exact questions over and over again: how do I setup a blog, how do I setup a newsletter, where did I get my blog theme (it was custom built), and what wordpress plugins do I use. Hmm...maybe I should setup my own blogging course or something. Anyways, [...]

Optimizing By Visualizing with In-Page Analytics

When I was going over my traffic stats the other day in Google Analytics, I discovered something totally awesome: In-Page Analytics. In-Page Analytics is a brand new tool within Google Analytics that was introduced just last month and it's rockin' my world. Basically, "you can see your Google Analytics data superimposed on your website as [...]

How I Built My Business with No Money to Spend

This is a guest post by Paul Cunningham of In 2008 I was standing at a cross roads in my journey as an online entrepreneur. My wife and I had one child already and a second one on the way. We were also getting ready to sell our apartment and move into the new [...]

SPI 010: Crushing It with Amazon Affiliate Sales with Chris Guthrie of

In this session (the 10th session!) of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, I interview Chris Guthrie of Make Money On The Internet, who is making a killing as an affiliate for products from Out of all the places to sign up as an affiliate and earn a commission from the products you can sell, [...]

Is Giving Away Free Information Bad?

On this blog, I give away a lot of free information. But is it too much? Of course, those of you on the receiving end of that information would say, "No way! Keep it coming!", but put yourself in the shoes of a blogger with a large following, raving fans and a decent sized email [...]

THE Backlinking Strategy That Works

Please note that this strategy was written in late 2010. Although it does still work, it doesn't work quite as well as it used to, since quite a bit has changed in the world of search engine optimization since then. UPDATE: A more recent version of this post has been published, with techniques and strategies [...]

Niche Site Duel 010: I’m Ranked Number One in Google!

In my last niche site duel update, I was extremely excited to share that I landed on the first page of Google. I'm proud to say that one week later, my site is now sitting at the number one spot in Google for my primary keyword! Based on my keyword research and analysis of the [...]