May 2010

Strength in Numbers with Goal Setting

What images comes to mind when you hear the phrase "strength in numbers"? Maybe a school of bait fish trying to play the numbers game and avoid being eaten by a predator? Or how about a battle between two sides, hoping for the advantage over their adversary? A "power play" in hockey? Generally speaking, when [...]

The Next Best Revenue Sharing Site to Write For Is…

As you know, I've been doing a lot of research lately trying to find the "next eHow" - I guess you could say. I've analyzed what makes a good revenue sharing site and also went into detail about some of the top choices available to you, looking closely at each of the sites' traffic stats [...]

How to Determine the BEST Revenue Sharing Website to Write For

In my last post, I highlighted 13 different revenue sharing websites that one could possibly write content for and earn passive income from. The post actually turned quite a few heads, as threads in the forums of many of these sites started talking about it, including the communities at Squidoo, Helium, Bukisa, Infobarrel and even [...]

13 Alternatives to Writing and Making Money on eHow

Editor's Note: This content is no longer relevant. Please visit our Getting Started page, which we keep up to date with advice for getting started with earning money online. (Updated 10/2015) Back in 2008 when I first started experimenting with generating passive income online, I was introduced to and its writer's compensation program. It [...]

How to Retain Your Subscribers Like a Pro

This is a guest post from Jonathan Beebe from MMO Work. You've learned the benefits of starting an email newsletter and how to get started in "The Beginner's Guide to Staring a Newsletter", so today I'm going to share with you even more strategies to literally supercharge your subscriber opt-in rate, as well as some [...]

Smart Passive Income Podcast Survey Results and Some Quick Analysis

A week ago, I had asked you to spend a couple of minutes filling out a survey regarding the upcoming Smart Passive Income Podcast. A huge thank you to those of you who did, because the survey ended up grabbing over 300 responses, which is really amazing. It's amazing not just because that's a lot [...]

Lack of Content Is a Lazy Excuse

Have you ever come across a blog whose latest, most recent post was published 1 month ago? 6 months ago? A year ago? I have, several times, and it's sad. It's sad because I know (like I'm sure most of you know too), just how much work it takes to get a blog up and [...]

You Can Easily Get People to Take Action by

I was eating lunch with a friend the other day, and he sneezed. "Ah-choo!" Instead of replying with "Bless You!" like I normally do, I was only able to reply with "Bless...", because I was interrupted when something sharp pierced my gums. It was a bone. My friend gave me a weird look, and then [...]

The Podcast Is Coming, and I Need Your Help, Please!

Editor's Note: The survey is now closed and the podcast is live! Thanks to everyone who shared their feedback in the survey. I've very excited to announce that the Smart Passive Income Podcast, the podcast that I've always wanted to start ever since 2008 when I first mentioned it on the blog, will go live [...]

Multiple Strategies I Use For Affiliate Marketing: Where To Put Affiliate Links

I'm a big believer of creating your own products to sell online. Whether it's something like an eBook, a membership website, or software of some kind, building your own products can yield the highest profits, as well give you a fantastic foundation to live a passive income lifestyle. However, I know that not everyone is [...]