April 2010

How to Utilize Virtual Staff to Create Multiple Streams of Passive Income

This is a guest post from Chris Ducker from VirtualBusinessLifestyle.com. Chris has quite an impressive resume, with 19 years in sales, marketing and PR. He's a CEO of a total business outsourcing company with a staff of approximately 165 full-time employees. I've gotten to know Chris fairly well recently since our recent interview, and he's [...]

Read This Post to Find Out Exactly What You Need to Know about Calls to Action

Yesterday, we had another iPhone app approved by Apple (yay!), however this post is not about iPhone apps. It's about getting people to take action, whether it be new visitors to your site, newsletter subscribers, people reading your sales page, or iPhone owners reading the copy of an ad you created to try and get [...]

Working From Home Is NOT Easy, But This May Help

In September of 2009, I wrote a post that you wouldn't think to find here on the blog, entitled The Top 5 Reasons NOT to Quit Your Job and Work From Home. I wrote it because: I always tell all sides of the story - no fluff or hype here; and Working from home is [...]

The Order of Operations for Online Business and Blogging

"Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally." Does that phrase sound familiar to you? If it does, that's because our grade school teachers used it over and over again to help us learn how to do math in the proper order. Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally = Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction. This is [...]

Benefits Sell, Features Don’t—and Here Is Why

This is a guest post from Daniel from Daily Blog Tips. If you are interested in Internet marketing, copywriting or even marketing in general, you've probably already heard the saying “benefits sell, features don’t”, right? It basically states that if you want to sell something, your marketing messages should focus on the benefits of your [...]

Promoting with a Facebook Fan Page—Revisited

First of all, I'd like to thank Kim Roach for a killer traffic growing guest post last Friday, and I'd also like to thank her tribe. Many of Kim's loyal followers came by SPI over the weekend, and to all of you I'd like to give you a warm welcome and a big thank you! [...]

5 Little Known Ways to Grow Your Blog

This is a guest post by Kim Roach of BuzzBlogger.com. She provides us with some novel ideas for growing our blogs, some of which I'll be trying out very soon. Enjoy! I just finished off a large Starbucks Doubleshot and have now settled into my favorite chair to share with you some of my favorite [...]

How to Earn More Money Working 9-to-5 Versus Working for Yourself Online

Here's a quick two and a half minute YouTube video which explains why it's so much easier to earn more money working for yourself online, versus working for someone else. Think about it. Cheers! (How to Earn More Money Working 9 to 5 Versus Working For Yourself Online on YouTube)

5 Things You Must Know about Creating Your Own iPhone Apps

For the last couple of months (as pointed out in my latest income reports), I've been working vigorously on creating new iPhone apps. We currently have 4 available in iTunes, which has grossed us a total of $6798.64 during the first quarter of the year. We're super stoked to have 8 more apps scheduled to [...]

Smart Active Income with Maren Kate

This is a Guest Post by Maren Kate from Escapingthe9to5.com, a friend of mine from the Internet Business Mastery Academy. Maren Kate was recently featured in a success story interview on the Internet Business Mastery Podcast. Passive income is my goal. Right now I work entirely too much, though still less than if I had [...]