January 2010

Up the Ante by Taking Bold Actions

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of speaking with Darren Rowse from Problogger.net, who has been more than a true inspiration to me ever since I started blogging. If you're insane and you don't know who he is, he's like the Michael Jordan of the blogging world - he's original, he's got [...]

How Would You Like 5 Million Dollars?

Here's the scenario: You have a business idea that you could build up and sell in 3 years for $5 million - guaranteed. However, during those 3 years, you will be required to work an average of 75-80 hours a week. Would you do it? Why or Why not? I had asked this question to [...]

Different Posts for Different Folks: Beyond Just Being Consistent

If you've followed this blog for a while, you may have noticed that I stick to a consistent posting schedule, publishing new blog posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I've read that consistency is an important factor in the success of one's blog, which is why I make sure to always set aside time on [...]

Tricks to Get More Comments on Your Blog

On Wednesday, I had written my most discussed blog post ever: How to REALLY Profit From Your Blog. In less than 24 hours there were over 100 comments, which is pretty incredible. Thanks to those of you who have contributed to the conversation and even added your own thoughts and personal experiences to the post. [...]

How to REALLY Profit from Your Blog

Last week, a good friend of mine asked me out to lunch. He said he was dying to discuss a potential internet business idea and wanted my honest opinion. Naturally, I accepted. I was excited, not only because we were having sushi, but because I love helping people, especially those who I can tell have [...]

The Path to an Audi R8 (Or Anything Else You Want)

Most of you know that family is my number one priority, especially with the recent birth of my son who is now 25 days old. Most, if not all of the decisions I make from now on are done so with him in mind. However, I'm still a dude, and dudes love their toys. My [...]

What You Ought to Know about Screenshots

A screenshot is a snapshot of something you see on your computer screen. If you're doing any kind of online business or blog, more than likely you're going to want to use a screenshot for some reason. I use screenshots a lot. You can see a number of them in my last post, where I [...]

An In-Depth Traffic Stats and Analysis Report

So far, I've written 15 Monthly Income Reports, but I've never written about my traffic—until today. Instead of just "showing you the numbers," I hope I can provide you with some insight as to why the numbers are the way they are, and what can we learn from them. Thanks to those of you who [...]

8 Principles for Effective Affiliate Marketing on a Blog

In a little over a year, this blog alone has earned me $6,931.97. Compared to my other online businesses, that's not very much at all - but considering I don't sell anything on this blog and have only 4 125x125 ads (below the fold) in the sidebar, I'd say that's pretty darn good. My point [...]

The End of a Blog Post Is Just the Beginning

The end of a blog post is just the beginning. What I mean by this statement is that a lot of a blog's success is not only determined by what you write, but what some of your readers do after they finish reading what you write. Blog readers are divided into two groups: those who [...]