October 2009

Keyword Search Engine Position Experiment – One Week Report

I love experiments. I try something...then I see what happens. It's so simple, yet so powerful. If only experiments in high school chemistry were as much fun as doing experiments like this on the internet. Last week, I initiated my keyword position experiment, implementing various strategies to rank as high as possible for the specific [...]

Why Are You Really Here?

This is a guest post by Glen Allsopp. Why are you really here? The obvious answer would be to read Pat's excellent content, but I want you to dig a little deeper. Why is it that you spend so much time reading blogs each day looking for new nuggets of knowledge that you can hopefully [...]

A Quick Exercise That Will Help You Write Better—You Try!

If you're writing to a blank computer screen, who are you writing to? ...Yourself. This is fine if you start each piece with "Dear Diary", but in the world of internet marketing and blogging, writing to yourself can be the biggest mistake that you can make - especially if you're spending lots of time creating [...]

Passive Income Streams 101

Creating multiple passive income streams is everyone's dream. In order to make this happen, you have to understand exactly what the passive income business model looks like, which I'm going to share with you today. This is the business model that allows me to work just two hours a week, yet pull in a full [...]

A Step-By-Step Plan to Rank Higher in the Search Engines

Today, I'm going to outline a plan to rank higher in Google for a certain keyword phrase. Before I tell you exactly what I'm going to do, we must first understand how things work. In my experience, there are three primary ways that search engines (namely, Google), will determine the rank of your website relevant [...]

A Keyword Position and Search Engine Optimization Experiment – Day 0

If you're at all interested in ranking higher in the search engines for certain keywords, I'd pay close attention to my following experiment. Today, I'd like to pick a keyword phrase that I currently do not rank particularly high for. On Monday of next week, I plan to implement various strategies to hopefully raise my [...]

Discover How Facebook Can Snowball Traffic to Your Website

Facebook. I hear that word everywhere now: on the radio, on television, and even in conversations while I'm standing in line at the grocery store. Facebook seems to be taking over the world...and judging by the numbers, that statement isn't that far off. Over 300 million active users (that's one for each U.S. citizen!) An [...]

Camtasia for Mac, Bamboo Tablet, Omni Dazzle, and Branding

I've been doing a lot this past week as far as expanding the Smart Passive Income brand. I created a Facebook Fan Page, which has nearly 100 fans already. Today, I setup a YouTube Channel and decided to post my first video, which I've embedded here on the blog for you below. Part of branding [...]

Do You Pass the Test? An Online Entrepreneur Mindset Exercise

Imagine you're in this scenario: You have an online business as a graphic designer coach, which means you teach other graphic designers how to make money with their talent. You have a coaching program that has videos and tutorials about how to contact potential clients and really expand their own freelance graphic design business. To [...]

My Top 5 Profit Leeching Online Business Mistakes

Part of my mission here at The Smart Passive Income Blog is to teach you not only how to succeed online, but also how not to make the same mistakes as me. I'm not happy when I've learned I made a mistake, but I am happy to share them with you. Every businessperson and blogger [...]