September 2009

A WordPress Plugin for Instant Traffic in 5 Minutes

Just a week ago, I added a new Wordpress plugin to my blog's arsenal. It's called digg digg. It could also be called awesome awesome, because it is. It's an all-in-one plugin that allows you to easily add the digg and retweet button onto your blog posts or page. You can see it in use [...]

Notable Links to Read this Weekend – Ed.1

Here is a list of some helpful and insightful posts I've read recently: Deneil from offers advice he learned from his first eBook launch Passive Family Income reveals something I would not want my 5 year old to say to me. Darren Rowse from Problogger explains 9 things you can do to make sure [...]

10 Ninja Techniques to Get More Subscribers, Followers, and Opt-Ins

So you want more subscribers, followers, and opt-ins for your website or blog? Here's a list of 10 strategies and techniques that are being used today. Some of these you may already know, and if you do - kudos to you. Don't take this as what you SHOULD do, but rather what you COULD do. [...]

The Obvious Part of Online Marketing That Most People Are Missing

Here's a short but powerful post I've been wanting to write for a long long time. It starts with an analogy: A blog is like a bar. Let's say we own a bar together. Without people actually coming into the bar, there's really no point in having it. Right? It's the customers who come inside [...]

The Smart Passive Income Brand and Plans for the Future

I started this blog almost exactly one year ago. I was employed at that time and was planning on writing about how to make a decent side income while still working the 9-to-5, a job which I was actually enjoying despite 4 hours of travel each day (from San Diego to Irvine via train—yes, I [...]

3 Ways to B*tch Slap Fear in the Face and Laugh

I'll admit it. When I started my online adventures one year ago, I was scared. I had just been laid off from my architecture job, and to top it off I was engaged and getting married a few months later. Just to clarify, I wasn't scared of getting married, I was scared of not being [...]

Pat’s Three Laws of Business and Success: Law #3

In order to understand fundamentally how the world works and how things move and interact with each other, you have to understand Physics. It's the same thing for business - in order to understand it, you must break it down and try to figure out how each part interacts with each other. Luckily, there are [...]

Pat’s Three Laws of Business and Success: Law #2

In my previous post, I presented my First Law of Business and Success, which again was the following: "Any business in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it." Basically, whatever state your business is in, it's going to stay that way [...]

Pat’s Three Laws of Business and Success: Law #1

I thought this might be a fun way to get you to think about your entrepreneurial journey in another light. I hope you enjoy. If you ever get stuck and want to give up, or don't know why what you're doing isn't working out like you thought it would, think back to these laws and [...]

The Top 5 Reasons NOT to Quit Your Job and Work from Home

It's been almost exactly one year since I was laid off and started doing business for myself on the internet. Within the past year, I've learned so much about running an online business, internet marketing and how to be profitable online. Not only that, I've learned a lot about myself and life in general too. [...]