April 2009

How Well Do These Descriptions Stand Out from the Crowd?

In my last post, titled Know What Makes You Stand Our From The Crowd and "Milk it," I asked anyone who had a website to give me a description of why people should visit their website, for a little exercise we'll go through today. I was a little surprised to see only 25 comments, and [...]

Know What Makes You Stand Out from the Crowd and “Milk it”

When you're trying to make an online presence, whether it's on a blog, with a business, on a social network, whatever - there's one thing you have to ask yourself about what you're doing: what do you have to offer that makes you stand out from the crowd. Entrepreneurs that realize this, take advantage and [...]

Ask the Readers: How to Motivate the Unmotivated

It can be hard to stay motivated - not just with Internet Business, but with life in general. At one point in our lives, we've all said to ourselves: "I can't do this", "it's not worth it", and "I feel like giving up." Whatever "it" is that we feel like giving up on, whether it's [...]

The “How to Tell if Your Ideas Are Good for Online Passive Income” Checklist

Ok, so you have some ideas—but are they online passive income worthy? The goal here is to create something that you put a lot of work into so that you can eventually put it on auto-pilot and have it earning income for you, all while you either sit on white sandy beaches or work on [...]

If You’re Searching for Ideas, This Is What You Need to Know

We're all in the same boat. We're all business-minded people who think of ideas and dream that one will be the next million-dollar idea. That's good...motivation is good key. Like I say, dream big—or don't dream at all. If you're just starting your online venture and you're in the idea generation phase, here's what you [...]

iPhone Application Development—Costs and Thoughts

In our last post, I unmasked the mystery behind what I've been doing for the past few months, going into detail about one of the iPhone applications my partner and I created, as well as our LOLer Apps brand. I was quite pleased with the response, and have yet to hear any "that's stupid!" type [...]

Our iPhone Projects Unveiled

There are over 20,000 iPhone applications for sale in iTunes, and Apple is currently counting down the billionth app download. Yes, billionth. So as you can see, if you're making good iPhone applications, there is potential for earning a lot of money. I've talked about iFart Mobile before and how well that app was doing. [...]

How to Publish an Ebook Series – Part 10: Affiliate Programs

Note: For my most current advice on writing and selling your ebooks, check out my guide eBooks The Smart Way (Editor's Note 09/2015). This is the last post in my "How to Publish an Ebook Series". I kind of took it a step further and instead of just talking about publishing, I threw in some [...]

How to Publish an Ebook Series – Part 9: Other Marketing Techniques

Note: Some of the details regarding specific advertising strategies may be out of date. For current recommendations regarding selling your ebooks, check out my guide eBooks The Smart Way (Editor’s Note 09/2015). Ok, so you can do all of the free marketing techniques you want—sometimes you'll still feel the need to fork over a little [...]

How to Publish an Ebook Series – Part 8: Free Marketing Techniques

Note: For my most current advice on writing and selling your ebooks, check out my guide eBooks The Smart Way (Editor's Note 09/2015). Welcome to the 8th part of the "How to Publish an eBook Series." It's been a fun series so far, and it's pretty cool to tell my story along the way and [...]