February 2009

Generating Passive Income from Passive Income

This is a Guest Post from RJ Weiss. RJ is an aspiring financial planner, who runs his own website, Our Financial Planner. Passive income doesn't have to stop once the money is earned. Wouldn't it be nice to earn passive income, off passive income? This step isn't for beginners. If your passive income isn't enough [...]

A Geektastic Guest Post

I'm away on my honeymoon in Hawaii! I'd like to thank Jen from The Green Ninja for the following guest post. Jen is a freelance writer who writes creative and unique material about writing online and always provides interesting reads. Check it out! I am a geek.  I know this about myself.  I am passionate [...]

Passive Income Creation—It’s Like Growing a New Lawn

This is a guest post from passiveincomefamily.com. I've been following this blog for a while now, and I really enjoy reading every new post. Feel free to check out to visit PFI's website and subscribe to the RSS feed. Are you one of those people who are curious about creating passive income, but are still [...]

The Latest Going-Ons and What’s Ahead for The Smart Passive Income Blog

Another page in my life is about to turn. As you probably know, I'm getting married soon. VERY soon. Two days in fact, and so the last week has been one of the craziest weeks in my life. I'm really lucky to be earning passive income as my fiancee and I get programs printed, work [...]

I Guarantee You Will Read This Post or Your Money Back! Details about Guarantees Below

I'm sure you've heard these before: "30-Day Money Back Guarantee!" "If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your product, send it back to for a full refund!" "Guaranteed or Your Money Back!" "If you don't lose 100 lbs. in 5 minutes, we'll refund your money 100%!" Ok, maybe that last one is a [...]

The Best Way to Succeed Online Is to Fail

I'm proud to say that I have failed. Wait...what?! "But Pat," you say. "you're earning upwards of $20,000 a month, you have a leading website in a specialized niche, you work only 10 hours a week max, and you're making money while you sleep! What do you mean you've failed?!" Let me elaborate. While in [...]

How to Make Extra Money for Doing Almost Nothing – Part 2

This is Part Two of my series on banner advertising, which again I believe it to be pretty easy money. I've gotten a lot of great comments on Part 1, and I'm happy that I've started some debate about a few things, which you can read about in the comments section if you're curious. Please [...]

How to Make Extra Money for Doing Almost Nothing – Part 1

Imagine you're a farmer who owns a good amount of land. On your land, you grow some crops, milk cows and raise pigs. Mmm...bacon. Anyways, you notice that you don't really use all of your land. There's a huge chunk of it that you know has really good soil, but you don't really have the [...]

Live Each Day To The Fullest Because You’ll Never Get It Back

I'm going to step away from income, money and internet marketing for this post and tell you something really important that I just realized today. I can tell you exactly when and where I had this revelation. It was 3:30pm today, February 7th at the corner of Scripps Poway Pkwy and Scripps Highland Road. Why [...]

Why You Need a Business Banking Account—and How To Get One

After being all excited and getting over the fact that I could actually say "I, Pat Flynn, own my own business" (I can't wait for my 10 year reunion), I soon realized that this is really serious stuff. There's much more to it than just filing papers with the Secretary of State and having a [...]