10 Gold Nugget Posts I’m Glad I Didn’t Miss

Gold Nugget PostsI hope you all had a safe St. Paddy’s Day (Yes – Paddy, not Patty. I was corrected several times on Twitter…and I’m a quarter Irish too!)

Today, I wanted to share 10 outstanding posts that I’m glad I didn’t miss. Some I found in my RSS feed, some I found from some of you on Twitter, and some I just found by clicking on your name in the comment section in some of my own posts and reading through your blog.

Here are some gold nuggets of content I recommend checking out when you have the time:

Are you telling me that Leonardo Da Vinci was Mind Mapping? Bojan Djordjevic, a regular commenter here at SPI, examines the power of mind mapping and totally makes an awesome connection to Da Vinci and his work from back in the day. A very interesting read and a timely reminder to utilize a mind map during your brainstorming sessions whenever possible.

Are You Making Connecting with People Online Harder Than it Should Be? – Corbett Barr from ThinkTraffic.net goes into depth about building relationships with others online and a little into the etiquette of it as well, which is something that’s not talked about much in the blogosphere.

Everyone has 99% of what is required to succeed as an Entrepreneur. Whats missing? – Hector Avellaneda, another commenter that has stood out to me here on the blog, writes what is probably the most important post on in this list. Discover the 1% that’s missing that you absolutely need to succeed. Here’s a hint: it’s near the end of the alphabet.

The 30 Day Article Marketing Challenge. – I’m keeping a close eye on this one. Alex Whalley is putting Unique Article Wizard, a tool that I’ve recommended here on this blog as a part of my Backlinking Strategy, to the test. I love these kinds of experiments, so I’m excited to see what happens.

How To Drastically Increase Your Blog’s Page Load Speed and SEO – As my buddy Robb Sutton puts it: “In the world of websites, speed is essential. Not only does your page load speed directly affect how your readers interact with your site, but now it also directly affects your search engine performance as Google as integrated it into their algorithm.” Read this post to speed up your blog.

Kanye West is an Email Marketing GENIUS – I thought this was really cool. Chris Alta, another commenter who has recently entered my radar, shares a video about how Kanye West used “Good Friday” to get people to subscribe to an email list. Yes – Kanye West and an email list. Good stuff here. (4 minute video)

New Market Samurai Update Allows You To Choose Between Majestic SEO & Yahoo for Backlink Data – As many of you know, I pretty much drool over Market Samurai (free trial link). It’s one of the best keyword research and marketing tools available and they probably have one of the hardest working teams on the web to ensure that the product is always up to date. With Yahoo Site Explorer being funky lately, they’ve introduced a new option to collect backlink data, which is pretty cool. All of you Samurais out there should definitely read up on this if you haven’t already.

How to Write Web Content Faster – If you write online (which I know most of you do) then read this post from Sarah Russel of Common Sense Marketing. Just think – if you could shave off just one minute of time from your articles or posts, you could potentially save hundreds of hours over a long period of time…it’s crazy! Sarah shares some great tips for writing faster and more efficiently. Check it out!

How I ranked Page One of Google Search in 12 Days – I found this post by Christine McCarthy from a retweet (or a retweet of a retweet) on Twitter. She shares her 2 step process for ranking on the first page of Google for a target keyword when writing a blog post. Good, concise and quality information here.

WordPress Plugins: Viperchill – Okay – so this isn’t a post, but it’s a page on Glen Allsop’s blog that I just had to share with you because it’s one of the most impressive things I’ve seen from a fellow blogger in a long, long time. Glen has been on a WordPress plugin rampage lately and has created 3 free wordpress plugins that we can install on our blogs, with more to come very soon. Viperfeed is my favorite so far.

So inspiring Glen…I hate you. Just kidding!


Stay tuned because final part of the latest 3 part podcast series (which starts here) will go live on Monday.

Lastly, please click on the ‘like’ button below to give these awesome posts and their authors some more eyes to read their content. They deserve it.


  • http://eddiegear.com Eddie Gear – The Guy With An Attitude

    Neat write up Pat. I guess I have not read some of these posts. I will give them a read. I am glad that you wrote this post.

  • Brian Lima

    info overload dude!! but I’m a content junky. thanks so much for this one. I’ll have some good reading to do over the weekend. loving the look inside of the office too! very cool. brian

  • http://wwww.consoleblogger.com Jason Young

    I am going to have to check these out after work (no more early moring posts!!) Hector Avellaneda’s post was a great and I think everyone should heck it out!


  • http://www.realestatecareermentor.com Marty Green

    Hey Pat, that Viperchill plugin is pretty sweet. Think I’m installing it today.

    Great post, as usual.

    Looking forward to your up coming Video’s!



  • http://www.teeballbaseballblog.com Tom Handy

    Pat, very good write up. I was going to do some webpage maintenance this weekend but will also read the posts you mentioned during my breaks.


  • TrafficColeman

    Think I’m looking to see how the 30 article challenge work out Pat..UAW..will really help with spreading the content.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • http://www.sbrecruiting.com/ Paul

    Hey Pat, I also LOVE Market Samurai and don’t know what I would do without it lol.

    I will say that I don’t think Majestic is very good for reporting backlink data so I am REALLY they put Yahoo back in. Unfortunately, I did hear that Yahoo is planning on turning that function off at the end of the year.

  • http://www.commonsensemarketing.net Sarah Russell

    Hey Pat – Thanks for sharing my article on writing web content. I definitely think it’s a skill that’s underappreciated!

    Thanks also for some great Friday reading – I stayed out wayyyyy too late last night (damn you, St. Paddy’s Day!!!) and don’t want to do anything more complicated than surfing great blogs this morning :)

    • http://www.jonalford.com Jon

      Big congrats, my friend. You deserve the link love.

  • http://www.theaffiliatejourney.com/ Ian – TheAffiliateJourney

    Nice roundup post Pat. Enjoyed the Mind Mapping one as I’ve been on a tear with mind meister lately. Also really interested in following Alex’s progress for 30 days with UAW. When we build niche sites and do half a dozen things to get them ranked there’s no way of telling which process produced the big push up the SERP’s. This is something I think I’d like to try out myself but with more then just UAW. Other link building techniques as well.

  • http://www.ramblingsofawahm.com Allie

    *“But wait!” you might be asking. “That works for you because you’re already established. How do I make relationships with big names if I’m just starting out?”

    Great question. You’re actually screwed because it’s too late. There’s too much competition now to join the club and get your site featured on other bigger sites.

    Kidding. (did I have you going there?)”~Corbett from ThinkTraffic*

    I almost cried when he wrote that then I realized, there are up and coming bloggers I have made connections with and that is awesome too! And I realized he was kidding.

    Corbett is right, I am making this hard. I just need to get out there and find readers and make connections. Stop screwing around. It can be tedious at times but I can say I am having fun commenting and finding connections online.

    Thanks for the resources.

    • Jon

      Hey Allie, you caught my attention a while back! Keep at it. I’ve been seeing you around a bunch – you’ll hit your stride 😉

    • http://increasingworkplaceproductivity.net Bojan

      I’ve read that post even before it was published here. I sense many new uprising bloggers. Every single one of us has unique angle and perspective on the topics we cover. Different people, different flavors. Blogging is something we are…

  • http://www.viperchill.com Glen Allsopp

    Thanks for the link Pat,

    Some good posts to check out here as well.

    Just need to get my site back online 😉

  • DenCha

    I think you made Glenn (ViperChill) site go down…lol

  • http://pennyonthefloor.com mike

    glen’s page seems to be “suspended” at the moment by hostgator… hope you didnt send to much traffic and take him down.

    his site is great. hope to see it back up soon.

  • http://www.viperchill.com Glen Allsopp

    Heh, I can handle the traffic. Just had some issues with billing (they keep trying to double charge me…grrr)

    Should be back up now :)

    • http://pocketchanged.com Caleb

      Yeah, it’s up now.

  • http://pocketchanged.com Caleb

    The article you mentioned by Corbett Barr would be on my list for this week too.

    And don’t get discouraged Allie! Don’t take it too seriously and you’ll make great connections. Once I started worrying about building relationships and not the numbers game, I built my network. :)

  • http://sirdg.com David

    The article on webpage speed is not top quality. The site he uses as an example took 8 seconds to load in Pingdom tool, which is not so great. There are more effective ways to reduce page load time that he does not mention.

    This site also could be made to operate a lot faster, possibly twice as fast as it does now, if the right techniques were used.

  • http://therenderq.com Harlan Yee

    Pat! All this great reading is taking time away from me to create backlinks for my sites! Thanks for the list though. I’ll be following the 30 Day Article Marketing Challenge from Alex Whalley with great interest as I was just about to get UAW.

  • http://www.youngprepro.com Onibalusi Bamidele

    Really great list Pat!

    I have read most of the posts above (lucky me!) and I will be reading the others right away.

    I also wish you good luck with completing your videos and I will be so happy to see how everything goes :)

    Thanks so much and have a great day,

  • http://www.daniellemcgaw.com Danielle McGaw

    Thanks Pat – I’ve checked some of those out already but I’ll be heading over to check out the rest later today! :)

    Have a good weekend!

  • http://www.megabizflakes.com Samuel

    These are really gold nugget posts! I’ve read some and I will check out the rest. I’m glad to see my pal (Hector) post on the list. Thanks for sharing. You rock :)

  • http://www.internetentrepreneurconnection.com Hector Avellaneda

    Hey Pat! Thanks for featuring me on your list of Golden Nuggets Posts, man! It feels great to be recognized by a leader like you and to know that you were able to take some value from my content. Great stuff Patt!

    I’m definitely going to check out the other posts on here as well. Thanks again!

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  • http://increasingworkplaceproductivity.net Bojan

    Pat, one big thanks! This made my day, you have no clue how much :))

    To all the rest of the crew who visited my blog, I have to thank you as well. All of you guys are welcome guests at my blog and feel free to reach me out!

  • http://alexwhalley.com Alex

    Thanks for the mention Pat!
    Already I have plans now to go beyond the UAW review and do a side by side comparison to AMR and then who knows…

    Appreciate the link love and I hope to do us all proud LOL 😉

    • http://internetstateuniversity.com Brendon

      Really looking forward to this one Alex. I believe UAW just propelled a niche site of mine to #1 for a keyword I was targeting so I am really excited to see what happens in your challenge. I too will be documenting the case study at ISU.

      Thank you Pat for providing me with some sites and posts that are really thought provoking!

      • http://alexwhalley.com Alex

        Awesome stuff! I actually emailed UAW about this and they pointed out that I am already ranking for some longtail phrases – so bring it on!
        Thanks for the shout out Brendon, stay tuned 😉

  • http://www.danielroachblog.com Daniel Roach

    I like that you actually link out to other posts, Pat, not enough bloggers do that. I loved Corbett’s article, I read that a few days back and he’s spot on. The one I’m curious about–like a lot of people leaving comments–is Alex’s challenge. I love how he’s started and personally I think might all be kind of surprised by how well it works.

  • http://rosetta.null-zero.com siegfried

    I think i am gonna try those plugins, interesting

  • http://www.jungleoflife.com/ Lance

    Lots of great stuff here, Pat!! And…I’m loving the looks of the plugins by Glen – will have to dig into them further over the next few days!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  • http://www.kidsiphoneapps.net Pavel

    Thanks for another great post, Pat!

    You’ve just increase my reading queue by a lot! :)

  • http://www.theinfopreneur.net TheInfoPreneur

    Hey Pat…Yeah..I’m following AW’s challenge also…should definitely be interesting. That Aussie keeps on BuRP’ing up some good ones. 😉

    You know I love ya’ Alex!


  • http://blondish.net Nile

    This is a good roundup of posts. I think that I have read just about most of them before. I normally say Paddy… was corrected years ago when I stayed with a homestay family near Dublin. We tend to commercialize it a lot more over here in the US and put on the Catholic name “Patty” for those religious folks who are a bit too PC….lol

  • http://www.journeytopeak.com Jia Jun

    Thinktraffic is one of my favorite blog. Thanks for listing it too Pat.
    And you’re one of the awesome blogger in Traffic School too, haha.

  • http://moneymakinginarecession.blogspot.com/ Rose

    I’m taking part in Alex Whalley’s 30 day article marketing challenge too! Should be interesting!

  • http://learnit2earnitwithlynn.com Lynn Brown

    Great post Pat. Packed with lots of great information and really enjoy that you are sharing others talents, knowledge and expertise this way. Bravo to you!

  • http://www.InMarketingTips.com Kent Chow

    Sweet. Pat, thanks for sharing the Gold Nuggets. Great to see you sending traffic to great content and link love. You gain a lot of respect from your fellows.

  • http://www.europeantravelista.com Debbie Beardsley

    Thanks for this post. I will be looking at quite a few of these recommendations as they fit quite well with my current focus- trying to increase traffic, SEO and comments.

  • http://www.sixtycards.com Mikael Cedergren

    Hi Pat. As a former designer/graphical artist of a high renowned television company I have a bit of trouble to take in all your most excellent advice in your posts. There’s nothing wrong with your posts, I just wish I could make them audible or video since I am so visually talented/impared. Do you have your old most popular posts in video, or maybe… here’s a business for ya: is it available for sale? Even though I run several sites I hate reading blogs and prefer video and/or audio when I’m up and about.

  • http://www.alphahydroxyacidproducts.net Ryan

    Thanks for all these great links Pat! There’s some really great content in the ones I’ve read so far!

    Thanks Again!

  • http://www.entrepreneurshipsecret.com Fisayo Sanyaolu @ Secrets Of Entrepreneurship

    Great post. Thanks for sharing. Reading them now.

  • http://mkakan.com Mk Akan

    will definitely check out the posts..especially the kanye west post…thanks pat

  • http://www.myrun.com.au Ralph

    Great! More stuff to read :)
    Am I the only one who likes the Viperproof plugin of Glen more?? :)
    looks like this> www. myrun.com.au (without the space obviously)

    • http://Getbusylivingblog.com Benny

      I’m with you. Love the Viperproof plugin. Am using it on my site as well

  • http://www.christine.biz Christine McCarthy

    Pat, I can’t thank you enough for the mention! Thank you!
    Am sad to hear Yahoo is going to put an end to Site Explorer, too. But am glad they put it back on Market Samurai for the time being.

  • http://chrisalta.com Chris Alta


    I’m SHOCKED right now man lol..had no idea that you’d give me the honor of featuring one of my posts, super psyched about it I appreciate the love tremendously. Not the best video in the world but it get’s the job done..still working on my camera skills but hey I’ll get better with time!

    I know I’m late to the conversation but I don’t check my email or website on the weekends, I have to keep the balance but when I checked my wordpress and saw the traffic i was getting from your site I was like “what the?” then I click the referral link and saw that you included me in one of your posts I was and am stoked!

    So thanks again for the recognition brotha! Cheers!

    -Chris Alta

  • http://Getbusylivingblog.com Benny

    I’m a content junkie too and it’s nice to find great content in a huge sea of content. Will be reading them and learning from them.

  • http://realsimplepeople.com/ John Sherry

    I thought Corbett Barr’s was an absolute cracker. Building proper relationships rather than eyeing self-interest connections is what grows a business and respect with it. I’ve never loved robots and even less now they are on Twitter!! Real people connecting for real is the real deal for me!

  • Jessica

    Hi Pat, I have been a follower of yours for over 2 years now!I work from home and have since 2008. I was fixing to start my online store, and started having pregnancy complications. Our daughter passed 2/3/10. I am NOW ready to attempt to start my site. I remember you said you do not like dropshippers, however this is the best option since we are military and move a lot. My question is do you have any advice on reputable sites?I found Doba, but not sure how good they are?Also any advice on free sites. Keep up the great post on your site!

  • http://forcitcample.com ankit

    Hi this is testing comment

  • http://thesisready.com Dave Grimes II

    I’ve read most of these posts and I’m looking forward to the ones that are new to me… but looking at the list I’m thinking I’ll need to reference more celebrities in my blogs in the future… seems like a gold mine! HA!

  • http://machoarts.com suraj

    Once again great roundup Pat! Checking each of them now, Are You Making Connecting with People Online Harder Than it Should Be? was really informative post.

  • http://hubpages.com/profile/danatheteacher Dana

    I’ve been listening to your Podcast for the last few days and I’m impressed. Looking at your blog, I’m even more impressed. Thanks for this list, and I am excited to be a part of your community here 😉

  • http://www.treasurefreedom.com Brian

    Great golden nuggets Pat.. They were very helpful!

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  • http://www.geekbusiness.com Kent

    I like this list, and especially like lists like this. Of course I subscribe to a million more RSS feeds than I will ever have time to read… and in reality so many articles roll through that I find myself RSS blind. Naturally I miss a lot of good posts. Your list is almost acting as an RSS filter for me. For that I pass on a big THANKS!

    Now to find time to read each of these posts :)

  • http://www.internetincomecode.com George Tee

    Tons of info here Pat. I’m have read the following: The 30 Day Article Marketing Challenge, How To Drastically Increase Your Blog’s Page Load Speed and SEO, and How I ranked Page One of Google Search in 12 Days.

    I have been using Unique Article Wizard for many months now and I can say they are good on getting quality backlinks to my site. Content Delivery Network is effective in speeding up the delivery of Websites contents. Keyword research is an important to achieving organic SEO. The impact of social media are great because it gives branding to a certain product or service.

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  • http://www.enetflixreviews.com Kenneth Ashley

    Hello Pat!

    The post “How I ranked Page One of Google Search in 12 Days” is an amazing post i think everyone should read!

    Thanks for the info,

    Kenneth Nicholson

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  • http://www.perfectgolfswingstips.com Dwayne

    Stumbled upon your site by just going to differents ones all over the place and I have to say thnx to you I have my first site up and running but I still have alot of work to do before its really ready to help me reach my goals. thnx for the great info.

  • http://financiallyeliteblog.com Dwight Anthony

    Another great roundup of great posts, thanks.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot Com